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A Day in My Life | Pre-Nursing School Edition

Last time I did a Day in the Life post, lots of you asked for more of ’em.

Kristen eating pizza in her van.

from my last day-in-the-life post, in May

So on a relatively recent day, I jotted down what I was up to. I got the idea mid-morning, though, so that’s where we pick up with my day. 🙂

I have my final orientation today, and nursing school officially starts tomorrow….so, at some point during the semester, I’ll do another day-in-the-life because it’s gonna be a lot different from here on out!

Kristen with a stethoscope.



milk in a stockpot.

  • scooped Chiquita’s litter and took the trash out
  • made myself some breakfast. While I ate I scrolled Facebook Marketplace because Sonia is looking for a chest to keep at the end of her bed for stuffed animals and blankets.
eggs and vegetables on a white plate.

the breakfast from that day

  • made my bed
  • made coffee
  • rubbed some oil on my marinating spice-rubbed flank steak from my freezer challenge

spice rubbed flank steak.


I unloaded my dishwasher.

I drank my coffee and texted with Sonia. I also was messaging with someone on Facebook Marketplace about a chest for Sonia, trying to figure out the size and if it was solid wood or not.

I do not wanna take on another fake wood project, please and thank you!

My recent fake wood project, which has de-inspired me from doing any more such projects:

Jules chair.


Anyway, I shared the day’s blog post on my Facebook page and in my Facebook group, and also sent it out to my email subscribers.

And I responded to some blog comments.

I always read all the comments (usually on my phone’s WordPress app), but I also try to pop in several times a day on my computer and respond to comments as well. I figure conversations are much more fun when more people are participating. 🙂

wordpress app screenshot.

Luckily for me, I can respond to comments right from my WordPress dashboard, so that makes it a little easier!

I did a few other odds and ends:

  • I sent the Meet a Reader questions to a reader who asked to participate.
  • I submitted a healthcare bill to the health insurance website.
  • I realized I could downgrade my Acorns app to a $1/month version, so I did.


I wrote down my day so far.

After that, I stirred yogurt starter into my hot milk, poured it into jars, and put them into the cooler.

Then I decided, hmm, maybe I will do a little furniture work. So, I put some wood filler on the side of the scuffed table.

scuffed table progress.

Chiquita inspected my work.

cat peeking out from under furniture.


As often happens when I just get started on something, I decide to keep going.

So, I chose to prime the nightstand that I’d sanded the other day. It’s one of the last pieces I have from the abandoned house.

sanded nightstand.

I moved all the pieces outside, got out my priming supplies, put my earbuds in, got my fan going, and started to work on my furniture.

primed nightstand.

By the time I had the nightstand primed, the wood filler on the scuffed table was dry, so I hauled that outside, sanded it down, and primed it as well.

primed scuffed table.


I did not fit in a walk when I got up, so I decided to do that. I walked about 2 miles and got back at 3:00.


I took a pretty darn cold shower, blew dry my hair, put lotion on my face, and did some super minimal makeup. At 3:00 pm I’m not that motivated to do much in the beauty department.

(Ok, scratch that. At any time of day, I’m not that motivated to do a lot in the beauty department. Ha.)

bathroom sink.

I feel like I’m missing some time here because it does not take me a whole hour to shower and get dressed. I don’t know what activities are missing.

If I had Instagram installed on my phone, I’d immediately make the assumption that I wasted time scrolling there, but…my phone is currently Instagram-less.

Instagram screenshot.

(If you’re new….generally I install Instagram in order to post something, and then I uninstall it almost immediately because I LACK SELF CONTROL. And if I have Instagram on my phone, I will waste time on it. Guaranteed.)


I put my yogurt jars in the fridge. Then I…

  • had a snack of cheese, crackers, and some sliced mango
  • chatted with Zoe
  • went through the mail
  • scanned a paper and sent it to my CPA
  • scanned some receipts with Fetch (and woohoo, I got a 250-point bonus!)
  • sent a health insurance card to a therapist for updated record-keeping
  • washed the painting container/roller that I used for priming
  • tidied up my kitchen a bit

And then I got started on the next day’s blog post.


More working on the blog post.

And I ate some cucumbers and cream cheese because I was still hungry.

sliced cucumbers in water.

Full disclosure: I wanted to eat the pudding and whipped cream that I saw in the fridge, but I decided to eat something a little more nutritious. 😉


I worked on dinner prep and listened to podcasts in my earbuds while I cooked and prepped. This was the night I cooked the flank steak that I’ve already told you about!

browned flank steak.

And I coordinated with the Facebook seller and Sonia to get a time set up to go see a chest that was for sale.


I ate dinner with Zoe and her friend Maddie, who was over for a sleepover.

steak tacos.


I left my house to go pick up Sonia so that we could take a peek at the wooden chest from Facebook Marketplace.

We looked at it, bought it, loaded it up in my car, and then I dropped Sonia back off and headed back to my own house, chest in tow, because I’m gonna paint it for Sonia. 🙂

pink and white wooden chest.

It was, in fact, solid wood. Yay! I can work with that. This is a “before” picture, in case it wasn’t obvious.


I arrived back home and cleaned up the dinner mess I’d left.

I also covered one-half of the watermelon with my handy-dandy silicone cover (the 20 cm is great for most watermelons!) and I cut up the rest to store in a Pyrex dish.

Lekue silicone lid for watermelon

obviously not a current picture; these are the countertops at my other house. Currently, I live in the land of formica counterops!

I brought my primed furniture inside to save it from the overnight humidity and I took my trash cans to the curb.


I caught up on my time tracking for this post and also finished up tomorrow’s post.

I brushed my teeth, washed my face, did my daily Duolingo practice, and got into bed, where I read a few pages of Maggie Smith’s book “Keep Moving“.

And then by 10:00 it was time for sleep.


I predict that the next edition of this is gonna include a whole lot more studying and a lot less furniture-painting. 😉

P.S. The chest for Sonia is actually almost done; I’ll show it to you once I bring it over for her. And the scuffed table is getting close; my first week of nursing school is light so maybe I can get it finished up!

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Wednesday 30th of August 2023

That was a busy day! You sure got a lot accomplished. Best of luck as you embark on this new phase of life. So exciting!!


Tuesday 29th of August 2023

You did a lot, a WHOLE lot!


Tuesday 29th of August 2023

Congratulations on starting nursing school! I hope it's wonderful.


Tuesday 29th of August 2023

Just wanted to wish you a smooth start to new schooling!


Tuesday 29th of August 2023

Best wishes for a wonderful school year, Kristen! Any patient who has you for a nurse will be blessed!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.