Chocolate, Vanilla, Cinnamon…

But you can’t eat any of it!


Remember Third Day Naturals? They’re a small company from New York State, and they make totally natural soaps (I gave some away in December, remember?)

Well, they’ve recently expanded their product line to include some new products, including lip balm, lotion bars, and sugar scrub. And they’ve got some new soap scents.

Lucky me, I got to sample some of them. :)


Some of the scents smell pretty darn edible…there’s vanilla and chocolate lip balm, mocha soap, and cinnamon-scented goat’s milk soap (my favorite!)

My kids really like the Triple Mint Mocha soap, though (that’s the swirled one in the photo.)


I’d never actually heard of a lotion bar, which is another new product from Third Day. It’s kind of like a solid version of lotion. The heat from your skin warms it up enough for just a small amount to spread over your skin.


And since it’s made from completely natural ingredients (coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, lanolin, essential oils of lavender, lavandin, and bergamot, and vitamin E), it’s safe to use even on very sensitive skin.

Oh, and I can’t forget to tell you that Third Day has $2.95 flat rate shipping for U.S. orders (sweet!). And they now ship to Canada as well (though the $2.95 deal is unfortunately not good in Canada).


Zee Giveaway!

One of you will get to try out some of the new Third Day products in the scent of your choice. The winner will receive 1 sugar scrub, 1 pocket size lotion bar and two lip balms (Do pick the vanilla…it’s great!)

To enter this contest, leave a comment on this post (you can tell me what your favorite Third Day product is if you’d like).

You can get two additional entries as well. Here’s how:

1) Like Third Day Naturals on Facebook and leave a separate comment telling me you liked them.

2) Sign up for Third Day’s free newsletter and leave a comment letting me know you subscribed (on the bottom of this page, there’s a space to enter your email address to subscribe.)

This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. AND Canada (woo!) EDIT: I just heard from Third Day and they said they can actually ship to any country. So, international people, enter away!!!!

I’ll close comments on Sunday, March 10th, at midnight EST, so make sure you get your three entries in before then.

disclosure: Third Day sent me free samples of their new products, but I was not otherwise compensated for this post. I’m just excited about supporting a small, family owned company. :)
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  1. says

    I would love a chance to win this!!! Oh how I love natural soaps and such. Thanks for posting this~ Hugs, Juli

  2. Amanda says

    I haven’t (yet) been able to try any Third Day Natural product, but anything spice/food scented is always wonderful. Except when I’m hungry – then I just want to eat my skin. Which is never a good idea. Must eat regularly!

  3. Heather Anne says

    I have also subscribed to their newsletter after I checked out their site. :) I am in need of some new soap and would definately LOVE to try this company. I think rosemary is such a pleasant smell and was thrilled to see that they carry this scent!

  4. Heather Anne says

    It is so good to read reveiws on products that look good online but are new to me. Thanks for highlighting some great companies and giving us a chance to win some products! :)

  5. Kristen B says

    Just reading through your post and imagining the smells made me hungry (but not to eat soap, the scents just sound really yummy!) I would love to win and try out the lotion bar, it sounds awesome and an easy way thing to carry along in my purse!

  6. Mary says

    The lotion bar sounds wonderful. I’m a gardener (although not this time of year where I live) and so my hands often suffer. I’m also a big fan of natural soaps–lavender is my favorite scent for that. :)

  7. Michelle says

    I love their grapefruit soap, smells yummy! Would love to be able to try their new products!

  8. Amy says

    I haven’t tried Third Day Naturals soaps yet, but I have purchased handmade soaps from other small businesses. I’ve never seen a lotion bar except at Lush. I’d like to try one sometime, but my habit there is already too expensive :)

  9. Mrs K says

    I’m so excited that this contest is also open for Moi, a canadian girl!!! I’d love to win these awesome products, especially the pocket size lotion bar! Thank you for having this giveaway!

  10. says

    Love these flavors! A lotion bar is a neat idea – I’ve never heard of that before. I think the cinnamon would be my favorite if I win.

