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Thankful Thursday | full speed again

Before we get to thankful lists: you guys came up with so many great interview question ideas yesterday. Thank you!

I will sort through them and figure out what to incorporate in future Meet a Reader posts, and I think I might do some of them as stand-alone posts so that all of you can respond. 

This week, I am thankful:

that my knee finally feels normal

It took about two weeks, but my knee feels regular again. Yay!

a Target escalator.

No more escalators for me!!

I am once again able to navigate stairs at high speed, and I can do a twisting motion again.

(I was taking stairs verrrrry slowly for a while there to let my knee have some rest.)

that I didn’t have to go to PT for my knee

Of course I would have gone if it had seemed necessary (I am no stranger to PT), but I’m glad it didn’t come to that. PT is really time-consuming!

for early morning sun on the way to school

The first few days after the time change are always a little rough. But I do enjoy that the sun is lower in the sky again on my drive to school; it’s fun to be driving over the bridge while the sun rises above the water.

for bright evenings

I always love the time of year when we get to eat dinner in the daylight again!

for the fresh outdoor air

My window is open as I’m typing this post and my goodness, the outdoor air smells so nice.

for a morning class

It is a little bit annoying to have to leave the house so early, but to be done with a three-hour class before 11:00 is pretty awesome!

for my professor

I know I have put this into a Thankful Thursday list before, but it bears repeating: he is really good at what he does!

He’s got lots of experience and he clearly puts a lot of effort into thinking about ways to help his students understand the material.

11/10 stars from me.

for a hang-out with my sister-in-law last night

We just drank tea and chatted at her house, and it was lovely. 🙂

hot tea in a white mug.

that spring break is next week!

I love my class, and I am also happy that I get a week off.

Of course, I do have an exam right after spring break, so I will not take the week entirely off. But at least I’m not getting any new material assigned for a week!

for a fresh pair of contact lenses

contact lenses

I wear the kind that you change out once a month, and I am in the sweet spot of having just changed mine.

As the month goes on, they get a little less comfortable, but right now, my eyes are feeling gooooood.

for peeks of green

As I drive and walk around, I am noticing more and more tiny bits of green in the undergrowth of the woods.

a green sprig of a bush in Kristen's hand.

Two weeks from tomorrow, it’ll be April and that is a month when things really start to become green again. 

I loved the snow, ice, and crisp winter air, but I am also looking forward to spring green.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Friday 18th of March 2022

**That I am not going to have surgery (at least right now). Dr. wants to try PT first and I am more than willing! **My husband unfortunately will have to have surgery but it will be done robotically so his recovery time shouldn't be too long or rough. Thankful for good health insurance. **4 out of 5 of us living in our home caught Covid but we all made it through with fairly minimal symptoms. **For the fact that my husband's job gives him a vehicle to drive and a gas card. With gas being so high, it's a God-send not to have to pay for him to drive too, from and all around for his job. He's a carpenter so he's always on the road. And I only work 7 miles from home, so I don't use much gas. **For the 20 cent drop in gas prices within the last few days.

Erika JS

Friday 18th of March 2022

This morning I received very good news about a health issue. I am super grateful to science and the health care pros in my system, and the Universe. Thank you.


Friday 18th of March 2022

Yay!!!! I am so happy for you.


Thursday 17th of March 2022

I am thankful that my local Hospice is putting on Advanced Care Planning zoom sessions and that I found the courage to sign up. 2 sessions, 2 hours long, 2 weeks apart. I just did session #1, and boy it is forcing me to consider all kinds of conversations to have with my adult kids. Who is the best kid to make decisions (all agree on the eldest) and who is the runner up (all agree on the youngest). Do I want to be buried or cremated, what happens if I am in a coma, what kind of medical interventions do I want, where do I want to spend my final days/hours? do I have a power of attorney? is it enduring (if I lose my marbles, will the POA still be valid? some aren't). Do I have a will? (yes) Where is it? ( I have now told all three kids) What about organ donation? (I am registered). Tough conversations and so important. more to come in two weeks, so grateful that Hospice offers this. I just lost a dear friend and this is the impetus for me to make some more adulting steps. I am thankful that the local dog groomer was able to trim my Skye's nails at no stress for Skye, and at about $25 including a good tip. I had a Vet appointment for over $250 to get her totally sedated as she gets so anxious, but I talked to the groomer and they were willing to try. I left the building, and Skye relaxed (well, treats were involved) and all is great! I am thankful that there were layer chicks when I went to pick up my meat birds. Layers are hard to come by so I got 20 - and now I am thankful for the cheeping in my kitchen.


Thursday 17th of March 2022

Thankful for

* Having finally found a therapist that specializes in ASD (for my child with ASD ) * A job where I can choose my days off (casual work/on-call) * A paid-off house * That my mother, 70, is still fully autonomous * A pantry, fridge and freezers full of food

Mega thankful for : just learned yesterday that I am eligible for a scholarship that will cover all my college costs for 3 years!! (In Quebec, Canada, which equates to 15 000$), and even maybe the first year of my Masters degree.


Friday 18th of March 2022

@Isa, oh congratulations on the scholarship! What a huge relief for you and so exciting. As for your 70 year old mom - I have a 92 year old mom who runs circles around me! totally autonomous and full of vitality.

Ruth T

Thursday 17th of March 2022

I'm thankful for...

My sprouting tomatoes and peppers. They always bring such joy to us all!

A few days of really nice weather. We grilled, ate dinner on the back deck, played outside, I dried and folded laundry out in the sun, and it's been lovely.

Friends. I've gotten to talk with quite a few friends this week and it's so nice to have more than just one or two friends! I feel truly blessed.

The current stage of my kiddos. I feel like this year is a "sweet spot." My oldest is in school, which is such a good thing for her. My younger two are good buddies and love being home together, but they're also getting more independent and we can do more things. I love the baby years a lot, but this year is such a great mix for everyone that it's gotta rank as one of the best, too!

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