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WIS, WWA | Just Lisey and me

Zoe’s spending the week puppy-sitting for my brother while he’s away, so it’s just been Lisey and me here since Tuesday.

This is the brother who lives on the water, so Zoe is having kind of a big house upgrade this week. 😉

sunset view by a river

What I Spent

  • $86 at Giant
  • $15 at Safeway (this included my super good chicken deal!)
  • $49 at Lidl

That adds up to exactly $150.

What We Ate


Christmas Eve Day! We ate the lasagna my neighbor so kindly brought to us, and we had sauteed broccoli on the side.

pan of lasagna.


Sonia slept over Christmas Eve, so she got to be here as we started our day off with these overnight cinnamon rolls (OF COURSE).

sliced cinnamon roll dough.

And for our main meal, we had:


I made chicken fingers, and we ate those with leftover rolls and a fresh bowl of the same salad I made on Christmas.


Leftovers; we had plenty of lasagna and Christmas Day leftovers.


More leftovers. 😉


Lisey was out for dinner, and I tried a chopped salad fast casual place for dinner.


Lisey and I have tickets to go see a concert tonight, so I’m not sure how we are handling dinner; maybe an early dinner since the concert starts at 6:30.

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Colleen Gold

Sunday 1st of January 2023

Easy week here too. Christmas Eve-brisket &all the trimmings Christmas Day-pecan rolled leftovers M.Chicken &dumplings with clemintines T.add leftover pork stew to leftover chicken&dumplings. Dumplings recipe was new &became instant favorite. W. Chili Mac&salad Th.leftover chili with salad F.carnetas


Saturday 31st of December 2022

A neighbor who brings lasagna?? How lucky are you? Things we’ve been eating: Christmas Eve we had tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. We hosted Christmas morning breakfast so we had leftover sausage hash brown casserole, pastries, and fruit for dinner. Monday I took my mom to the grocery store and I got a fresh turkey for half price. We cooked it Tuesday and had turkey sandwiches on croissants from Christmas breakfast along with salad and fruit. We repeated that dinner the following night. I made broth with the turkey carcass and made a turkey mushroom soup. Next up with more leftover turkey will be a soup with kale, white beans, orzo, and other veggies.


Friday 30th of December 2022

Happy New Year. WIS: Last Friday Market Basket $20 Today Shaw's $106 I spent a lot today buying 3 pieces of meat and replacing some condiments that I just realized I had finished and not restocked. Because I am signed onto this store, I received further discounts and an extra $5 bonus for spending over $50. I think we are really good for the month except for need of fresh vegetables. Even at that I'll use what we have first.

Friday: Rotisserie chicken from the market, green salad Saturday: Christmas Eve dinner with my dauhters, their spouses and grandchildren Sunday: Leftover chicken from Fri and squash from Sat. Monday: Soup from the rotisserie chicken Tuesday: Greek turkey burgers; air fried potatoes, squash Wednesday: Leftover turkey burgers, potatoes, and soup Thursday: Cheese sandwiches.


Friday 30th of December 2022

@JEG, Are you the one who bought out the potatoes on sale at Shaw's? By the time I arrived at 2:00, they were cleaned out! (luckily the $2.97 per pound roasts were still available)

Blue Gate Farmgirl

Friday 30th of December 2022

WIS - $0. Haven't left the farm in 2 weeks (yay!) WWA - low key as we had a big ice storm Christmas Eve - ham from the freezer w/ginger ale syrup basting sauce, potato salad Christmas - Ham, scalloped potatoes, garlic beans and cookies Monday - leftovers Tuesday - Fried rice stir fry w/ham and tons of veggies Wednesday - huge pot of navy bean/ham soup (put 3/4 in freezer) Thursday - Breakfast for Dinner (cornbread waffles, pantry fruit for topping, bacon) Friday - Venison fajitas Saturday - NYE : Family get together to celebrate Christmas. Appetizer free for all. I'm making smoked salmon, chicken satay & lettuce cups from romaine grown in the greenhouse. There should be 28 of us! If it is not raining too hard, we will have a Christmas tree bonfire & s'mores. We have 14 trees to burn as townie friends have been dropping them off for a couple of days now. Sunday - who knows...grilled burgers if I need an easy day. Cheers to Kristen and this awesome blog. Here's hoping for a gentle beginning to the New Year and all that it may bring!


Friday 30th of December 2022

Last menu recall of the year! What a year!

Saturday- Christmas Eve at my parents (and we go all out). Steamed crab with salad and In n Out french fries (this is a huge treat for us). Sunday- Christmas Day at my aunt's house. Honestly too many things to count. I brought Middle Eastern pastries and a homemade pear tart. Monday- Pizza from a local place. my best friend has been visiting from Philly, so we treated her to dinner. Tuesday- after three days of insane food, it was really nice to have some homemade kale and chickpea soup with bread Weds- Back to work. I had leftover soup and toast. Thursday- Baked potato with a bunch of veggies (had to sneak in a Christmas cookie too) Friday- Not sure yet but it will involve avocado since our local store here had massive ones for less than a dollar!

Central Calif. Artist

Friday 30th of December 2022

@J NL, In-N-Out is a fast food chain that makes french fries from actual potatoes, chopped on location. They are known for fresh food and a simple menu, and the folks who love them, LOVE THEM! The chain began in Southern California in 1948 and is only in a handful of Western states.


Friday 30th of December 2022

@Heather, What are those in and out fries? (curious about dishes someone calls their special treat!)

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