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WIS, WWA | Why I share this instead of a menu plan

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Lekue silicone lid for watermelon

If you’re new here, each week I share my grocery totals and also what we ate in the past week.

I do this instead of sharing a menu plan because sharing what we already ate is more real than sharing what we aspire to eat! 😉

And real-ness serves people better, I think.

Real shows what can be done; a show of perfection just discourages people.

What I Spent

I spent $139 at the grocery store this week, and it was my off week for Hungry Harvest. So, that helps balance out last week a little.

July Spending

Week 1: $120

Week 2: $204

Week 3: $139

What We Ate


I had book club (we read Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi).

Joshua came over to watch a movie with Mr. FG and the girls, and they ordered pizza.


I made chicken burrito bowls, while Mr. FG made a strawberry rhubarb pie, using the pie cookbook we got him for Father’s Day.

strawberry rhubarb pie

And I have to say, even though I generally do not prefer pie, this one was really good! The crust called for a mix of butter and shortening, and I think that made the crust tastier.

(The cookbook we got him is called The Art of the Pie.)


trail biking

Mr. FG had the day off (his alternate for the 4th of July), so we spent the day on a biking adventure with Sonia and Zoe.

Sonia Zoe

Kristen Mr. FG biking

It was pretty late when we got back, so we ate leftover burrito bowls and leftover pizza.


I made a 3 Cup Chicken stir fry recipe from Cook’s Illustrated, plus some fresh fruit (apples and cherries) and frozen potstickers.

Costco potstickers


It was a heat advisory day here (111°F heat index), so we had chicken salad croissants and watermelon.

Nice and cool for a sweltering day!

Lekue silicone lid for watermelon


I made a taco salad with cilantro lime dressing and homemade tortilla strips (which, to be honest, are the main reason my family likes this salad.)


Mr. FG and I are having a date night but I have NO idea where we are eating.  Hopefully somewhere cool because my goodness, it’s hot outside.

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Saturday 20th of July 2019

Sunday drove into town from vacation at suppertime so we stopped and got sandwiches at a local restaurant! Monday- pulled a pack of frozen ribs out of the freezer and cooked in the crock pot all day.. I pulled all the meat off and we had it as sandwiches.. with fresh fruit and a pan of roasted broccoli, cauliflower and carrots Tuesday- grilled chicken breasts, alfredo noodles and steamed broccoli Weds-chicken and noodles with carrots.... Thursday- Salsa chicken from the crock-pot, brown rice and black beans Friday- made a batch of buffalo chicken pasta at lunch and everyone ate when they wanted it!

So obviously I bought chicken at the store Monday... and I think we ate it all.. which was not my intention.. but it was the easiest meals this week!


Saturday 20th of July 2019

I am loving our winter right now. At the beginning of the week I took a quick stock take and wrote out 26 meals to cook over the next few weeks. I am trying to avoid food waste and want to save a little by using up what we have. This week we have had roast lamb and vegetables that made three meals and the bone was turned into broth and that was five serves, the there were chicken sausages with mashed potato, vegetables add tomato and onion gravy and finally we had some lovely steak with vegetables.


Friday 19th of July 2019

What's the plastic-looking thing over the end of the watermelon in the first picture? It kind of looks like it stretches to cover whatever it is put on tightly. It looks like something I didn't know existed, but now that I do, I desperately need.


Saturday 20th of July 2019

It's a silicone cover! I have a post all about it coming this week. :)

Betta from daVille

Friday 19th of July 2019

Saturday: grilled swordfish with salsa verde, grilled corn & giant salad Sunday: grilled lamb burgers in pita (, dolmas, tzatziki & giant salad Monday: Asian-influenced succotash (we used edamame instead of lima beans and it has a light soy/lime/ginger/gochujang dressing, Trader Joe's gyoza, sliced cucumbers from the garden Tuesday: Persian stewed eggplant, lentil-rice, tzatziki Wednesday: out to dinner with colleague Thursday: My students, colleague and I cooked a historic dinner: Course 1: poached oysters, herb salad served on a slapjack, watercress buttermilk (recipes from 1661 & 1796) Course 2: fresh pea soup with spinach & mint; garnished with veal forcemeat (recipes from 1747 & 1803) Course 3: pike with lobster, mushrooms and truffles in a velouté sauce (recipe from 1893) Course 4: hotdogs, turkey dog, duck dog (1939) Friday: leftovers from Mom's fridge Saturday: ice, perhaps?

kristin @ going country

Saturday 20th of July 2019

Betta: I love that historically-influenced dinner you made. Must have been a place in history with a lot of seafood. New England, maybe? I bet it took a really long time to make it all, and I'm guessing you didn't start with, like, a haunch of veal that had to be broken down, or cook it all on a woodstove. Makes you appreciate the skill of cooks before there were modern conveniences.


Friday 19th of July 2019

Saturday - Tacos Sunday - I remember I was going to make chicken but didn't. Can't remember what I had instead. Monday/Tuesday - chicken, stuffing and artichokes. Wednesday - chicken fingers and fries from the freezer, half an apple. Thursday - I felt like a sub sandwich and remembered I had a coupon from a local sub shop for a free one for my birthday (which was last week). Delicious and frugal! Win. Win. Tonight - whatever I can scrounge up. I did a poor job planning last week. Meal planning makes such a difference. Every time I skip it, I regret it.

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