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WIS, WWA | a slight improvement

Oof. It has been A WEEK.

Kristen wearing a Snoopy shirt, looking sick.

When you are sick and the “Happy Camper” message on your shirt is sort of a lie…

I do feel very slightly better today than yesterday, I think, so hopefully I have turned a corner.

Today’s post will be kind of short again (like yesterday’s post!)

But at least the comments will be up and you guys can share your menus.

What I Spent

I made one quick trip out and spent $53.

What We Ate

Let’s see. My tired self is just going to do a bullet list of what I can remember:

  • Cauliflower soup plus a green salad
  • Grilled pork (one of those pre-marinated ones) plus oven fries and a salad
  • a fend-for-yourself night (I ate fried eggs on toast plus fruit)
  • rotisserie chicken, roasted veggies, and a green salad
  • the Thai red curry chicken soup I’ve posted here before
  • A leftover night
Thai red curry chicken soup in a white bowl.

The dairy-free Thai soup. Click here for the recipe!

I sat here for a while thinking I missed a night, but then I remembered, “Ohhh, right! Tonight is the night I’m missing.”

I don’t really know what we are doing for dinner tonight, and that is probably unsurprising to you. Ha.

What did you have for dinner this week? 

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Erika W.

Monday 24th of January 2022

Our main meals this past week were: 3 meals with various additions of vegetables, ham scraps, chicken, or shrimps, all made from Zatarain's bean and rice mixes. We buy these from Amazon, especially the boxes for 2 portions and have a big stock of them. Then I made a vegetable casserole with a lot of cheese in it--cheddar and parmesan. This went for 2 days. Then cauliflower and cheese soup {blue cheese} Today we had 2 Amy's frozen Mexican meals ,1/2 0f each separated between us, with a big Waldorf salad. Desserts were fruit + my husband's birthday cake. I made a Hummingbird cake for him, which contains everything in it but the kitchen sink!

Erika W.

Monday 24th of January 2022

I am so sorry for you. I am assuming that you have covid omicron. We think that we have both had it, but milder than you. We finally have appointments tomorrow for tests at our local drug store--weeks after we requested them. As my husband says We would have been cured or dead by now...


Sunday 23rd of January 2022

Good to hear you are on the mend! Your menu sounds excellent for such a week. Our son worked late shifts last week so it was just my husband and I. We had potatoes/produce/protein on three nights and heated leftover for our son, then also cheese fondue and sauerkraut on two other days as he does not care for that ery much. On those nights he heated up some leftovers for himself. I also discovered some pea soup that we ate on Friday, our son fended for himself. Yesterday was our first meal together this week potatoes, sausage, broccoli and a salad. I am glad I boiled some extra potatoes because as you can see from our menu, heated up leftovers appear regularly on our menu. It is one of the positive side effects of covid/home office: we hardly waste any food at all. We do have some pizza in the freezer for nights when all other plans fail though, but this very rarely happens.


Saturday 22nd of January 2022

Bean, ham vegetable soup

Creamy pesto chicken & broccoli pasta

Frozen pizza with leftover soup

Egg, potato, cheese, bean, avocado, roasted red pepper burritos with sour cream lime sauce and smoothies

BBQ chicken & bacon pizza with salads

Chicken & gravy, kale/cabbage/mandarin/raisin slaw, roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, and rutabagas


Saturday 22nd of January 2022

Will you give us an update on Sunday? I hope you're much, much better today.

Praying, Kristen.

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