  11. Katie says

    What a great giveaway! Thanks so much for giving us all the opportunity to try. Their stuff does look amazing…visited their website. I’m glad that they ship to Canada!

  12. Laurie says

    I think the cinnamon or vanilla scent would be awesome. Also, the lotion bar sounds really cool. What a neat idea!

  13. WilliamB says

    That all looks nice. I’m intrigued by the lotion bar. It sounds like an excellent product for travelers, who wouldn’t have to worry about TSA when traveling with skin cream.

  14. Alexis says

    I don’t have a favorite product because I haven’t ordered from them (yet), but I’m really excited to try some of them!

  15. says

    I need that lotion bar in my life! I use straight coconut oil right now but it is kind of difficult to spread, a bar would be easy!

  16. says

    I think I’d like to try the lotion bar. It would be nice to have lotion around the house that my kids couldn’t gleefully skirt turn into bathroom mirror finger paint!

  17. says

    I signed up for their newsletter. I’m looking forward to trying their products. We are in the process of switching our household to natural products and food, what great timing!

  18. Laura D. says

    I’d love to see how that lotion bar works – my skin gets terribly dry in the winter and it sounds like this could help!

  19. Kate W says

    Sounds heavenly. I’m expecting, and can’t stand the perfumey smell of a lot of soaps. Cinnamon and vanilla? That I can do!

  20. Lisa says

    I’ve never tried this brand but it does look delicious 8-)

    Thanks for hosting the give-away.

  21. Kati says

    OOOOH, I would be SOO excited to try the lotion bar! My skin is dry and I have yet to find the perfect product!!!

  22. says

    Cool! Maybe I’m destined to have some of that all natural lotion? My skin chaps really easily and I’m super sensitive to scents and chemicals.

  23. NikkiLynn says

    I liked them! Love natural products for my sensitive skin. My girls have been blessed with my sensitive skin, so they’ll get to try it too. :)

    • Solange Jordan says

      I would love a chance to win this!!! Oh how I love natural soaps and lotions!!

  24. Rebecca K. says

    I love trying all natural handmade soaps. My mom is a big fan as well. I look forward to checking out this company and would love to win some product!

    • Jessie Schaub says

      Oops :). I signed up for their newsletter too! The products and prices look great! Thanks for the giveaway Kristen!!

  25. Devin W says

    Would love to try these products! Our family has recently switched to an all natural, healthy lifestyle and I have been trying to find everyday products that are all natural as well! My daughter has such sensitive skin for a 2 year old and these seem like a great alternative!

  26. Cindy S says

    I would love to win — I signed up for the newsletter and liked them on Facebook. Thank you for sharing!

  27. Allison Andrews says

    The Third Day Naturals products sound wonderful! I’ll have to check out the lotion bar – great idea! I would love a chance to win the products – Vanilla sounds nice :)

  28. April L. says

    I’ve been wanting to try a lotion bar for a while now. I may have to give theirs a try!

  29. Allison Andrews says

    I would love a chance to win the products in vanilla – the lotion bar sounds wonderful!

  30. says

    Their products look amazing. Look forward to trying some…the head to toe bar will be one of the first on the list.

  31. Cindy says

    I would like to try one of those lotion bars. I have been looking for an alternative to lotions full of who knows what.

  32. Rebecca S says

    Thank you for the introduction to Third Day Naturals. I’m happy to “like” them, and I can’t wait to place my first order (or win it first!). Thank you for the great information!

  33. Auntie Pickle says

    My favorite Third Day Product is the Head to Toe Soap.. Sometimes I am just feeling lazy or want to take a quick shower, and I use it to scrub-a-dub-dub all over.. It smells great and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.

  34. joanie e says

    I am gathering info to learn to make these things at home- but winning some would be great. too !

  35. Erin says

    I would love to try these products….the honey vanilla sugar scrub sounds wonderful!

  36. Jenny says

    Woohoo, it’s so nice to see some contests being open to Canadians. It can be pretty frustrating to read through many giveaways, then get to the bottom and see that they’re only open to US residents. Even worse is when there is no mention of this, winning the prize, and then being told they cannot ship to Canada.

