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My feet are now warm and toasty.

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My slippers arrived a week or two ago, and I was very excited. I tried them on, only to find that they were a bit too small(and I even ordered up a size!). I was bummed, especially at the thought of having to pay return shipping costs. To my great delight, though, I discovered that my new L.L. Bean credit card not only gives me free initial shipping, but also gives me free return shipping(which is stinking awesome!).

So, I sent them back, and L.L. Bean sent me a new pair in an even larger size. These ones are perfect…just large enough for me to wear a pair of socks with them.

I l o v e my slippers! Oh my goodness….these are just the best things ever! I honestly cannot believe how much warmer my whole body is when I’m wearing the slippers. I know our bodies lose a lot of heat through our feet, but I thought I was keeping my feet at least sort of warm by wearing socks. My slippers have taken my foot warmth to a whole new level, though, and the rest of my body is benefiting! Since I started wearing my slippers, there have actually been a few times where I have been too warm in my 65 degree house, and I’ve had to take the slippers off to allow my body to cool down a bit. That never happened when I was just wearing socks.

I’d mentioned before that I really am not comfortable wearing shoes in the house, and I’m pleased to report that even though these slippers have a shoe-like sole on them, they feel much more comfy to me than shoes do. Another plus to these slippers is that they look quite neat and presentable…they almost look like regular boiled-wool clogs, so I can wear them while I’m teaching piano lessons without looking completely sloppy. I certainly couldn’t do that with fluffy pink slippers. 😉

At any rate, if you’re having trouble adjusting to the chilly winter temperatures are your house, I highly recommend getting a pair of slippers. Before I got mine, I was starting to wonder if I could hang in there at 65 all winter and now I feel quite confident that I can.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.