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Cutting hair at home.

I have to say, I’m not really a big fan of doing this. There are frugal things I don’t mind(making yogurt, baking bread, watching sales, shopping clearances), and then there are things I do only because it saves me money. Haircuts definitely fall into the latter category. But, save me money they do, and so I soldier on with my razor and scissors.

I don’t cut my own hair(I’m just not that skilled!), and I don’t cut my older daughter’s hair(it’s too thick, and it was sort of a disaster the last time I tried). So, we go to a friend who cuts hair at her home. She does a fabulous job, and it only costs $25 for both me and my daughter to get a cut. This is 25 well spent dollars in my opinion, and since my daughter and I both have longish hair, we only have to go twice a year or so.

I’ve been cutting Joshua’s hair since he was a baby, and I’ve been doing the same with Sonia and Zoe. Sonia has very thin hair, so it’s pretty easy to cut, and Zoe’s hair is wonderfully curly, which means that any mistakes I made are very difficult to see! More recently I’ve started cutting my husband’s hair too.

He used to pay $25 a month to get it his hair cut, and I figure I’d have to spend another $10 a month on haircuts for Joshua. So, even without counting the money I save by cutting Sonia and Zoe’s hair, I’m saving us $35 a month, or $420 a year.

I just use a basic razor and scissors kit, which cost me about $25 at Target. That’s the price of one haircut for my husband, so the kit paid for itself almost immediately.

Even if you aren’t brave enough to foray in the world of home haircuts, consider buying a pair of hair-cutting scissors to do some trimming in between haircuts. Girls’ bangs are fairly easy to trim, and boys’ haircuts can be stretched out farther if you do a bit of trimming around the ears and neck. I do this with Joshua when I don’t have time to give him a full-blown haircut and it buys me another couple of weeks.

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Friday 5th of December 2008

Oh yes. I have long-ish hair(below my shoulders, usually), and I can go for a long time in between haircuts. I hardly ever go more than twice a year, and often it's less than that.


Friday 5th of December 2008

BTW, Saver Queen, I totally agree with you. I think a lot of women (especially younger) could get away with longer hair and it would look better than a short style that's lost it's shape due to procrastinating a hair cut. I've never cut my hair, and it will only grow to just above my waste. It's naturally wavy/curly and I deep condition the ends to keep them smooth.


Friday 5th of December 2008

I have cutting my husband's hair because he squirms around and freaks out like I'm going to cut his ears off. But I've been doing it for 4 years now, every two weeks. His hair grows really fast and I usually have to shave his neck once a week. I'd never cut hair before I started cutting his (with a pair of clippers), but people compliment him all the time and ask who is barber is. Probably because I take about 45 minutes each time (maybe the reason he squirms? lol...) and really blend and layer it. The trick is to use a lot of different sized attachments and get the ears right. One buzzed-looking length all over and gross ear/neck lines scream "did it myself!".

If you're just starting, I'd recommend going to a barber he likes and watching very closely a few times to see what they do.


Wednesday 26th of November 2008

jack loves his haircuts and I can't bear taking that luxury away from him... maybe down the track. My hair grows like a tortoise and I'm not really fussed about the latest trends or styles so I can usually get away by not cutting my hair for up to a year or more. There's quite a bit of saving!! :)


Friday 21st of November 2008

I have been cutting my husband's hair for about 10 years. I also cut my sons' most of the time. I have long, curly hair, so I can go about 2-3 times per year. This is one area where we really save money.

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