  37. Deb says

    Would love to win, winter in MT is rough on the skin. And I had to laugh about them being “almost edible,” my youngest used to eat Chapstick, lip balm, etc. in her earlier days…………

  38. Cheryl says

    I have been working towards all natural products in my home and would love to try these!

  39. Rochelle says

    I have always wanted to try a lotion bar. I have terribly dry skin and seem to buy endless useless products. Thank you for the chance!

  40. MariaInChicago says

    The triple-mint mocha soap looks downright delectable! I am also curious about the cinnamon goat milk soap. I’ve found that natural lip balms such as these are far more effective at moisturizing my lips and *keeping* them from getting dry and chapped. Most commercial ones do not succeed in this regard.

    • MariaInChicago says

      Oy, my post is not clear about which one I especially want to try. I guess it’s the triple-mint mocha!

  41. Carrie says

    I have been reading your blog for several months now and love all your posts about Aldi and the new products you and your family try (like Third Day Naturals items!). I haven’t used TDN products but would love to try the lip balm and bar lotion in any scent combination. Thanks for maintaining a helpful, insightful blog!

  42. Laura E. says

    The lotion bar is pretty intriguing, but that Cinnamon Goat Milk bar sounds pretty awsome too. I would be happy to try any of these!

  43. Becky says

    Sounds like a good company with good, original products – any idea where the name comes from?

  44. Amanda Spaulding says

    Oh, how I love natural soaps and lotions. The older I get, the more sensitive and more particular my skin becomes. I would also love to try a small, independent artisan’s products because I’m all about supporting USA-made products. :)

  45. Amanda Spaulding says

    I also signed up for their newsletter. This is just the kind of stuff I LOVE to give as gifts!

  46. Ivy says

    I would love to try these. My family has sensitive skin and we are picky as to what soaps and lotions we can use. My eldest daughter has eczema, so it’s a must for us.

  47. El says

    I am switching to more natural products and would loooove to try their products especially the lotion bar!

  48. Molly F. C. says

    I cannot limit my choice to just one! If I won I’d have a very hard time deciding which wonderful product to choose.

  49. Shauna Douglass says

    I have been curious about those lotion bars! This pregnancy has left my skin really dry:)!

  50. Catherine S says

    The scent sound wonderful! I would like to try out the lotion bar…sounds interesting.

  51. Shelby says

    We just moved the the SW desert and could use some good lotion. We all have very sensitive skin!

  52. Ruthy says

    Liked Third Day naturals on Facebook! :) Would love to bless my sister with this for her bridal shower! She absolutely loves natural things and her favorite sent is vanilla ;)

  53. Pam H says

    I would love this. I am a big lip balm person. I have them everywhere. So that would be a great product to try.

  54. stacy spaulding says

    I think I would really like the vanilla scented products! Vanilla is my fave!!

  55. AnnMarie Johnson says

    While I’m tempted by the vanilla lip balm, I love peppermint lip balm so would have to choose that! Oooh, or maybe the lime.

  56. Jenny N. says

    The lotion bar is a really cool idea – definitely beats a tube of lotion exploding in your purse…

  57. Amanda says

    The lotion bar sounds amazing. I am always looking for lotion products with minimal ingredients!

  58. Jenny N. says

    And I liked them on Facebook. Maybe this time I won’t forget about them when I need to order skin care stuff…

  59. says

    awesome giveaway! I love all-natural products but haven’t taken the plunge on buying shea butter or beeswax for making my own lotion yet.

  60. Alyssa says

    I would love to try that fun lotion. Even if I don’t win, I think I will still order some. Thank you!

  61. Ashey B says

    I have been super interested in making some of these types of items. This would be great opportunity to try them out without the expense of buying the material myself! :)

  62. Kat says

    I like soap. I bought some goats milk soap in Little Switzerland, NC once and that was some very nice soap. I’d like to have something similar again.

  63. Holly says

    These look fabulous! I love trying new body products, it’s a bit of a weakness for me :)

  64. Lindsey says

    That Triple Mocha Mint sounds and looks good enough to eat! And the lotion bar sounds interesting…thanks for the chance to win.

