Hamsters. In black and white.

dwarf hamsters

This does sort of have something to do with frugality.

Bear with me.


As you know, Lisey has moved into Zoe’s room, and we needed some new wall art for her (the baby pictures weren’t going to work!).

So, yesterday I laid out a bunch of frames on the living room floor and Lisey and I decided on a visually pleasing arrangement, shape-wise.

laying out frames before hanging

Then we scrolled through my picture files to find photos of things that Lisey loves (the beach, afternoon tea, Converse), and made them all black and white so the photo wall would have a cohesive look.

(And also because black and white is veddy classy.)


When we got to that last vertical picture frame on the right, though, we got stuck. What to put there?

That’s when we realized that of course, Lisey’s hamsters needed to be represented on her photo wall. ;)

So, that’s why we had a little hamster photo session yesterday.


The cute is so out of control.


(By the way, these are dwarf hamsters and they are crazy fast, so that’s why Joshua and Lisey are holding them so snugly.)

I did get all of the frames hung up on Lisey’s wall, and she’s super pleased about it.

I’m delighted that were able to decorate her wall with something that’s very Lisey, and I’m also pleased that we were able to use frames we already had (yay for not spending!) and were able to fill them with very inexpensive art (the only cost was the ink and photo paper.)

I wish I had a photo of the finished wall, but alas, I don’t at the moment. I promise I’ll include one when we do a tour of Lisey’s room.


    • Kristen says

      Oh, Sonia loves turtles. I’m nervous about the smell, though…do you find that your turtle has a strong odor?

      I haven’t posted much about pets, as we have so few. Joshua has his reptiles, but he pays for the food and such for them, and Lisey pays for her hamster stuff as well (though they are not very costly pets.)

      • Kate says

        I had 2 turtles as a young adult, and their aquarium did have a fairly strong swampy smell. I cleaned it regularly, but it was quite a chore. I got used to the smell, but my family found it unpleasant when they turtle-sat while I was away.

        • Kristen says

          This kind of thing is why I’m thinking I will stick with my “You can get a turtle when you move out.” stance. =p

      • says

        My turtle is a native Australian species – the red-eared sliders that most people have for pets are actually illegal here! He looks like this one: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8189/8365592642_6d0318ce4b_z.jpg

        He lives in an aquarium that is half full of water, with a platform for basking on. The only time I have noticed a smell is when I’ve been slack about changing the water and cleaning the filter (more than a few weeks).

        They are great pets – I’m sure he can recognise me since when my sister visited he refused to climb out onto his platform at all. And it’s fun to watch him climbing out of the water, then diving in again. Could you keep it somewhere where you wouldn’t notice the smell as much?

    • Kristen says

      Ohhh, they would! Once, Joshua’s friend watched our hamsters for us, and when we brought them over, his cats were mesmerized.

      (The hamsters were kept behind closed doors, safe from the cats all week!)

  1. liberty says

    When I was college age I lived with roommates to save money. Some of us had more money and some less. We adopted a ‘sharing’ (but nowhere near communal) style of living that worked in almost all of my living situations (I married late and had roommates most of that time). We asked that each roommate be strictly accountable for their share of rent and utilities and we kept most of our possessions separate, but we shared so we could all join in fun times. Like if we entertained, those of us with more money contributed food and other roommates cooked. We gave rides when needed to those without cars and if we wanted to see a movie together, we went to a dollar cinema. I think Lauren would do a great service to her friends and acquaintances by helping them see how great it is to do things that aren’t expensive.

  2. says

    I had a hamster that was black and white named Oreo and he died he fell well he was climbing on his cage and fell on his head on the food bowl and died and the next moring my my mom saw him and put him in the box and beried him in the grown.

    Thank u that’s how my hamster died.

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