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Forget the mistake, remember the lesson

Last week we were at an ice cream shop that encourages customers to write/draw on post-it notes and then stick them up on the walls.

This one caught my eye, and not just because of the misspelling.

I (and probably lots of other money-conscious people) have a really hard time letting go of it when I make a mistake that costs us money.

It can be a big mistake or something as small as a library fine, and still I tend to obsess a little* over what I should have/could have done differently,

I don’t think that’s very healthy.

*Is it even possible to obsess only a little? Obsessing is by nature not a little thing!

I mean, of course I think it’s smart to avoid stupid spending decisions and mistakes.

But all of us, in spite of our best efforts, will do dumb things that cost us money.   No one can perfectly manage their lives or their money all the time.

So, mistakes are going to happen.

And honestly, what good does it do to beat ourselves up about our mistakes?   What’s done is done, and we can’t change the past.

What’s important is to learn from that mistake so that you hopefully don’t repeat it again in the future. That’s where the value of a mistake lies (not in the obsessing-over-it part!)

Now, if I can just remember this next time I make a money mistake…

Fellow money-savers, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.   Do you have trouble moving on from money mistakes?

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Tuesday 7th of January 2020

Why some People Never forget the mistake you did to them even it's already been a long time ago?


Tuesday 5th of June 2018

I think the spelling mistake might be on purpose? Forget the (literal) mistake and remember the lesson (on the card)? A double entendres?

My grandmother always says “onward and upward!”


Tuesday 5th of June 2018

It could be!


Monday 4th of June 2018

Although I don't necessarily consider it a mistake, Hubby and I joined a brewery (!) this weekend. It was a chunk of money up front, but will be cheaper to visit there from now on and we enjoyed ourselves, meeting new people and finding a fun place to visit more regularly. (I was starting to think we'd be rather isolated in our new small town...) My favorite saying lately is "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good". It was a good mantra for the weekend as we built a patio out of recycled pavers in front of our "barn" on the weekend property. It's not perfect, but it functions!


Sunday 3rd of June 2018

I've made some major financial & life mistakes. I've spent a lot of time regretting, berating myself & generally worrying & then I remembered that when we ask God to forgive us he doesn't hold anything against us, even better this life is not all there is - the best is yet to come! there are a lot of very unhappy wealthy people & a lot of very unhappy poor people but I resolve to trust God with my life, believe his promise to me in his word that he will provide all my needs & be with me always. I have decided to forgive myself & enjoy creating ways to learn & grow from my mistakes too. The world & the enemy tell us many negative things about our mistakes but I say ask God to forgive you, forgive yourself, ask God to provide & show you what he wants to do in your circumstance.


Friday 1st of June 2018

Love your blog! From South Africa. In the 2 years I've been married. I made so many financial mistake and the biggest one is our house! I despise it and I don't know how to move on because we are stuck there for 19 years!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.