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Thankful Thursday | Lisey moved again

This week, I am thankful:

for Lisey’s new housing arrangement

Lisey moved in with my aunt and uncle!

There were several little kids in the house where she was renting a room before, and they were young enough that they were keeping her up at night.

So when my aunt and uncle offered for her to live in their spare room, she decided to take them up on it.

Luckily, she was just on a month-to-month arrangement, so it worked out fine for her to leave her original rental.

Lisey with Kristen's aunt.

This situation is seriously awesome; my aunt and uncle live in a lovely house that they built themselves, on a wooded lot. Lisey has a queen bed! And her own bathroom!

Aaaaand my aunt and uncle have a cat.

Calico cat sleeping on puzzle

Not to mention that my aunt and uncle are delightful people; Lisey felt immediately at home with them when we had dinner with them a few weeks back.

She really is living her best life, and I am very touched by how kind my aunt and uncle have been to Lisey; just such a wonderful example of the best of what extended family can be!

So, yay for a home away from home for Lisey.

There are so many little things that had to fall into place for this to eventually happen, and I’m thankful to see God’s kind mercy in working all of this out for her.

that Lisey’s gotten to work on her car with my dad

She’s always eager to learn how to do new work on her car, so she’s had two sessions at his garage with him recently; one to replace her brakes, and the other to replace her struts and swaybar links.

Lisey taking off her car brakes.

I think this is great! My dad has oodles of car knowledge, and it’s so great he can pass some of it on to Lisey.

that Sonia has a really fun health professor

She’s doing one of her required health credits this semester, and her professor is full of joyful enthusiasm.

A 100-level health class could be a really boring affair, but I think this professor will make it delightful, even online.

for a new babysitting job for Sonia

She’s got a two-day-a-week gig babysitting for a college math professor, and it’s less than 5 minutes from our house. Great pay, fun kids, and a close location? Perfect.

for cooler air

The week started out pretty hot, but tomorrow, our high is only 77!

Looking at the forecast, I think we are done with the 90-95 degree days for the summer, and I am thrilled.

It may still be humid some days, but humid at 80 degrees is different than humid at 95.

that I got to play a game with my littlest niece

We played two games of Candyland on Sunday, and as usual, I lost both times.

I never win at Candyland, which makes it a perfect game to play with small people. I don’t care that I lose, and they are delighted to always win!

for my girls cheering me on with my school

I think this is a fun sort of turn in life; I’ve spent the last 17 years homeschooling my kids (of course this involves cheering them on in their education) and now they are cheering me on as I return to college.

Kristen holding a back to school sign.

Zoe made this sign for me on my first day of returning to a real classroom!

Because people always ask about my schooling: I’m doing 1 class/semester for the next four semesters to knock out my remaining prerequisites and then I plan to apply to the nursing program, as Zoe will have graduated high school by then.

More details about my nursing plans are in this post.

that we have a printer

Even though so much college work is online, Sonia and I still find ourselves needing to print assignments, worksheets, and study guides.

So, I am super grateful to have a printer!

that our printer is so cheap to use

We finally replaced our ink-hog printer last year with this Canon printer, and I just love it.

It has huge, refillable ink tanks and the large bottles of ink for refilling are very cheap.

So, now I never feel worried about the cost when I have to print something!

(A set of those little cartridges for my former printer cost as much as the printer itself initially cost.)

What are you thankful for today?

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Friday 10th of September 2021

It`s awesome for Lisey! Yay! And what a cute picture of you :)

My 5 * Having the means to buy healthy food for myself and my family * Good jobs for hubby and I * Great teachers for both kids this year * A paid-for house * Books, books, books! (and public library)


Monday 6th of September 2021

Thankful for cool weather for the first football game of the season ! It was so good to be with friends and to see our son with the marching band in their first performance of the season (go band !). With all of the heaviness in the world it felt good to laugh, cheer and clap. We had lovely weather all weekend and it was great to slow down and enjoy our home and patio. My basset hound and I took a nap, we had a nice campfire and a great meal with family and played Apples to Apples. It was just a nice, relaxing time.

Ashley Whitt

Sunday 5th of September 2021

That we're within walking distance to the dog park

That I can borrow books from work

That my daughter enjoys a laidback Saturday as much as I do


Friday 3rd of September 2021

So very thankful that 1. My son’s family are all safe after Hurricane Ida. 2. Our 2nd granddaughter decided to arrive a few days early, before the hurricane. 3. My husband got his COVID booster shot last week since he is immune compromised 4. We are able to text & IM with a long-time friend who is undergoing serious health issues, trying to offer any love & support we can 5. I get to transition out of the boot I had to wear for 6 weeks, mid-July to the end of August. Healing is continuing! 6. I’ve been able to fill my freezer & pantry with all the farmers market goodness available, a few grocery deals, & direct-to-consumer truckload deals (is anyone else seeing this last item in your area? We have a regular seafood truck that comes to our area from the Gulf Coast & now a meat distributor truck) 7. God is in control, no matter what


Thursday 2nd of September 2021

Yay for Fall coming soonish!

My thanks: 1) a cleanish home. We had the main living space painted, and now that it's almost done, I had the space to do a decent clean, and it feels 100% better.

2) My new job. After my first day, I wasn't sold, but now I am, which is great. I'm thankful to have enough margin in my life to have a small job, and I'm thankful I'm excited about it.

3) My husband's Panera coffee subscription. He signed up for the free 3 month trial, and has been working odd hours (12pm-3am or 5am-3pm) so between the two of us, we've been using the tar out of it. And haven't spent a penny on it. I picked some up on my way to work this morning.

4) Time to be still. I had a few minutes between dropping kids off at school and going to work, and it was beautiful to sit still.

5) My new accent well in Grand Canal (it's a beautiful turquoise.) Adds so much character to our otherwise very neutral room. I love color.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.