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Food Waste Friday | One potato, two potato…

Every week, I post a picture of the food that has gone bad over the last seven days. Why do I do this? Because in March of 2008, I finally got fed up with the amount of food I was wasting, and I thought that showing my waste to other people would motivate me to use up my food instead of wasting it. Because this often embarrassing practice was so helpful for me, I invited other bloggers to join me in posting their food waste photos, and Food Waste Friday was born. If you’re not a blogger but still want some food waste accountability, feel free to participate by leaving a comment.

See these two innocent looking potatoes?

They’re really stink bombs. And it’s not exactly my fault that they went bad, but that’s a long story for maybe another time.

The good thing is, though, the two leaky, stinky potatoes made me clean out the cabinet they were living in. I vacuumed out all the spilled flour and wiped the shelves.

I even washed my rolling pin, and that almost never happens.

So, two potatoes had to be sacrificed for the cause, but at least my cabinet is cleaner than it’s been in a long while.

I think I might also have a bad peach that was in the fridge before the power went out, but it may be able to be salvaged.

Really, though…considering that we had a hurricane this past week, I’m quite delighted that this is all I’ve wasted. It could have been so much worse.


How did you do this week? If you blogged about your food waste, link us up by entering your info into the widget below. You’ll save money, reduce your trash output, and get a little publicity for your blog! And if you don’t blog, you can still share about your food waste by leaving a comment.

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Monday 5th of September 2011

I am not at all good at not wasting food, but you've inspired me! I had several small containers of yogurt that were about to pass their date. So, I put them in the freezer! My son is enjoying the frozen yogurt very much, and no waste!! Thanks so much for making me think before tossing it in the garbage.


Saturday 3rd of September 2011

My waste this week really bad. We had no electricity for 2 1/2 days (60 hours), Because of that we lost everything in the fridge and our deep freeze. We lost the stuff in the deep freeze because we used it as the fridge after that got warm. We have been working on using up the food from the freezer because of our move.


Saturday 3rd of September 2011

I did not waste a thing. I am getting so much better at it. When we eat left overs it makes me happy actually. I try not to waste other things like shampoo, cleaners or everything under the sun. It is wrong especially with all the suffering in the world.

Live and Learn-Toss and Turn

Friday 2nd of September 2011

The potatoes proved the saying of "There's a silver lining to every cloud." And somehow the cloud thing ties in with the hurricane, but I'm not clever enough to figure that out right now.

Becca S.

Friday 2nd of September 2011

We did well this week! Our fridge is nearly empty; we've been eating up all those dry goods we all have lying around in the cupboards, so after a shopping trip on Tuesday, we'll see how much waste happens next week. Hopefully not a lot.

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