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Is homemade pizza cheaper than takeout pizza?

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Updated June 2021

Can a homemade pizza beat the $5.55 pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar’s or a $7 frozen pizza?

Does Homemade Pizza Save Money?

I’m going to bust out of my usual don’t-sweat-the-details-or-be-very-precise mode of operation and calculate this down to the last penny.


Crust Ingredients

Here are the ingredients that I use to make the crust of my pizza.



I generally buy my flour when it’s on sale, so a 5-pound bag costs around $4. That means each cup costs $0.20, and the four cups necessary for the pizza dough add up to $0.80.

If you use a cheaper brand of flour, this could easily be as little as $0.40. But I really like my King Arthur bread flour for pizza dough, so I splurge.


The teaspoon and a half called for in the recipe costs a little less than $0.008. In other words, it’s negligible. We can just round it up to a penny to make things easy!


I use plain old tap water, which is so cheap, it’s practically free. I’ll throw in a penny, but I kinda doubt it costs even that much.


Because I buy mine in bulk, each “packet” (2 1/4 teaspoons) costs $0.03.

If you don’t buy yours in bulk, though, your pizza dough is going to be WAY more expensive. Individual packets of yeast are craaazy expensive.

Olive Oil

I think this bottle costs around $3.50 (I can’t find my receipt!) which means that 2 tablespoons cost $0.21.

So, the cost for two pizza crusts is $1.06.

And that’s even with olive oil (not canola or corn) and expensive King Arthur flour.


Henceforth, I will not even blink at the price of my King Arthur pizza flour, because $0.53 for a pizza crust is a screaming bargain.


I’m just going to calculate this for cheese pizza because then you can simply add on the cost of the toppings to compare.


Tomato Sauce

A jar of tomato sauce costs me $1.19, so the cup I need for the pizzas costs $0.40.


An 8 ounce block of mozzarella is $1.79. I generally use the whole thing for two pizzas, so that’s coming in at $1.79.

So, the toppings for two cheese pizzas total $2.19.

Total Ingredient Cost

The total cost of ingredients for two cheese pizzas is $3.25, or $1.62 per pizza.

That’s pretty impressive. I thought it would add up to a lot more.

Electricity Cost

This is a little difficult to calculate, but when I figured the cost of a loaf of homemade bread, I found out that an hour of 350° baking at $0.12/kwh costs $0.24.

For this recipe, though, I have to heat the oven to 500° and it has to stay there for a good hour.

I imagine this would cost maybe double what an hour of 350° baking costs, so I’m going to go with $0.50.


Total Homemade Pizza Cost

<drumroll, please!>

$3.25 for ingredients


$0.50 for electricity


$3.75 for two pizzas, or $1.87 per pizza.

So, that means I could add $3.68 worth of toppings to each of my pizzas before they’d reach the Little Caesar’s $5.55 level.

homemade pepperoni pizza

I know for sure that I don’t add $3.68 worth of pepperoni (a whole package only costs about $3.) or vegetables (mushrooms and peppers are really cheap!)

So it’s safe to say that my homemade pizzas are indeed cheaper than Little Caesar’s.

And they even beat the super cheap frozen pizzas (you know…the sort that have almost no cheese on them!)

Plus, homemade pizzas produce less trash overall than frozen pizzas do.


Homemade pizza, even with the cost of electricity factored in, is ridiculously affordable.

However, it does take some time to make.

Most of it is hands-off time, though (oven heating, dough rising), so as long as you’re at home already, it won’t feel like it takes that long.


If, however, you’re working outside the home and don’t have long to prepare dinner, the rising time and oven heating time could feel really inconvenient.

So, frozen or takeout pizzas could look very appealing.

Also, if you’re choosing not between homemade and frozen pizza but between frozen/takeout pizza and eating out, then of course the frozen/takeout option is generally the more budget-friendly option.

But if you’ve got the time, homemade pizza is the cheapest way to go.

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