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What I Spent, What We Ate | I have $75 left for April.

First, a little clarification.

Yesterday I mentioned that as a second-generation homeschooler, I haven’t felt worried about how well my kids would do.

What I meant is that I’ve already been through the process, so I know it can work.

But I realized that it could sound like I was cockily saying, “Well, I’m an expert homeschooler, so I knew my kids would be geniuses.”

I’m not an expert; I just have the ability to trust homeschooling since I’ve already been through it myself! And I know that first-generation homeschoolers often struggle more with worry than I do.

Ok. On to food.

What I Spent

chopped mint

I spent $156 at the grocery store and $25 on my Hungry Harvest box.

(What is Hungry Harvest?)

April Spending

Week 1: $169

Week 2: $176

Week 3: $181

Sheesh. It’s been an expensive month…I’d better be a little more careful this week.

What We Ate


I was at book club and Mr. FG and the girls got Panera to go.


I made pulled chicken sandwiches and we had chips and asparagus on the side.


I tried a recipe from Dinner Illustrated for paella.  Mr. FG and I both liked it, but the girls were less enthused.


So I’m not sure I will make it again, especially because it called for cured chorizo which was stupid expensive at the grocery store.


I made beef and rice noodle bowls, from Dinner Illustrated.  I figured these covered our veggie requirements, so we had some oranges on the side.

rice noodle bowl


We had falafel pitas. I’ve never made falafel before, but the recipe in Dinner Illustrated piqued my interest.  It was really easy!

Sadly, I have no photos of this meal because we ate in a hurry before leaving for the evening.


I made orange chipotle chicken tacos, from Dinner Illustrated.

I had some tomatoes to use up, so we had pico de gallo and tortilla chips too.


I’m planning to make Korean sizzling lettuce wraps.

Which, to break with the theme, are not from Dinner Illustrated!

(Incidentally, I read that this cookbook is really not fun to use on Kindle, so if you buy it, go with the physical copy.)

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Hawaii Planner

Sunday 21st of April 2019

My parents were in town, so they cooked for us while we were at work. They are awesome!

Monday - we had chicken tenders & salad Tuesday - steak salad Wednesday - lasagna Thursday - chicken enchiladas Friday - We ordered Persian takeout, as it was a crazy day Saturday - we had leftovers Sunday - my husband is grilling kebabs today


Sunday 21st of April 2019

I think they should probably visit you on the regular. ;)


Friday 19th of April 2019

Food of the week...

Monday - Roast chicken with rice and salad

Tuesday - Rice and Turkey with Pesto and some sort of steamed veggies

Wednesday - Deer steak with rice and broccoli and carrots

Thursday - Deer steak, millet, peas and corn with salad

Friday - We used a gift certificate and at out! So nice not to have cooked or had to clean up from dinner.


Friday 19th of April 2019

Scrounging week around here! The High school musical is OVER so that is a little less running around going on... Sunday- Husband tossed chicken and salsa in the crock pot while I was at a volleyball tournament with the girl (and older son was trying to finish final musical performance).. Made Rice, black beans and queso while husband was photographing lightening in the backyard and the tornado watch alarms were going off!

Monday- super fast meal of kielbasa links, fruit and oven fries after the 2 finished a track meet.

Tuesday- used a container of frozen meat sauce and some jarred sauce to layer with frozen cheese raviolis... quicki lasagna served with fruit and garlic toast...

Wednesday - went out for supper after track meet with great grandpa...he paid for 2 kids!

Thursday- ended up ordering pizza to feed everyone since we had to clean up the basement chimney soot explosion of 2019 (it is as bad as one might imagine)

Friday- Tikki Masala, rice, Naan bread and cantaloupe


Friday 19th of April 2019

A chimney soot explosion sounds TERRIBLE!

Betta from daVille

Friday 19th of April 2019

Thanks for all of the inspiration!

Saturday: tacos with roasted cauliflower, refried beans and leftover hanger steak, sautéed zucchini Sunday: eggplant parm, sautéed zucchini, salad Monday: mac & cheese, salad Tuesday: jota (Slovenian sauerkraut, potato & bean stew) Wednesday: burgers & grilled broccoli Thursday: bratwurst, farro & chickpeas, sautéed zucchini, salad Tonight: leftovers (Clearly, zucchini was on sale this week.)


Friday 19th of April 2019

A strange week with lots of scrounging and picking up something quick. There was: - Smorgesborg (fancy word for eat leftover or scrounge); I think I did this twice :-< - Buying (really tasty) burritos as a new place that was next to where I needed to be. - Sushi out with my parents, a last minute thing. - Breakfast for dinner (french toast using challah from the newest CI, eggs, bacon)[1].

[1] I duly note the irony of having bacon for dinner on Good Friday during Passover.

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