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Five Frugal Things | free shipping at + 4 more

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1. I signed up for a free month of CVS’s CarePass.

I was in there using some ExtraBucks, and the associate told me about CarePass. It costs $5/month, and you get $10 in CVS ExtraBucks.

CVS CarePassThe membership also includes:

  • free shipping at
  • a 20% discount on CVS Health brand products
  • free 1-2 day delivery on qualifying prescriptions
  • access to a 24/7 pharmacist help line

I mainly joined because of the $5 for $10 perk, though!  That’s 50% off, which is even better if you combine that with sales/coupons.

ALSO: If you pay for an annual membership, the cost is $48/year (vs. $52 total for the monthly option), and you’ll get $120 total in ExtraBucks.

That’s a pretty fantastic deal!

To sign up, click here to visit and click on the CarePass banner link on the top of the site.

(Be mindful when you shop at CVS, though. If you pay full price there, you will not be getting great deals. Use the app to get coupons, and watch the sales!)

2. I took a $10 CVS survey.

After I joined CarePass, they sent me a survey asking about the program. I filled it out (less than 10 minutes) and immediately got a printable $10 ExtraBucks coupon.

CVS $10 survey


3. I got free shipping at

(That’s Christian Book Distributors. I’m sure they had no idea their domain would mean anything else in the future, but I bet they get a lot of hits from people not looking for books!)

I discovered I had forgotten to order Sonia and Zoe’s grammar and vocabulary books.

Which is apparently the kind of thing that happens when you are a veteran homeschooler? Geez.

Anyway, I loaded up my cart (CBD often has the best prices on homeschool books, even though these are not specifically Christian) and searched for a free shipping code. free shipping

The first one didn’t work (it said I used it already; probably earlier this year!), but I did a second search and came up with one that worked.

It took just a minute or so, and I saved $5.99.

4. I only used $4 of data this billing cycle.

We have our phones with Ting, which is kind of a pay as you go service. So, it behooves us to stick to wifi as often as possible.

(Frugal Girl readers can get a $25 discount by signing up with Ting through this link.)

I keep my data turned off as a matter of course, and I have data disabled for pretty much everything except the basic necessities.

This way, I don’t accidentally end up using data for things like Instagram or podcasts.

I thought my usage might be up because of needing some data on my FinCon trip, but I still did really well.

Here’s to sticking with the slightly crappy free hotel wifi!

5. I scrambled some failed eggs.

When we were making souffles on Sunday, a few eggs didn’t make it through the separation process smoothly.

So, they put those in a container in the fridge, and I used them to make some scrambled eggs for myself at lunch one day.

scrambled eggs

This tiny whisk is one of my favorite things. So handy!

What frugal things have you been up to? Tell us in the comments!

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Tuesday 17th of September 2019

We went to eat at local bagel shop, not frugal. While eating the girls were loading bag of bagel up. I ask if they were throwing them out. She told me they were donating the excess, You can have some, so when we left she let pick our flavors. We got a bag of 13, $22.00 worth for free.


Friday 13th of September 2019

It's been a solid week of savings with nothing super exciting to report.

1- Sold some stuff on ebay and will be adding a lot more as the holidays roll in. Savings - $40 2- Got a free $25 gift card from Swagbucks and gave it to the youngest so he could buy cards for his competitive league. Savings- $25 3- I received lots of nice body washes for my birthday and won't need any for 3+ months. Savings- $50 4- Got a free bagel from Einstein's. Savings- $1.70 5-We installed solar panels on our home and used to pay $150+/ mth for electricity. Not anymore. It's only $28. Savings- $122+/mth

Lorraine Webber

Thursday 12th of September 2019

I have not been especially frugal the last few weeks but all is not lost!

1. I borrowed supplies from a friend to try a new craft technique to see if I would like it before purchasing my own supplies. Hobbies can be expensive! The test run was very much appreciated.

2. Used a gift card from my birthday to try a pour-your-own candle type place. It was fun but not worth the $50 it cost to make the candle. Luckily, the gift card covered $45 of it.

3. Used my museum membership to see the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit at a local museum. Treated my friend by using one of the guest passes that come with a membership.

4. Happily accepted free zucchini, tomatoes, basil, grapes and peaches from a co-worker's garden.

5. Bought some Christmas gifts from a favorite online retailer for 70% off during their summer clearance sale.

Corrine Wilson

Thursday 12th of September 2019

1. Made a large extra payment om our mortgage, which will save us about $300 monthly in interest 2. Scheduled flu shots for the kids, which has a preventive cost 3. Found a camping grill in someone's garbage 4. Sold 2 house plants, I have had for 9 years (not enough sunlight in my new house), for $20. I don't even think I spent that much on them to begin with 4. My husband started painting our house and grading our yard. I can't imagine what this would cost to have done by a professional. He has saved us so much money on remodeling our new home.

Charlotte W

Thursday 12th of September 2019

1. Made a list of meatless meals and stuck to making two of those during the week to cut down on grocery bill. 2. Made my goal of only spending $125 a week last month. I have two toddlers in pull ups. 3. Bought next summer's clothes for kids during a clearance event sale (lot of items were 60% to 70% off and spent $6 per item. I didn't think that was too bad. But it sure does beat paying full price. 4. Turning in my baby's carseat at Walmart to get a Walmart card for $30 on Sept. 16th. That will be used to pay for a gift for a teacher whose birthday will be coming up. 5. Bought up 6 All laundry detergent bottles (40 oz. each) for $3 a piece at Kroger and received 3 Snuggle dryer sheet boxes for free. Thought that was a good deal. The free Snuggle dryer sheets totaled about $9 saved. I don't really use dryer sheets, but hey, it was worth it.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.