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WIS, WWA | I made chowder that Sonia can eat!

What I Spent

More on the chowder down below. For now, grocery shopping:

I spent $130 at Aldi and $90 elsewhere.

grocery list

Sonia made my shopping list a little cuter 🙂

So I had kind of a high spending week at $220. Which is exactly what I anticipated after lazily skipping a shopping trip last week. 

December Spending

Week 1: $82

Week 2: $229

What We Ate


Mr. FG and I did a takeout date night (Panera, with a discount thanks to a Fetch rewards gift card), Lisey bought sushi on the way home from her work shift, and Sonia and Zoe ate some easy stuff here at home

Mashed potatoes with chicken sausage for Sonia:

mashed potatoes chicken sausage

Grilled cheese and soup for Zoe.

grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup


Sticking with our new habit of getting local takeout on Sunday nights (trying to help them out during these times of high restrictions), we got Chinese from a little place near us.


I pressed the easy button and cooked some chicken sausages, which we ate on toasted buns with cut-up produce on the side.

I really phoned it in with the produce sides this week…pretty much every night it was just cut-up raw produce!


I made spicy pork tinga with rice, which we ate with applesauce from the freezer.

ATK pork tinga

Apologies for the dark photo! This is more delicious than it looks.


Sadly, I woke up with a stiff neck.

(What adventurous thing did I do to get a stiff neck? I carelessly went to bed and poof! stiff neck for me.)

So my energy level for dinner making was a little low. I made Aussie Chicken, which we ate with some cut-up produce (!) and some random toasted bagels/bread slices.

aussie chicken


I made clam chowder, but this time I tried a modification to avoid the half and half for Sonia. Heavy cream does not seem to bother her, but anything with milk in it does.

So, I watered down some heavy cream with a 50/50 ratio and used that in place of the half and half. I’m pleased to say it worked out just fine.

clam chowder recipe

We ate our chowder with cut-up produce and some cornmeal buns from the freezer.


I think I’m gonna make pizza tonight, but I will have to do something else for poor Zoe.

She had a big orthodontic appointment with lots of adjustments yesterday, so her teeth are really bothering her right now. I imagine pizza will be out of the question for her tonight!

What did you eat for dinner this week?

P.S. I have a giveaway from Third Day Naturals tomorrow and one from Novica on Sunday. These are gonna be super quick turnaround giveaways, so pop back in here over the weekend for a chance to win. 

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Sunday 13th of December 2020

So our evening meals in no particular order 1. Bacon cheese quiche with eggs from our girls (Maple, Chowder, Chickaletta, and Crouton.) and a salad 2. Biscuit wrapped hotdogs and biscuit wrapped leftover sausage and pepperoni both stuffed with bacon and cheese. Fruit and salad 3. Spaghetti squash no one liked but me. Sad face 4. Spaghetti and meat balls with roasted veggies 5. Butternut squash soup for the adults chicken veggie soup for son. Toasted bread.


Sunday 13th of December 2020

I tried to think of easy ideas but nope. They were more involved....

- Shrimp scampi- It was supposed to have scallops but I didn't like how the scallops smelled so they got tossed. - Baked mushroom chicken- I had really old mushrooms but peeled them and the chicken thawed and has to get cooked fairly quickly, so that was not planned but ok. - Chicken noodle soup- I got the recipe from and forgot celery and only had celery seed. It would've been great with more salt but the crackers took care of that. - Chicken enchiladas- I had long grain rice that I over cooked and it was mushy but oh well. The chicken had to be used. The fam ate it all. - Chicken and fries from a bag- all pre-fried from Tyson and Ore-Ida. I don't eat fried food so toast and hot chocolate for me.


Saturday 12th of December 2020

A lovely quiet week in our house.

Monday- BBQ pulled pork sandwiches

Tuesday- Meatloaf, baked potatoes and peas.

Wednesday- We tried something new thanks to pintrest- Chicken with a balsamic and thyme sauce over rice. I will make it again.

Thursday- Chicken and JoJos. My pick for take out and our support of the local restaurants. We talked about JoJo's in a post a few weeks ago and it has been on my mind since then. This is not the healthiest meal so we do not get it often, but yummy!

Friday- homemade pizza


Saturday 12th of December 2020

Our meals have been simple this week. I roasted a chicken on Tuesday I roasted a chicken which Christmas gravies. I made rissoles which have fed us for two meals. I have cooked eggs for mum but can't remember what I had. Sadly I have allergies and cannot eat crustaceans, eggs and several grains to name a few and cannot tolerate lactose. I do feel for Sonia and Zoe.


Saturday 12th of December 2020

WWS £140 WWA Saturday take out curry for DH and I (lamb rogan, Delhi butter lamb, spinach & sarson greens and garlic nann). The kids had frozen pizzza with broccoli on the side. Sunday I made a batch of pork meatball (made from cut up pork n apple sausage) and root veggie (carrots, sweet potato and parsnips) pasta sauce. We ate it with penne and cheddar. 2 family sized meals added to the freezer. Monday leftovers from Sunday Tuesday mash potatoes, chicken, broccoli, carrots and sweetcorn. Wednesday cod, Mac’s cheese (homemade from my freezer) with broccoli, carrots and sweetcorn Thursday chicken and rice with broccoli, carrots and sweetcorn for the kids. Supermarket butter chicken with frozen peas for us and rice. Friday homemade fish and chips, with baked beans, broccoli and sweetcorn.

I ate home-made soup Monday- Wednesday and canned tomato soup Thursday and Friday for lunch. Kids ate at school (free for DD and £2/day for DS), DH ate at work all week- his meals are a free. I also bought a flat white coffee to celebrate completing my monthly treatment at the hospital (I have medication via an IV that keeps my autoimmune disease under control).

I had a really busy week at my job and DH was super busy too so I just grateful we got to the end of the week and I managed to feed everyone.

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