  65. Margaret says

    The sugar scrub sounds interesting! I’ll bet it would help shed winter dry skin in time for spring.

  66. Carla says

    I’d love to win! I poked through the website and I would love to the head-to-toe bar, that would help me simplify bath, just one bar to do it all! Thanks.

  67. Hailey says

    I’ve never tried any of these products, bit the cinnamon goat’s milk soap sounds wonderful!

  68. Karen says

    Kristen, Thank you so much for this giveaway. I have yet to try these products but I look forward to checking them out. The product line looks great ( and delicious! ). Have a wonderful day.

  69. Nancy from Mass says

    I would LOVE to try the lotion bar! i have sensitive skin and find that sometimes, lotions are just to ‘greasy’ or there’s too much.

  70. says

    I have been wanting to try the soaps since you did the last review and giveaway. I think they would work better than most store bought soap on my eczema.

  71. erin says

    I’d love to try her products! I’m allergic to nuts and find a lot of new products use almond oil, etc. So, i like that she lists are ingredients and I bet if I called her up she could tell me the scoop… it’s not always easy to do that with a big corporation! Thanks for sharing her link :) My best… :)

  72. Renee McDonnell says

    I don’t know what my favorite product is until we get to try it. My daughter has terrible allergies and we can only use certain products for her skin. I am sure she would love to try something scented that may not irritate her skin. Right now all we can use is unscented soaps. Boring!! Thanks for the chance.

  73. Jen says

    I started using Third Day products after reading about them on your blog! My favorite so far is the Peppermint Tea Tree Soap but would love to try more! :)

  74. Liz says

    Thanks, I’d love to try. Always looking for local/small, eco-conscious businesses to support. :)

  75. Melissa says

    They look like great products – I’d particularly like to try the lotion bar – what a great idea!

  76. says

    My seven-year-old daughter is enamored with the handmade soaps they sell at our local Whole Foods. She would love to try some of these out!

  77. Brandon Floyd says

    What a great marketing tool for Third Day Products………..I liked them on FB………………..

  78. Bambi Mayer says

    Thanks for telling us about this company and their products. I just ordered a sampler of soaps and two lotion bars. Since I haven’t used their products before I don’t know what my favorite is but would still love to be entered in the giveaway.

  79. Amy Snook says

    I would love to win these products! I think vanilla would be great! The lotion bar sounds especially awesome:)

  80. says

    I’m really intrigue with the lotion bar. I read recently that coconut oil is not as moisturing as other oils. How is it working out for you?

    • Kristen says

      So far, it’s just fine, but I haven’t had the bar for very long. Also, I don’t have extremely dry skin, though it does get a little bit dry in the wintertime, so I might not be the best person to ask!

  81. Cathy Simon says

    A lotion bar sounds like a great idea. Thanks for the chance to win for Canadians! :)

  82. Maria says

    I’ve never tried any of their products but they sound great! I’d love to try them.

  83. Chio says

    Hi Frugal Girl, I would love to win this contest to be able to try that lotion bar, I love, love, love vanilla!!

  84. Jamie Stone says

    I have looked at this company’s products before and was totally excited to see that they offered products that were free of harmful chemicals. I would love to try them out! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  85. Jeni Simmons says

    Yummy!!! Those flavors all sound divine! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway!!!

  86. MichelleH says

    Triple Mint Mocha sounds heavenly. Lotion bars are perfect for travel. They don’t leak. ;-)

  87. Shawna McMinn says

    I LOVE natural soaps! I use a goat milk soap right now but would love to try these!!

  88. Kaitlin says

    I haven’t tried any of the Third Day products yet, but I would love to try the lotion bar. I have dry skin, and I’m living in Alaska, which has caused my skin to crack and bleed. Unfortunately I haven’t found a lotion that has truly helped, and I’d love to find out if their lotion would do the trick. Does the flat shipping rate apply for Alaska, too?

  89. Ruthy says

    I love them all and would be so happy if i could share these with my sister who is getting married soon and loves natural things!

  90. Vicki F. says

    I think the cinnamon scented goatsmilk soap sounds wonderful! I would also love to try the lotion bar.

