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Five Frugal Things | Including $200 for watching TV!

1. I took advantage of Sixth Continent’s 30% back deal.

On Monday, Sixth Continent had a several-hour offer that gave 30% credit back on any gift card purchase.

I’d gotten the email about it, but forgotten until a reader messaged me on Instagram to remind me. Phew!

I ordered a Gift of Choice $100 gift card, which I plan to redeem for Aldi gift cards.

Because I am always, always spending money at Aldi.

I have no idea if Sixth Continent will do this again, but if they do, I’ll try to let you guys know!

(At Sixth Continent, you buy gift cards and earn a percentage of credit back when you buy. It’s not oodles of money, but it’s similar to what you’d get from using a cashback credit card or a site like TopCashback.)

2. I picked consolidated shipping at

We found a clearanced swimsuit top for Zoe in-store, but alas, there were no XS bottoms to be found.

(I don’t know if Target doesn’t stock many XS, or if they just get bought up quickly, but my goodness, it’s so hard to find an XS swimsuit piece at mine!)

So we ordered a few online for her to try, and Target offered a $1 discount on my order if I chose for them to ship the bottoms in a consolidated fashion.

The odd thing is, the four swimsuit bottoms have arrived in three different packages, which makes no sense to me. How is that consolidated shipping??

But at least I got my free delivery and my $1 discount.  And of course, I used my Target debit card for an additional 5% discount.

3. I watched 3 nature documentaries for $200.

I qualified for a survey program that involved watching three one-hour nature documentaries on PBS for three nights in a row and then filling out a survey at the end.

I figured $200 for three hours of watching plus a 15-minute survey was a pretty respectable hourly rate ($61.54, if you’re wondering.)

4. I used my RoFo card to save on gas.

Royal Farms, an east coast gas station chain, offers a branded debit card, called a RoFo card.

(I personally think it should be called a RoFa card because that makes much more sense as a nickname for Royal Farms, but no one asked ME before they named it.)

Anyway, this card gives you a discount on gas every time you fill up and you also earn points redeemable for free products in their store.

I really, really like that the money comes right out of my checking account (no extra bill to keep track of!)

5. Hmm.

I can’t think of anything interesting for number five.  I cooked dinner at home every night this week (boring, but frugal!)

I brewed coffee at home (Also not interesting. But quite frugal.)

I read a book in a doctor’s office waiting room instead of turning on my cellular data and using my phone.

Sometimes frugality is just kind run-of-the-mill!

Your turn. Share your own Five Frugal Things in the comments!


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Friday 3rd of May 2019

1) Consolidated and batched my errands 2) Used a Redbox code for family movie night 3) Postponed buying new spring/summer clothes since the weather has been so chilly 4) Cooked at home despite a hectic week full of unexpected medical issues 5) Purchased Snapware glass food storage set on sale at Costco. We already have a set and love it. Having another set would cut down on plastic food storage containers and bags. I’ve patiently been waiting for it to go on sale and have room in our budget.


Friday 3rd of May 2019

1. I made an extra dinner, which stopped me from thinking about getting something out. I think meal prepping is going to become a big thing once I start my placement.

2. I brought my keep cup with tea/coffee, and my lunch with me to my classes so I didn't buy any coffee out. Or lunch! Which is excellent. (Four or five dollar coffees really add up)

3. I've been placed at a preschool near my house for my practical part of my course, I can walk there or take a very short bus ride.

4. I walked to the grocery store instead of driving, even though there was a slight drizzle. A little rain never hurt me before.

5. I have reserved more books at the library and I even downloaded a free copy of Little Women. I saw that there is a movie that is coming out later this year and had an urge to reread it.

Also, I have been making use of the free lockers and showers provided by my college to go running in the morning before my classes.

Rachel R.

Thursday 2nd of May 2019

The shipping thing is funny!

Let's see what I can remember from this week:

1) We've been using our Y membership more frequently for swimming, swim lessons, and child care/workouts. This has been a great mental boost in a stressful season & it's good to use what you pay for!

2) Another cheap way to de-stress {at home} is using some essential oils with Epsom salt in a hot bath. Definitely did this yesterday!

3) I've been making all our breakfasts from scratch. I {almost} always make all our lunches & dinners from scratch, but breakfast I've hit the easy button for awhile with cereal. I've been cooking a lot of oatmeal & fruit, breakfast egg wraps, and yogurt parfaits. Anything else I should try?

4) We needed some new stationary card & Mother's Day cards. Love the Dollar Tree prices--8 cards in a set for $1, or 50 cent special occasion cards.

5) A boring one, but we just use what we have. Like we have the same towels from forever, cookware, bedding, decor, etc. And it's not like I wouldn't love to update & refresh, but we are paying off debt, bills, and raising kids & it's not our season to do so. It's ok to just have what you need.

Mary ~ Reflections Around the Campfire

Friday 3rd of May 2019

Rachel, I love that attitude of yours that's shining through in #5! Good for you and your family - and a round of applause for your obvious ability to focus on your goals!


Thursday 2nd of May 2019

1. Called a roofer whose mother was best buddies with an older lady in my exercise class. He is wonderful. My roof and gutters will be replaced. Will have 50 year shingles for 200.00 more total. Also gutters that are covered.400.00 longer calling to guy to blow the leaves out. 2. Another lady in yoga class has husband who used to build houses . Only worker they still are in contact with is an electrician handyman who they say is wonderful. 3. Now drawing pictures of porch I want build about 3 yrs from now. 4. Roofer recommended a female cab driver who drove his mother to and from kroger if we need her. 5. Recommended man who bulldozed brush and tree trims at his mother's old house. I got a lot of networking done in one day


Thursday 2nd of May 2019

* Grocery store had to give me a free food item that was priced lower than they asked me for (6$) * Cutted my own hair. Cutting my daughter and hubby's hair too * Using the library like crazy to borrow books (free) and children's Dvds (0.50$) * Looking into switching DD from the after school child care (about 1500$/year) to the basic service (225$/year) * Been shopping at Value Village lately for clothes, shoes, bags, etc. I make sure to bring donations at every visit to get the 20% off coupon.

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