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Hi. I’m here with some miscellany.

These types of posts have been showing up pretty frequently around here, haven’t they? I can’t help myself…miscellany posts are just so much fun to write.

A tale of….chicken. and broth. and salad.

I bought some split chicken breasts the other day because I needed boneless breasts (the boneless ones were not on sale and the split ones were). Obviously, that meant I had to de-bone the breasts, and after I did, I boiled the bones to make chicken broth, and I pulled off the bits of meat that were left on the bones.

Yesterday I remembered that this chicken needed to be used, so I made a little lunch-sized chicken salad for myself with mayo, salt, pepper, celery, and dried cranberries.

Super tasty. And frugal to boot.

A wedding

Mr. FG and I went to a wedding in Lynchburg, VA this weekend.

We left the kids with my parents (my kids don’t love weddings*, and the drive was not insignificant) and stayed overnight.

*Zoe doesn’t like weddings per se, but she does dearly love to dance at wedding receptions!

It really was too cold for this kind of shoe, but when you’ve just gotten a pedicure with a Groupon, you don’t want to cover it up. 😉

I wore my $6 Goodwill dress with two sweaters on top (I started out with one and then added another. And I’d have worn a third if it was available!).

As always, it was delightful to spend some alone time with my Mr. FG.

Speaking of Mr. FG, do you know how lovely he is? So lovely that when we saw this very fancy-looking Goodwill, he insisted that we stop so that I could check it out.

This was especially generous because thrift stores are so not Mr. FG’s thing.

I actually decided that my own more humble looking Goodwill store is better, though I have to say that this one was large and well-lit and very organized. My Goodwill just has better stuff.

And that’s a good thing because I don’t find myself in Lynchburg very often. 😉

The ups and downs of spring weather

After the chilly temperatures of the weekend, yesterday was downright hot. Mr. FG and I did some yard work, the kids played (and ate lunch!) outside, and we were all so sweaty by bedtime, it was showers all around.

Weather like this makes me happy because my heat pump has not had to run, and my house is delightfully warm (but not so warm as to require AC).

Normally when I blog in the mornings, I’m wearing layers, socks, and slippers and I’m still cold. But today, I’m sitting here in jeans, a short sleeve shirt, and bare feet and I’m feeling fine.

Update on the reader we advised!

Last week, you all generously offered up scads of great advice for my reader, Rita, who is scheduled to lose her job in 3 months. She was very encouraged and inspired, and she’s started up a blog to track her progress as she works to get her financial house in order.

I know from experience that blogging is so much more motivating and inspiring when people are reading, so if you’d like to help encourage Rita to stay on track through these tough times, go subscribe to her blog (the subscription box is on the left-hand side) and leave some comments for her.


I think that’s probably enough miscellany for one day, don’t you? Have a lovely Tuesday. 🙂

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Thursday 15th of March 2012


So great to see some nice pictures of you and Mr. FG :-) I've been in the Lynchburg area for a few years, and if the Goodwill in your picture above is the one I think it is, it is most certainly not our best one. In fact it's the worst as far as merchandise. Thankfully for those of us thrift store shoppers there is an excellent Goodwill on Rte. 221, plus other great thrift stores like the DAV on Timberlake and little mom and pop thrift stores dotted throughout the city. So if you're ever back in town and feel the need to check out some thrift store goods, I'd suggest a different one. :-P

Tina (Tightwad Mom)

Tuesday 12th of April 2011

Love miscellany posts! My life is sort of miscellany, so I can always relate. It was fabulous that you were able to get away, and I bet your kid's had a great time at their Grandparent's house (my mom loves to spoil my kid's when they visit). P.S. I love your hair style. Is it layered or all one length? I'm in the process of growing out my hair (longer hair is so much more frugal that short styles), and if you don't mind I would love to copy your style! :D


Tuesday 12th of April 2011

Great photos. You are a beautiful couple. The wedding photo is lovely too. I got top jobs wearing Goodwill suits and ect (designer label of course) and no one ever knew. That made me laugh so much. These people spent thousands of dollars on interview clothes and Miss Goodwill got the job. Great work. Glad you had fun. You have such nice smiles too.


Tuesday 12th of April 2011

Don't ever hesitate to write miscellany posts, I enjoy reading them a lot. I'm probably not alone.


Tuesday 12th of April 2011

The salad looks amazing! I have some cranberries in my cupboard - I now know what I am going to do with them. Really intrigued by the photo of the goodwill store - I spent 5 years as Marketing Manager for a charity in the UK that a had a chain of retail shops (180 in total across the country). In the UK we have 'charity shops' but they are all separately branded, each charity brands their own and then they are collectively/generic known as 'charity shops' - so there are Cancer Research Shops, Save The Children shops, British Heart Foundation shops etc... In one town in the UK there was at last count 21 such shops. I didn't realise that they actually are branded 'Goodwill' in the US - how does that work? I thought the generic term was goodwill and presumed they were chains of charities. When we visited Florida we did go in a goodwill store - but thinking back I am sure it was Salvation Army branded? Can anyone clarify for my sanity :-)


Wednesday 13th of April 2011

Thanks William B! That always intrigued me as well - here in Australia we are similar to the UK. We tend to call making donations 'giving it to goodwill' but the shops themselves are eg The Salvation Army, Lifeline, St Vincent De Paul etc as per the relevant charity.


Tuesday 12th of April 2011

Goodwil is a non-profit that helps the poor with donations, job training, job skills, and financial support. It funds itself partly by acception, sorting, and selling donated goods.

The other big non-profit that has a similar method is the Salvation Army, which is explicitly Christian (ergo "salvation").

Many other charities also resell donated goods, and there are for-profit resale shops as well.

Exactly what the shops as a group are called, depends on where you are in the US. Most places will call them "thrift shops." In my neck of the woods "Goodwill" means any charity resale shop. "Resale shop" is probably a for-profit store. A "consignment store" is a store that helps you resell your item (clothing, antique, knick-knack) for a percentage of the sale price; consignment stores are rarely low-dollar and can be quite pricy.

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