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So. I’m trying Stitch Fix (hopefully on the cheap!)

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I’ve read about Stitch Fix on the blogosphere for years, and I have always, always been hesitant to sign up because it seems like most fixes I read about are awfully expensive.

So, for mail-order clothes, I’ve mostly stuck with ThredUp.

But recently I complimented my sister on a shirt, and she told me it was from Stitch Fix. I told her my hesitations about the service and she told me that you can set price limits on your fixes.


I had never heard that before.

And that made me think that this is worth a try.

I asked for my sister’s referral link, and yesterday, I signed myself up.

The lowest price category is $50-$100, but there’s also another option that says, “The cheaper, the better.”

So, I checked that option for most stuff, aside from shoes and outerwear.   I’m not positive that was the right choice, because I AM willing to pay more for quality items, like my American Giant stuff.

But I’ll see how things go, and I can always switch up to the $50-$100 price point for future fixes if I want to.

Mainly, I wanted to see what would happen if I picked the “cheaper is better” option, and I figured you guys would be interested too.

I’m excited about this! I think I’m fairly good at fighting the frump in the sense that I usually wear clothes that fit me and aren’t out of date.

But I’m not too good at getting out of my jeans-and-t-shirt or jeans-and-hoodie routine, and I’m hoping this will help me.

Hoodie, jeans, tshirt, jeans, sweater, jeans.   And Snoopy shirts.

kristen birthday

So, I could use some branching-out help.

Also: I really do not enjoy shopping for clothes. And I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing when I venture out of the jeans/t-shirt arena, which means a stylist could be very fabulous for me.

I know it usually takes people several Stitch Fix shipments before their stylist really gets a good grasp of what fits and flatters them, but hey, I’ll share with you the good and the not-so-good along the way.

My first shipment comes September 25th, and I’ll tell you all about it then.

(I’m not affiliated with Stitch Fix, but every customer gets a referral link to share, like my sister did with me. Here’s mine if you want to give it a try along with me.


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Wednesday 13th of September 2017

I'd suggest looking at Dressing Your Truth. You can get the book at the library. It'll help you get better fixes.


Wednesday 13th of September 2017

I've been doing Stitch Fix ( recently, too. I was skeptical initially, but I've gotten some gems and I feel like my Stitch Fix items are my "compliment clothes" :-) Also, I signed up at the encouragement of a friend and we have a lot of fun sharing photos of ourselves in the items from our Fixes.

I will also say they have awesome customer service. After six wears, a pair of pants I got in a recent fix unraveled at the waist. I sent them a photo and they were very responsive. They don't have another pair of the same pants in their inventory, but they refunded me the full price of the pants!

Also, if you choose to do it, I highly recommend keeping up a robust "Stitch Fix Inspiration Board" on Pinterest because they really do look at what you've pinned. You can even pin specific Stitch Fix items. I don't mean to be such an evangelist, I have no affiliation with Stitch Fix, I've just had a lot of fun with this experience :-)

Anne from Weird Hacks

Wednesday 13th of September 2017

I have been hearing about stitch fix and I can't wait to read your opinion on it.


Tuesday 12th of September 2017

Do you know if they ship to Canada? I used your link but only got as far as first screen as I saw US. I'd love to try this service!


Tuesday 12th of September 2017

I just looked on their website, and it seems that they only ship to the U.S. and U.S. territories. Bummer!!

Bethany @ CuteCapsuleLife

Tuesday 12th of September 2017

Can't wait to hear how it goes. I've gotten a few fixes several years ago and quit because it was expensive mainly - I'd be excited if that had changed.

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