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What I Spent, What We Ate | takeout x2

What I Spent

Petsmart adoption center kitten

Unrelated but cute: there were baby tuxedo cats at the adoption center this week!

I spent $162 on groceries this week between a Hungry Harvest box and the regular grocery store.

August Spending

Week 1: $76

Week 2: $162

What We Ate


I had book club, so Mr. FG and I skipped our date night and got Chick Fil A carryout with the girls before club started.

(Still on Zoom, but Zoom is pretty good for book club. Except on the snack front. I miss book club snacks!)


I made a big green salad with chicken (brinerated, of course), hard-boiled eggs, and veggies.

And we had buttery bubble bread with the salad, because I think salad meals are much better with some fresh bread.

buttery bubble bread

I made a teeny Instagram Reels video of the shaping/rising/baking process for this bread (that link should work if you are signed into Instagram)


I thawed a container of slow-cooker sausage ragu and we ate that over pasta.

slow cooker sausage ragu from Cook's Country

I have utterly no recollection of what produce we had with that.

How about we pretend I served something very virtuous like Brussels sprouts?


I had an appointment that ran later that expected, so by the time I got home, it was dinnertime.

So…fast food takeout it was. #honesty


I made Swedish meatballs, a request from Sonia. To be truthful, she’s mostly here for the sauce and the noodles; the meatballs are just a necessary evil.

We had orange slices on the side because we’d spent the afternoon at my parents’ pool and I was low on motivation to do any veggie prepping. #morehonesty


I made seafood salad subs and a fruit salad, and then Zoe and I went to do our cat shift.

Petsmart adoption center kitten

Petsmart adoption center kitten



I think I’ll probably grill some burgers because it is not supposed to be terribly hot.

(Here’s the recipe I use for my burgers.)

grilled hamburger

Our grill sits directly in the sun at dinnertime in the summer, and oof, when it’s really hot out, that makes the heat from the grill feel awful.

So, I prefer to grill when we are not in the middle of a heat wave.

What did you eat for dinner this week? 


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Sunday 16th of August 2020

We got hit by the derecho that went through Iowa and Illinois on Monday. We were lucky—our power was only out for three days, and our home and trees survived the straight line winds of 80-100 mph. We ate nothing but takeout from restaurants that we could find that still had power for those three days, and had to pitch pretty much everything in our fridge, fridge freezer, and chest freezer. Since I tend to buy in bulk when meat is on sale and both freezers were full that’s a good chunk of money in the trash. However, I feel super grateful that my family is all ok, and we still have a roof over our heads, which a lot of people don’t right have right now. Heck of a way to participate in a freezer challenge though! :-)


Monday 17th of August 2020

A generator became a huge priority for us after the 2011 Illinois derecho! We are able to assist 2 neighbors if needed, and since I always had a lot of meat in my freezer, it seemed like an economical purchase. Sorry that happened to you.


Monday 17th of August 2020

So glad everyone is safe. So scary!


Saturday 15th of August 2020

Last week I spent a bit extra. When I went to the dentist, I stopped in at Trader Joe's, which is right down the street. And I picked up the 3-day items at a local store and my yogurt at Aldi. I asked my neighbors over for a social evening. We had not seen each other. The weather was lovely to sit outside. I made a taco dip/casserole with my last pound of ground beef. My husband and I had the leftovers for lunches. Sunday. We had BLTs to use up bacon I bought Beef bourginon, which I made for Monday and Tuesday dinners I had potatoes left from potato salad the week before and squash from the garden. It was quite yummy. Wednesday we did lunch take out from a small local Italian lunch place near where I gre up. Meatball subs. They have not changed the recipe in the 60ish years that they have been open. We ate that for lunch and supper because I had a zoom board meeting that evening. Thursday night we had come pan cooked chicken with salad. Tomatoes are ripening on a daily basis now. Friday I made zucchini "pizza" rounds--slice of zucchini with a dab of sauce, some grated cheese, and a piece of pepperoni. It really was quite filling. Today I went to the local store for the 3-day items. I found a few items that will work nicely to get food on the table for next week.


Saturday 15th of August 2020

In no particular order: - Microwave ramen vegie chilli noodle soup - Fettucine (cooked in chicken stock) with baby peas, pepper, parsley, & parmesan - Grilled lamb chop with steamed mixed veg - Store bought frozen thai chicken pie - Baked bean/ cheese/spinach toastie - homemade microwave mac n cheese - Raisin Toast


Saturday 15th of August 2020

- just realised in the fettucine I meant fresh ground pepper the spice


Friday 14th of August 2020

Saturday-mac and cheese, green peas, peaches Sunday-ham, white beans, broccoli, cornbread Monday-hamburger, chips, applesauce Tuesday-bean soup, cornbread Wednesday-leftover mac and cheese, peas, grapefruit Thursday-hamburger, chips, watermelon Friday-probably nothing. I had a big lunch: barbecue pork sandwich, baked beans, slaw


Friday 14th of August 2020

Or gardens are still going strong, so I've been taking different kinds of salads to work every day.

Here's what we ate for dinner this week.

Saturday - Stuffed shells, salad and garlic cheese bread. Sunday - Dressed chicken patties, french fries and applesauce. Substituted a vegeburger for Michaela. Monday - Leftover stuffed shells. Tuesday - Michaela and I had barre fitness class so it was a quick PB&J sandwich night made with some of our homemade blackberry jam. Sliced cucumber on the side. Wednesday - Michaela had her basic lifesaving course to take before going back to college, so the hubby and I made a date night of it. We dined outside at a local restaurant and then went for a walk along the lake. We got ice cream and watched the sunset in the park; then laid on the grass and watched the meteor shower. Thursday - Buttermilk french toast using buttermilk leftover from making butter earlier in the week. Friday - Not a clue!!! I'll figure it our before I get home from work.

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