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Five Frugal Things | I bought 100 more pounds of flour

1. I saved on shipping at the Webstaurant Store

This is the site where I’ve been ordering flour during the pandemic. Their prices on King Arthur flour are the lowest I’ve found, even with the expensive shipping.

King Arthur bulk flour

I ran out of all-purpose, so I logged on to order some more and saw that they were offering a free trial of their pro membership, which offers free or reduced shipping.

So, I signed up for the trial, ordered 100 pounds of flour, and once the flour arrived, I cancelled the free trial.

(Special Patent is bread flour, Sir Galahad is all-purpose. The flour has different names in bulk than it does in grocery stores!)

2. I sold an ink tank

I don’t remember if I mentioned this, but we got a new Canon inkjet that promises to save us oodles of money on ink.

The model is Canon’s G6020 and it takes big bottles of ink, which you dump into the reservoirs. The price per ounce is so, so much cheaper than those little tanks.

Anyway, I had two unused ink tanks from the old printer, and I listed them on eBay. One just sold, and I’m sure the other one will eventually!

3. I filled out a survey for a free cookie

Mr. FG and I got Potbelly sandwiches for our last date night (sandwiches make for cheap takeout…a $15 total), and the next day I got an email survey.

chocolate oatmeal sandwich cookies

I filled it out, and now I have a free cookie reward waiting in the app.

(The recipe in the photo.)

4. I added a round-up card to my Acorns profile

I’ve had an Acorns investing account for a while now, set up with automatic deposits, and I’ve just kind of forgotten about it.

(Which is really the best way to invest, I think. Set it and forget it.)

horizontal dollar bills

I logged on this week (nice gains since the account started!) and realized that I hadn’t linked any cards for the round-up benefit, where they round your purchase up to the next dollar and invest the difference.

I figured that’s worth a try, so I linked a credit card. I probably won’t miss the money, and it’s a little extra way to add to my investment.

If you want to try Acorns, you can get a free $5 bonus for opening an account through my referral link.

(The link will show you the $3 and $5 fee options, but there’s a $1 option as well that you can find if you compare the subscriptions plans.)

5. I…

What frugal things have you been up to lately?

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Monday 4th of January 2021

Little frugal wins are happening this week: 1) I got an emailed survey to get 3 free bagels. 2) The bagel shop was giving out free coffee for 2 weeks. And we didn't have to buy anything to get it. 3) I sold 2 pr pants on the local neighborhood site. My son didn't want them anymore and I gave him the sale $. 4) I had purchased a cinnamon wreath for Christmas but it needed decorating. I wrapped ribbon around it and got twinkle lights/bells after the holiday for 50% off. 5) We needed to replace the flooring in our rental and after much debate, our tile guy not wanting the job and a very limited budget, I got my wish for vinyl flooring. Replacing the floors in 2 areas ended up being 75% less than we imagined.


Thursday 31st of December 2020

No Frugal actions in this comment, but my best wishes for you and for your family for a blessed new year. I've been reading with you for several years now, your blog is one of those that has stayed with me for your balanced views, your practical angle, and your uplifting and kind attitude. So I just wanted to take the opportunity of writing a few words of thanks and wellwishing to you, on this last day of a most unusual year. Translated to English, our local wish is: Happiness and blessing.

Hawaii Planner

Wednesday 30th of December 2020

Free cookies...that's my kind of win! :)

1) We skipped grocery buying this week, as we had so many holiday leftovers. We maximized all of that prime rib, shrimp, fancy cheese, etc. 2) We're heading back home tomorrow (driving from our vacation house) & the drive is a lot less than flying. To be honest, it's because of COVID, not really the cost, but that's a nice secondary benefit of keeping everyone as safe as possible. 3) Making one last meal out of all of the leftovers in the fridge tonight. It will get a bit creative, but be worth it to avoid buying something & avoid packing it in the cooler. 4) I have two buyers for items that I have listed on Nextdoor, which is a bit unusual. I'll be putting them out tomorrow, and getting more things out of the house. Junk out, money in. 5) I decluttered again at our vacation house, and found a few things to bring home & try to sell. I also gave a very bulky item to my sister (who is local) for her to attempt to sell & keep the money. That gave my mom the idea to start decluttering & give my sister items to sell. My sister is attempting to plan a family vacation for her son's high school graduation this year, and is super excited about the new inventory. And, parents decluttering is always a win.

Katy in Africa

Wednesday 30th of December 2020

1. I got this free ebook 2. We celebrated our anniversary here at home just by enjoying each other's company and reminiscing over the last 14 years. 3. Instead of using popcicle sticks for a school project, my kids just gathered stick from outside. I realize this wouldn't work for all projects l, but they'll do just fine for stick puppets. 4. My son is using his Christmas gift of wood working tools and built a small side table. 5. We unplugged the fridge (just freezer going now) to give our batteries a break (our electricity is 100% solar).


Wednesday 30th of December 2020

Katy, if you unplugged the fridge how are you keeping things like milk, cheese, eggs, and meat cold? Do you just buy those things daily or do you have other ways of keeping them cold?


Wednesday 30th of December 2020

Hi Katy, I always enjoy hearing your tales of frugality in Africa. And you're teaching your children to be creative and frugal too! Blessings to you from Minnesota.


Wednesday 30th of December 2020

We've fallen off the frugal wagon a bit lately so I'm trying to get back on with the new year. This week I 1. Returned two dresses that I ordered and didn't love 2. Decided to wait on ordering a few things I wasn't sure of and ultimately decided I didn't want 3. Found a surprise bonus and immediately banked it in the emergency savings account 4. Made a list of projects that need to be done around the house, all using things we already have which will keep me busy in the upcoming months 5. Committed with the family to a no-spend quarter starting in January

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