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Thankful Thursday | bring on the oranges

New here? We’ve been making thankful lists every week, as a way of hunting for the good that’s still here even in the midst of tough times. Join us in the comments!

This week, I am thankful:

that my canker sore is gone

You guys, I am back to eating bananas and oranges and chocolate and peppermint patties and I am delighted.

Mesh bag of oranges.


that my biology class is going well so far

It’s a little weird to be a student again, but several weeks into the semester, I am doing fine. 

Handwritten biology notes

I continue to make terrible drawings on my notes. They help me remember things!

that it’s extremely easy to deal with snow days right now

Under normal circumstances, I’d look at the snow in the forecast and think about what will be cancelled. But since pretty much everything is online right now, snow is not a big deal at all!

Snowy window view.

the current view out of my window

We can just enjoy the beauty and carry on as usual.

that Zoe is such a good cleaner

I have had all of my kids do chores around the house, but Zoe really goes above and beyond.

Like, if it’s her job to clean the bathroom, that room is spotless. 

As in, cleaner than if I did the job myself.

that we are all healthy

We have had a remarkably head-cold free winter thus far, I assume as a result of this odd lifestyle we are all living right now. Definitely an upside!

for opportunities to serve others

I’ve been steadily doing all the tutorial website updates that keep coming my way (for the tutorial Zoe goes to.)

I babysat for my nieces and nephew yesterday so my sister-in-law could take another niece to the doctor after a bad fall.

Kristen with her niece.

(No extra kids are allowed to tag along right now, obviously.)

I was able to take outdoor snowy photos for my brother’s save-the-date announcements.

And of course, I’ve been able to help my pregnant cousin regularly over the last few months.

Isn’t it wonderful that ordinary skills can be used to bless other people?

that bad attitudes are often temporary

I had a tremendously bad attitude about life one day earlier this week, for a wide variety of reasons, and I am happy to report that the bad attitude has not turned out to be permanent.

(Bad attitudes just FEEL like they will be permanent when you are in the middle of them.)

that Sonia’s able to do her drive times

She took driver’s ed this past summer, online, and it’s taken until now to get her practice times scheduled with the instructor (they had quite a backlog).

She did her first one yesterday, and it went great, which is as I expected, since she and I have been driving together since June. She’s hardly a newbie at this point!

that the sun sets at 5:40!

We are past 10.5 hours of daylight now.

Winter sunset with tree silhouettes.

taken at 5:36 pm. yes, indeed!

for the joy of food

There’s such a wide variety of delicious foods available to us in these modern times, and I am thankful.

Even when it comes to a morning bowl of oatmeal, there are so many delicious ways to change it up.

Speaking of which, I am also thankful…

for the reader who suggested orange peel in oatmeal

If you like orange peel, you really need to try adding it into your oats. SO GOOD.

Especially if you also add carrots, raisins, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, vanilla, and cream.

What are you thankful for this week?

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Thursday 11th of February 2021

Oh my, i had missed the orange peel addition to the carrot cake oatmeal -- I am thankful to catch it.:)


Thursday 11th of February 2021

I am thankful that * It was an absolutely beautiful today. I sat outside when I ate my lunch and soaked up the sunshine. * I have had several opportunities to make extra money since the first of the year which will pay for needed home maintenance and repairs. * I found away not to cook dinner tonight without starving anyone. ( Sometimes I just don’t want to cook) * My younger son will be able to get the Covid immunization tomorrow as a First Responder * Love always seems to help conquer even the most challenging of circumstances

Katy in Africa

Thursday 11th of February 2021

-A safe trip so far for my husband. -For my kids, that we can keep each other company -For our neighbor kids who had left, but are back. They've been great friends for my kids and I'm so happy to see them again


Thursday 11th of February 2021

1. I am in my early 30's and bought my first house. I now have two roommates, who pay me rent and who I enjoy. I'm grateful to have two girls who are conscientious about the virus, pay me money every month, and who I enjoy as people! 2. I'm grateful that winter has been a bit more mild than normal where I live. If I bundle up, I can still go on walks and enjoy fresh air and a bit of sunlight. 3. Oranges are in season! I love oranges and they are so yummy and cheap this time of year. 4. I used some gift cards to buy new throw pillows for my living room couches and I LOVE the way it looks. I also hung up a picture that someone was giving away for free, that I love. I'm grateful that I am now happy with how my living room looks. 5. I love having a yard, but don't love yard work. I'm grateful that during the winter I don't have to do yard work.


Thursday 11th of February 2021

Oh my gosh I forgot the most important one! My niece had a crack in her skull (she is mid 40's) and a small aneurysm and ended up in a 13 day coma after brain surgery to fix them. She is out of the hospital and doing well! :)

Sarah G

Thursday 11th of February 2021

Wow, that is something to celebrate!


Thursday 11th of February 2021

Mar, what a wonderful gift and blessing! Rejoicing with you and your family!

I'm thankful for:

1. The ice storm that's currently over my area being (so far) less severe than expected. Our electricity was only out for a few hours today and we're fairly well prepared for ourselves and our older neighbor if it gets worse.

2. FOR ELECTRICITY!!!!! It's a gift.

3. That God allowed us to help my husband's elderly grandparents finalize their wills and end-of-life documents literally days before his grandfather became unable to speak. It's still going to be hard, but knowing that we're doing things as they'd wish is a big burden relieved. Plus maybe it will head off at least some of the inevitable family squabbles over possessions before they begin.... maybe. :)

4. For my noisy, busy family of 4 joyous and insane kiddos and a dear hubby that works hard for us so I can stay home with the zoo. And in relation to the munchkins....

5. I'm grateful that I was already in the homeschool groove before Covid crashed the party, and that although there's always the struggle against the cries of "tyranny!" from my 3 sons when they are, ahem, less than enthusiastic about their studies, they don't have learning challenges that need extra outside assistance. I don't take that for granted, ever.

6. Kristen, I have to echo you in gratefulness to not be currently in the throes of pregnancy. I too had hyperemesis (all 9 months every time, all 4 kids, got worse with each one, and daily vomiting in the double digits was the norm) and there were days when I truly wanted to crawl in a hole and die. The look in your eyes in your pregnancy pictures is one I know SO very well! I'm grateful for the empathy it has given me for others in difficult physical situations, so now I look for ways to help and feel like I can comfort better because I really do know what they're experiencing.

7. For a home brimming full of opportunities for creativity; books, sewing, crafts, school planning.... there's never enough time for doing it all, and I love it.

8. The sweet reminders of God's grace that you send out daily in this blog! It truly lifts my spirits each morning, thank you!

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