  91. Katie Smith says

    Thank you for the giveaway!! I would love to try their products!! The lotion bar sounds so neat!!

  92. Kathy M says

    The lip balm and lotion bar sound wonderful. I am going to order two of their sensitive skin bars later (Nude bar, I think). Thanks, as always, for the give-a-way and for introducing us to a new product.

  93. Char says

    I subscribed to the newsletter.
    Would love to win this. I have very dry hands and would like to try the lotion bar.
    I Love products made with natural ingredients!

    • Charlotte says

      Would love to win this! I have very dry hands and would love to try out their lotion bar.
      I like products that are made with natural ingredients.

  94. jeanine says

    My daughter has severe excema and the things that give her the most relief are all natural. I’d love to try this!

  95. Liesl says

    I’d love to try this company out for free! Even though I fully intend on making a purchase from them in the future. Consider me “entered”!

  96. Amy Wertheim says

    I am loving all of the Third Day Natural Products! The Lavender/Oatmeal Soap is refreshing and very healing. The lip balms, “Herbal Peppermint” and “Liberated” Lip Balms are soothing and have kept my lips very “happy.” What I am most excited about is the Lotion Bars! What a great idea. They smell wonderful and protect my hands very well. In several days, my cuticles are no longer dry and cracked. Great products!

  97. Linda H. says

    Would love to win~I am always interested in products that don’t have harsh chemicals and are good for sensitive skin! Thanks!

  98. Linda H. says

    I would love to win~I am always interested in products that don’t use harsh chemicals and are good for sensitive skin. Thanks!

    • Linda H. says

      Oops! I signed up twice. Sorry! My computer is acting wonky and I didn’t think the first comment went in.

  99. Raffaella Arnaldi says

    I “liked” them on Facebook.
    Hurray for internation shipping and thank you too, Kristen :-)

  100. Cyndi says

    The sugar scrub sounds great. I have a sugar scrub from the $1 section of Target and have been looking for another ever since. That would be amazing!!

  101. Hannah W. says

    I LOVE to try out new bath and beauty products, especially when they’re all natural! Would also LOVE to win this giveaway!

  102. Marianne says

    I would love to try the cinnamon goat milk bar and the lotion bar, they sound wonderful!

  103. Jenny C says

    I think the lotion bar sounds interesting. I’ve been seeing this around lately. I’m always putting on hand lotion.

  104. Brittany L. says

    I’m so excited about this stuff! I really wanna try them all! Vanilla and chocolate lip balm?! SIGN ME UP! The lotion bar seems so neat and the fact that is all natural, I’m so glad there are companies like this out there!

  105. Brittany L. says

    I subscribed to their mailing list…. And made a wish list! Can’t wait to try some of this stuff!!

  106. Beth says

    Yum! I love natural lotions…I feel way better about them spending all day on my skin than I do with chemical names. I know that everything is made from chemicals, but I’d rather have ingredients that seem edible.

  107. Suz says

    Oh, that triple mint mocha soap looks just plain tasty; I’m sure it smells fantastic. Thanks!

  108. Tara says

    That lotion bar sounds cool! I used to use body-butter, which is similar, but not as solid.

  109. Susan P says

    How can one go wrong with chocolate? And I love vanilla too! Thank you for supporting these smaller companies who create wonderful products. I would love to win the giveaway, but it’s also just great to learn about these products and companies!

  110. Allison says

    What neat products. I’m totally in love with the body butter lotion bars from Lush. I thought they were the only company that made them so I’d LOVE to try a new one!

  111. Ingrid says

    Count me in on the contest! So glad it’s open to people everywhere — good soaps are a beautiful thing!

  112. Fanny says

    Hi Kristen!
    I love the lotion bars, awesome concept!!
    Have a very happy Sunday from France (yes some Frenchies read you :))
    Your blog is very inspiring, so thanks!

  113. says

    I make my own soap to use at home and give away as gifts. I love all the options I can do when making my own soap. My favorite that I have made is oatmeal/grapefruit. Really nice scent and the oatmeal feels so nice.

    I would love to try their products out as well.