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It’s a little chilly now.

Time for warm drinks, like chai.


Time for fleeces…


and socks…



And slippers.


But it’s not quite time to turn on the heat.


Will we make it to the end of October?? And what about you? Has the chilly weather broken down your no-heat-yet resolve?

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Monday 19th of October 2009

[...] of these would be my posts on organic tomatoes, the start of chilly weather, why I think drying sheets are beautiful, my favorite white dress, and the pants that did [...]

Southern Gal

Saturday 17th of October 2009

still holding out here in the lower Hudson River Valley - although there were a few chilly nights so far - a couple of 30s this week.

while checking the temperature, noticed that Someone (probably my landlord snuck in) had turned the HEAT on .... but as the batteries were NOT working - whew it hadnt turned on .

so replaced the batteries and turned the HEAT OFF! when i do turn it on - it will be set for like 45 or 50 - which is what i used last year - and then it only comes on when the weather is in the 10-20 range. i have lots of sweaters and small room heaters for my tiny rooms (11x11)


Friday 16th of October 2009

Thank you so much for letting me know about the slippers. They are exactly what I need for my son.


Friday 16th of October 2009

Franci, I was just thinking about you and realizing it's only just warming up down there now! lol



Friday 16th of October 2009

Oh, you should all move down to the southern hemisphere! It's getting nice and warm down here, and we're having the most beautiful spring!

(Not trying to rub it in - remember that I've been looking at all your summer pictures while we've been freezing down here!)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.