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How I fight food waste at breakfast & lunch

I have often mentioned that I employ breakfast and lunch as use-it-up meals for myself, and I’ve shared some of my tactics here and in my food waste course.

Oatmeal topped with berries and nuts.

oatmeal with berries and walnuts from my freezer

But I thought it might be helpful to see these tactics in action, so I’ve been photographing my breakfasts and lunches of late, and I have a pretty big collection to share.

breakfast | rice with berries + sauteed sausage

I heated leftover rice with milk, a little sugar and salt, and cinnamon to make something like rice pudding.

Then I added cream on top plus blackberries from Hungry Harvest.

rice with berries

And on the side, I had a chicken sausage (I bought a bunch on a clearance markdown and froze them) sauteed in bacon grease.

chicken sausage browned in bacon grease

breakfast | sweet potato + sausage + egg + pear

Another one of the clearance sausages, a sweet potato from Hungry Harvest, and a pear from Hungry Harvest.

Plus a trusty fried egg.

Sweet potato with browned sausage

breakfast | spaghetti squash + eggs and cheese

Hungry Harvest sent me a spaghetti squash, which I cooked, shredded, and refrigerated.

I saw the last two cups of it in the fridge one morning, so I sauteed the squash (in bacon grease) with salt and pepper and topped it with two fried eggs and some shredded cheese.

spaghetti squash with eggs

breakfast | mashed potato patties + fried eggs

I added an egg to leftover mashed potatoes, shaped them into patties, and fried them. Fried eggs for some protein!

mashed potato patties with fried eggs.

breakfast | carrot cake oats, over and over and over

I’ve been eating these on repeat to use up all my huge Hungry Harvest carrots.

White bowl of oatmeal with carrots.

breakfast | random egg, ham, and veggie plate

Eggs and ham breakfast plate.
The theme here is Things That Needed To Be Eaten (plus eggs for extra protein).

lunch | leftover spaghetti + carrots

This one was easy; I heated up leftover spaghetti, but I added in some shredded carrots.

(Hungry Harvest has been giving me a lot of carrots!)

Leftover spaghetti.

lunch | ham + mashed potatoes + jalapenos

Ham and mashed potatoes.

This one could have used a fried egg to tie it all together, but it was all right as-is.

lunch | butternut squash soup + French bread

I’d made the soup to use up a squash that had sat, unloved, for a while.

Butternut squash soup in Mason jars.

Soup recipe here.

French bread recipe here.

Butternut squash soup with toast.

I spread some peanut butter on the last graham cracker too.

peanut butter between two graham crackers.

lunch | shrimp and grits + blueberries

Sometimes I plate my meals nicely.

Sometimes, I do not!

Shrimp and grits.

Shrimp and grits recipe is here.

lunch | blt with mayo packet

I do not remember how we can to have a few packets of mayo here. But I used them to make a blt with some leftover cooked bacon, which I re-crisped in my skillet.

hot blt

lunch | hot ham sandwich

We had some leftover ham from dinner, so I used that to make a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, which included the last of the hot cherry peppers.

hot ham sandwich

Kiwis on the side because we had a lot to use up!

lunch | another day, another panini

So useful for combining random meats, veggies, and cheeses.

lunch | burrito bowl leftovers, part 1

Burrito bowl topped with cilantro.

Burrito bowls ingredients make for very good leftovers!

lunch | burrito bowl leftovers, part 2

Burrito bowl leftovers in white bowl.
I added shredded carrots because, again, Hungry Harvest has been generous with them.

lunch | pasta alfredo leftovers with bacon

Pasta alfredo with bacon. I crisped up some leftover bacon in a skillet and then added it to my pasta, along with some sliced jalapeno.

lunch | pasta alfredo, part 2

pasta alfredo with roasted tomatoes.
This time I mixed in some grape tomatoes, which I’d roasted a few days prior. The tomatoes had been getting a little soft, so roasting was perfect.


One random thing to finish up the post!

I had used part of a lime for a recipe, so I cut what was left into small slices and added them to a glass of water.

limes in water

I had fun collecting these photos to share with you (a great way to keep me accountable in my food waste efforts!), so if you enjoyed them, I’ll make another collection and share them in a few weeks.

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Friday 12th of February 2021

"Leftover bacon"?? Sorry, I do not understand that phrase ;)


Thursday 11th of February 2021

Loved this post for ideas! Keep ‘em coming!


Thursday 11th of February 2021

Please do continue this practice. It was VERY inspirational. I find it hard to believe anyone ever has leftover bacon. I do par-fry bacon and keep it ready to go in the freezer., but I don't consider that a leftover


Thursday 11th of February 2021

Wow! You had leftover bacon? I don't think we ever have had extra bacon to use up.


Wednesday 10th of February 2021

I have some canned tomatoes that are nearing their exp date, my thought is to make some soup. The weather is supposed to cool to 40 this weekend and it is going to start raining. I have a soft ish onion and a soft potato to add. Great photos and leftovers

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.