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Thankful Thursday | Still got my free propane!

This week, I am thankful:

that my Propane Taxi credits are not lost forever

A Weber grill thermometer.

Propane Taxi rebranded to Cynch, and in the process of changing websites, all of my credits disappeared.

(I think I tweeted or blogged my referral link a while back, because I keep getting random credit notifications, which means people must be finding my link by googling!)

I contacted them, and they are now working on moving my credits on over. Whew. I didn’t want to lose my free propane tank refills!

for lots of reading time

Zoe started a summer hip-hop dance class, plus she’s got PT appointments twice a week for a back issue.

(that issue preceded hip-hop; it wasn’t caused by hip-hop!)

These appointments/classes equal a lot of waiting time for me, which is actually very nice. Since I’m not at home, there’s no work to do, and that means I can just sit and read, and that’s allowing me to continue on my medical memoir bender.

There are worse fates for sure.

that most of our chicks hatched

A bin of baby chicks.

We did a hatching rental project from a farm; you pick up the eggs and supplies, incubate them at home, watch them hatch, enjoy them for a few days, and return them to the farm.

A rear view of a chick.

I’m not interested in owning chickens, so this was a perfect way for the girls to get some joy out of baby chicks, without the commitment of owning chickens!

A brown chick and a yellow chick.

Anyway, 10/12 of them hatched, so we were pretty pleased with that.

A single chick, looking away from the camera.

that the cat has not been a problem with the chicks

We’ve not been leaving her unattended around the chicks, of course. (!) But she just has not shown much interest in them; she’s not sitting around just waiting for an opportune moment to pounce.

that I had some time this week to declutter

You all know I like to go through my house top to bottom each summer, but I’d been struggling to find some time to do it this year.

But in the last week, I did my linen closet, coat closet, kitchen, living room, and entryway.

So, that’s a good start!

that you all are fun to discuss things with

Sometimes, blogging here feels like having a book club; I get to show up with some ideas and thoughts, and then we all get to discuss in the comments.

I love reading what you all have to say, and I regularly feel thankful I have readers who actually do leave comments (a rarity on blogs these days).

for a cooler day

When I woke up this morning, the heat index was 68. Woohoo!

I much prefer this over days when I’m greeted by a 94 degree heat index.

that our in-network deductible is met

I always like this time of year, when every in-network medical bill is exactly $0 for us.

for the luxury of summer peaches

Peaches spread out on a kitchen countertop.

My $8 half-bushel of peaches is bringing me a whole lotta happiness.

Delicious and cheap is my favorite combo.

What are you thankful for this week?

P.S. I will add some chick pics to this post later this morning; I have to run out to an appointment right now, though!

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Friday 23rd of July 2021

—I’m thankful that my daughter got my Uber app to work since I have a wedding this weekend. —for my husband’s help since I tore my ankle ligament and have a long recovery. — help at work since my injury

Natalie J

Friday 23rd of July 2021

I'm grateful that my toddler is getting the hang of throwing up into a bowl. We've been hit by a stomach bug, and her learning how to use a bowl means that we don't have to do a full bath, outfit change, floor cleaning, etc. every time she throws up. I'm also grateful that she's extra cuddly right now. She's been growing out of that lately, and I'll gladly take it back for a few days.


Friday 23rd of July 2021

I’m thankful that my 2003 Honda Pilot lasted 18 years for me! And that I had several years with it paid off. The transmission went out last week. I will miss it but am looking forward to getting a newer one. I’m thankful for “new” free living room furniture. What a mood lifter! I’m thankful I got to spend time with family from out if state. I’m also thankful for cooler temps!


Thursday 22nd of July 2021

My kids traveled 1000 miles here for a party we had for them and they had safe travels there and back. That I got to see my kids after 1.5 years! They also got to spend time with the grand baby who was only a month old last time they saw her. Plus another grand is on the way due in December! We were able to get mosquito treatments for little cost, you can't even go outside they are so bad. My case of poison ivy was very light even though I took a lot of precautions removing the plants. I get to work from home tomorrow!!

MB in MN

Thursday 22nd of July 2021

I am so thankful for our new dog. We rescued a young beagle mix a couple weeks ago and we feel as thrilled and exhausted as any new parent. Now that she's settling in and some of her issues have been addressed, I have time to read and comment here!


Thursday 22nd of July 2021

I hear a new puppy is like a new baby! But they do tend to sleep through the night faster than human babies.

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