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Has the Frugal Girl gotten a smart phone yet???

A little over two years ago, I wrote about how I manage without a smart phone, so I thought it might be time for an update.

Here it is:

I still don’t have a smart phone.


I’m plugging along in the land of Phones That Fold In Half And Have No Camera, and though I feel like more and more of an oddity as the months go by, I’m still quite happy without a fancy phone.

pay as you go cell phone

I’m continuing to use pay-as-you-go minutes, which I renew every once in a blue moon. And I still have sent only two text messages in my whole life.

(Though it’s not like my years in the ’80s and ’90s count, since people weren’t exactly text messaging then!)

When I flew to the Aldi Test Kitchens in October, as soon as the plane landed, everyone immediately pulled out their phones, and my seatmate was surprised that I didn’t. I explained my minimalist cell phone plan, and he sighed and told me he was jealous.

Which is kind of funny, actually.

I’m sure he wasn’t jealous of my actual phone (that would be crazy!), but rather of the fact that I am fairly free from my phone. Unless I’m home, at my desktop computer, I can’t get to the internet and the internet can’t get to me.

I like that.

The internet is a scary-addictive thing, and I am delighted to be free from its grasp when I am not at my desk.

When I am at church or at the park or in the kitchen or at the dinner table or at a family gathering or in the car or in bed, I am free.

No one can email me and I can’t email anyone.

I can’t catch up on tweets.

I cannot be sucked into viewing people’s photo archives on Facebook.

The endless supply of blogs on the web can’t pull me in.

And all of that makes for a more present me.

Sometimes I think, “Oh, I’d be able to build a better relationship with person X or Y if I could text.” But you know what?

I somehow have managed to maintain relationships without texting for the last 34 years of my life, and I’m pretty sure I can do so going forward.

T Mobile pay as you go phone

I manage to successfully blog without a smartphone.

I listen to music without a smartphone (Pandora at home, and an MP3 player in the car).

I take pictures without a smartphone.

I even tweet without a smartphone (Frugal Girl tweets are always coming to you from a stationary desktop, people!)

So, I really don’t feel like a smart phone could offer me enough benefits to outweigh the loss of freedom it would bring. (Not to mention the bill it would carry!)

I know smartphones are very important and even necessary for some people. But I also know that a smartphone is still not for me.


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Wednesday 31st of December 2014

I also do not, and have never, owned a smartphone. I find it amusing that I don't text, or know how, and care not to. You want to speak to me pick up your landline and give a shout out. I am a SAHM for almost the last 8 years. I am an RN by profession and am proud of my ability to communicate without electronic paraphernalia. The aging patients I took care of as a visiting nurse part-time up until 1 year ago appreciated my human touch, and being able to look at them while performing an assessment opposed to staring at a handheld device. Some people may find that for their profession it is indispensable, I however find they are unnecessary. I got off Facebook two years ago, and after 2 weeks of tremors realized I don't care when it's your kids birthday or where you went to lunch ( unless your taking me) I revel in the fact my ten year old daughter told me I am the only Mommy she knows without a smartphone, and she hopes to follow in my footsteps. If I pay for computer service at home why do I care if I can get free WIFI at the coffee shop? Is it really free? No I am still paying.... If you see me at the local coffee shop in the corner...come over and say Hi! I would love to chat.....that's what you should be doing at a coffee shop maybe you will make a friend, or meet a neighbor, or strike up an interesting conversation in more than 140 characters.....I use a lot more than that, remember I don't text!

Juanita Baker

Friday 25th of July 2014

I am wanting just a simple phone, no texting, no photos , etc. My husband has dementia and I just want an emergency regular mobile phone! where do I purchase one besides Verizon Thanks Juanita


Friday 25th of July 2014

Check to see if PureTalk covers your area. You can buy 135 minutes for $10 and add increments as needed. I prefer their even simpler plan - 750 minutes for $17.99. The flip phone is free with whatever plan you buy. Also, it's really easy to go online and change your plan as needed. No extra fees, taxes, etc.


Thursday 3rd of July 2014

I'm only 19, and I don't even have a phone!

Sometimes I feel like I'm the last and only YOUNG person on the planet without a smartphone. It feels lonely. :/

Even if I have the $$, I wouldn't buy one anyways. I'd rather save it..


Friday 7th of March 2014

This was a really inspiring read! After a year of my iPhone, I recently sold it for a basic, easy, lightweight text & call phone and I have never been happier. I find myself appreciating the freedom of my own need to check Facebook or search the internet and I am enjoying my walks home from uni a lot more now I am not glued to my smartphone. Of course the majority of my friends think I am crazy for voluntarily jumping off the smartphone wagon but I can honestly say I feel much better! Hooray for the simple life!

Adrian Hastings

Friday 31st of January 2014

I keep a cell phone so my elderly mother and stepmother can reach me when I'm out and about. Otherwise it stays in the car as an emergency phone. Time is too precious to be wasted.

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