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Menu and grocery spending

I’m over this week. Bummer. Well, really not THAT much of a bummer, because the reason I’m over is that Safeway had the rockin’ sugar and flour sale. I spent $33 there, and then I spent $87 at Weis, which was unfortunate. I should have done one of my $60 shopping trips. At any rate, I spent $120 on groceries this week, which is $20 over the high end of my budget. It’s not the end of the world, but this means that next week I really need to spend $80 or less to get back on track for November. Stay tuned!

Here’s what I’m cooking this week!

Saturday(we were supposed to eat this last Saturday, but I got sick!)


  • We’re having what we call a “Snacky Stuff Dinner”…jello, fruit, bread, crackers, and dip


  • Chicken Broccoli Stir-fry
  • Brown Rice
  • Crescent Rolls from Cook’s baking book(I know…rolls are a weird thing to have with a stir-fry, but my family thinks that a stir-fry needs some bread with it!)



  • Chicken-Bacon Wraps
  • green salad


  • Pizza

Friday(I’m bringing a meal to my brother and sister-in-law, because they just had a baby)

  • Tortilla Soup
  • Cornmeal Bread
  • fruit salad

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Saturday 22nd of November 2008

Oh, I forgot to answer that question! Bubble bread is this:

The Frugal Girl :: You know your house is cold when…

Saturday 22nd of November 2008

[...] This is kind of a bummer because I was hoping to have a low-spend week this week(I was over by $20 last week). I did manage to get under budget by $12 this week, though, so now I’m only $8 behind. [...]


Monday 17th of November 2008

Um.....what on earth is bubble bread?!?!?!


Saturday 15th of November 2008

Oh, that will be no problem at all! lol I bake ALL the time....pretty much any time you see bread on my menu, it's homemade bread. So, that takes care of the flour. I don't go through sugar quite as fast, but I do use it for stuff like muffins, and also yeast bread requires some sugar.


Saturday 15th of November 2008

Your menu looks great!

I meant to ask: what are you going to do with all that flour and sugar???

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