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WIS, WWA | & some kitten photos

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Sonia and I went to feed the rescue cats last night, and it was a full house! So many crazy kittens.

This was one of Sonia’s favorites.

Sonia holding a rescue kitten

sleepy kitty

And this was one of my favorites. She’s so cute with that little head tilt!

black rescue kitten

Our own cat always seems so large (and calm!) after we see the kittens. 

What I Spent

I spent $127 at Aldi and got a $25 Hungry Harvest box delivery.

(What’s Hungry Harvest?)

So, I’m at $152 for this week.

October Grocery Spending

Week 1: $224

Week 2: $152

What We Ate


I had (virtual) book club, and we all fended for ourselves.

I mashed a sweet potato and topped it with browned apple sausage slices, diced hot peppers, and a splash of cream.

mashed sweet potatoes

A very good combo, if I do say so myself.


I still hadn’t gone to the grocery store post-beach trip, so it was a weird night.

Zoe and Lisey ate boxed mac n cheese, Mr. FG ate a frozen pizza, and Sonia and I had Swedish pancakes made with coconut milk.


I went to Aldi, finally! We had Swedish meatballs on top of noodles, with raw veggies on the side.


We had chili over rice with a sour cream/cilantro/lime sauce on top (recipe from the most recent Cook’s Country issue).


I made apple pfannekuchen with some of my bruised apples.

apple pfannekuchen


I made fried chicken fingers, which we ate with some bread from the freezer and some raw fruits/veggies.

Japanese fried chicken


Well, Mr. FG, Sonia, and Lisey are on their own, because Zoe and I are going to spend a night camping with some of my family.

Camping is not Sonia’s thing (which you probably could have guessed!), so Mr. FG said he’d stay home with her. And Lisey’s working, of course.

So, Zoe and me it is.

What did you eat this week? 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.