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that this is not the day to dry my sheets outdoors.


I can dry a lot of other things indoors, but the sheets are going to have to go in the dryer today.

Oh well.

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Wednesday 2nd of September 2009

There were now dryers around where i´m from when I was a kid and there still arent many, I think. We were a family of four in a not so big of an apartment. It sure rains here alot. I must ask my mum how she used to dry the laundry on rainy days. Since I´m alone and don´t own too many clothes I can always dry my laundry indoors. I just can´t understand these dryers, wish passionately they didn´t exist. Silly american things. I absolutely love that picture and all your pictures, especially the ones of the simplest everyday things, they are warm, pure and subtle.

Barb McMahon

Sunday 30th of August 2009

Depending how many sheets you wash at once, you could try drying them in the bathroom over the shower rail.


Saturday 29th of August 2009

We had rain last night/today for the first time in ages too (Seattle area) and I'm loving it, because it's watering my yard for free. I've been too cheap and lazy to water the yard much this year! love the photo


Saturday 29th of August 2009

I have always just used a drying rack and a couple lines in the basement. But, I also only had my own clothes to do. This year I added the revolutionary invention of a fan to keep the air moving because it's been so wet. It really halpe the clothes dry faster!

Samantha F

Friday 28th of August 2009

Love the photo! Once again, I'm reading your blog at night, after a rainy day, and drying my sheets in the dryer TOO!! Weird!!!

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