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Gettin’ our craft on…

What’s that? You don’t do crafts that involve bulk containers of peppercorns?


Peppercorn crafts or not, I hope your weekend is a good one.

Oh! I wanted to tell you that every now and then, I have a blog-post-y kind of thought that doesn’t really fit with the frugal theme we’ve got going on here. So, I thought it would be fun to have an Off-Topic-Saturday kind of post occasionally. Stay tuned in future weeks*. 😉

*future weeks being whenever those off-topic blog-post-y kind of thoughts might happen to enter my brain.

Today’s 365 post: Makin’ Jello

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Saturday 28th of April 2012

I had an idea if you wanna show people what you bought once in a while--just take a pic of the receipt. Maybe on macro setting. No need to arrange groceries.


Sunday 29th of April 2012

Excellent idea!The only problem I envision is serious price envy for those of us in Canada et al, where food prices are significantly higher.


Saturday 28th of April 2012

This post made me smile...Kids miles apart partaking in similar Saturday afternoon activities. I posted ours last week, but like you will only pop up when there's something to say. Today I spent cake decorating, so they visited Grandma. So nothing to report! Have a great Sunday Kristen and family. We plan to try out 'organised' roller skating in a sports centre AM - that should be interesting! My 3-year-old resembles a cartoon character on wheels when he has a go...


Saturday 28th of April 2012

More about pepercorn crafts please My summer will be filled w children & crafting at our Hope Outreach Mission Church. All ages Need more ideas for God theamed make & take as some will only be there for 20min. While the parents select clothing,food,tolitries etc. for their needs. Also lunch We have been serving about 300 a week from our 2 little rooms. With better weather we will be outside quite a bit which will incresse our outreach quite a bit as we are on a very busy street corner. Praying to get the other half of the building for a larger Sanctuary (it used to be a pretty rowdy dancing bar) god is so awesome.

Heather Drysdale

Saturday 28th of April 2012

And I would love to know just exactly what your peppercorn craft is :)


Saturday 28th of April 2012

Thought the second: This historian in me is boggled at the idea of peppercorn crafts being frugal. In the Middle Ages pepper was worth more than it's weight in gold. Fortunes were made and lost over whose ship was first to port with the goods. Much of the Age of Discovery - including the European discovery of the New World - was motivated by a desire of Europeans to find the sources of spices and silks instead of depending on foreign middlemen. (Or to look at it differently, they wanted to become the middlemen.)

And now pepper is so cheap we buy it for pennies and use it in crafts.


Saturday 28th of April 2012

Yeah, a Costco container lasts me forever and ever, and I do use my pepper grinder a LOT.

A Frugal Spinster

Saturday 28th of April 2012

Very interesting historical sidebar, Thanks for sharing WilliamB

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