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A few things I’m loving

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My new mini whisk

I got a mini whisk at Christmas, and man, I love this thing.

I bought this mini set of whisks years ago, and they’d really seen better days. They’re not all that sturdy, and after two decades of use, they were pretty bent up.

Plus, I always felt like the base of those was too narrow…it was difficult to get them to really mix stuff. The handle was uncomfortable as well.

So, I got this new one and I love it! It’s a much more sturdy style, the base is wider, and it’s so handy for mixing up a little bit of salad dressing or a small batch of scrambled eggs.

The new whisk is $10, vs. $5 for the 2-piece set I used to have. But the new one works so much better, I definitely think it’s worth the extra money.

My 10 inch cast iron skillet

I used to rely pretty heavily on my smaller skillet (which is very affordable, to be sure!)

But I got this larger one, primarily to use for skillet cornbread, and it turns out, I really love it for all sorts of other tasks too!

I like that it’s not as bulky as my 12-inch pan, I love the silicone handle, and I must say, the preseasoning on this pan is fabulous.

Email subscribers: you can find links to these pans (they will be affiliate links) on my Amazon shopping page.

The Moment app on my phone

This free app tracks how much time I’m spending on my phone, and I find that to be super helpful.

I’m much less prone to pick up my phone and waste time on it when I know my daily hour counter will be going up, up, up.

(Who wants to see that they spent 5 hours on their phone at the end of the day??)

My one complaint is that if I’m listening to podcasts, it still counts that against my total.   I should probably just remember to turn the app off at those times, because I do not count a podcast episode while I’m cooking dinner as actual time on my phone.

Or I could fork over the money for the premium version, which lets you tell the app not to count certain apps against your total for the day. Hmm….

Off the Clock

Speaking of time management, I’ve been enjoying my advance review copy of Off the Clock, by Laura Vanderkam. Lots of good reminders in there!

The focus of the book is helping you to feel like you have more time for the good things in life, so it’s not   about being efficient just so that you can get more and more and more done.

The book came out officially yesterday, so you can buy a copy now.   Or you can check with your library to see if they’ve got it.

Anything you’ve been especially loving lately? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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Wednesday 30th of May 2018

I'm loving Informed Delivery ( from the USPS. You get a daily morning email where you can view scanned images of the pieces of mail being delivered to your mailbox. I wasn't sure I wanted to do this but discovered if you don't do it for your address, someone else could. Now, even though I get mostly junk mail, I'm addicted to seeing what will be arriving. Oh, and it's free.

Mrs. Picky Pincher

Wednesday 30th of May 2018

That mini whisk is adorable. :)

This week I'm loving:

1. Meditation face cover: I made a weighted face cover to use during meditation instead of buying one. It's just an old pillowcase filled with rice lol!

2. My cat, Zap, although I wouldn't classify him as a 'thing.' He's been so snuggly lately. :)

3. My crockpot. I started dinner this morning and it'll be hot and ready for supper. Easy peasy and it's not heating up the house!


Wednesday 30th of May 2018

Getting your dinner prepped/cooking before lunchtime always makes you feel like a superhero, doesn't it??

Profesora H-B

Wednesday 30th of May 2018

Oh, that definitely going on my wish list! I love sturdy kitchen tools so much.

I am currently loving my fitness tracker. I have an OCD problem when it comes to tracking steps. I become completely obsessed with it. I decided to get a Misfit Shine. It has what looks like a blank watch face and you just tap it to tell you how much progress you've made toward your fitness goal. It counts points instead of steps, which lets it give you more credit for sustained and/or quicker movement. I only see my progress as a portion of a circle. It also tells approximate time (within five minutes). I know they make fancier versions with actual watch faces, but I really love the simplicity of this version. It's just the right kind of motivation to get me moving each day. Yay!

Anne Trudell

Wednesday 30th of May 2018

I'm loving my bug net that fits just over my hat and head. I do early morning gardening before the sun really heats up the space, but the mosquitoes, black flies, and no-see-ums love that time too. My gloves, boots, pants and long-sleeve shirt keep them off the rest of me, but bugs landing on my ears and eyebrows really bug me. Using a no-DEET repellant keeps them away some, but they will find any spot on my head I've missed. No more with the bug net! It's elastisized around the bottom so easy to "seal" my head away from the bugs!


Wednesday 30th of May 2018

That sounds brilliant!


Wednesday 30th of May 2018

Silicone handle on a cast iron pan?!! That is brilliant! I'm constantly forgetting that the handle is hot and burning my hand. I just looked it up and you can buy them separately!

Things I'm loving this week: Netflix. Not going to lie. Time with my husband watching an interesting show cuddled up on the couch when the kids are in bed is wonderful, convenient and cost effective entertainment.

Homemade blended ice coffees.

My brand new fabric shower curtain I got at a garage sale for $2.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.