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Five Frugal Things | Scrunchies, shorts, straws, gas, and produce

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1. I modified my niece’s shorts.

So this was frugal for her, not me. 😉

corduroy shorts

She ordered a pair of shorts online, and the legs were surprisingly enormous.

They had a cuff on them, which made the process a little tricky, but after I took enough seams apart, I was able to make the legs fit her much better.

2. We used coupons to save on scrunchie supplies.

Sonia, Zoe, and my niece are on a scrunchie-making tear, and so I took them out to buy some fabric at Jo-Ann’s.

DIY scrunchies

I showed them how to pull up a coupon on their phone, using a competitor coupon if the deal is better, so they each got 50% off their purchase.

scrunchie fabric

3. I got three straw replacements.

Strawesome offers lifetime warranty replacements on their straws, and one of ours broke this week.

beet smoothie

I had two others that had broken over the last few years, so I snapped photos of each of them, filled out the form online, and now there are new straws on their way to my house.

We really haven’t had a lot of these straws break, since they’re made out of super strong glass.

But still, if you have little kids at your house, I’d definitely recommend getting some metal straws for peace of mind.

We have this set and we love ’em.

4. I filled up on gas while I was at Costco.

I had to go there to buy several things, so I filled up my tank, which was about halfway empty.

Costco gas pumping opposite side

I never drive out of my way to get Costco gas, but if I’m there already or I’m in the area, I will stop by.

It’s easy to chew up any gas savings by doing extra driving!

5. I took care of some Hungry Harvest produce right away.

I cut up the collard greens to make a salad (this one, which calls for kale) which is a big win because I am not a big collard green person.

collard green salad

I knew if I just shoved them in the fridge, there was a large chance they’d end up in the compost.

I’m quite sure they will get all eaten up as a salad, though.

I also peeled all the rambutan, because those are quite unappealing to get out if they are just sitting in the fridge all prickly looking!

peeled rambutan

I got two big heads of celery, so I cut one head up into celery sticks, which will make it much easier to snack on them.

celery sticks

And hopefully I’ll do the same with the second once this one is eaten!

(Get $5 off your first Hungry Harvest through this link.)

Your turn! Share your five frugal things in the comments.

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Friday 12th of July 2019

1, Remembered to move both our cars when it was street sweeping so not having to pay $70 in parking tickets! 2. Stopped at three roadside veggie stands on a long drive yesterday. Got 4 peaches, 5 zucchini, a basket of green beans and an ear of corn fir $10 total 3. Was given three free rabbits cages for the bunnies we re home 4. Our vet looked at photos I emailed him and did a phone consult with me and told me what do at home for one of our rabbits. Savings, $120 5. A friend gifted us extra food she had leftover. Got several meals out if the home made chicken salad and mixed green.


Friday 12th of July 2019

1. Free slurpie day (Score for my DD) 2. Purchased low price mini blinds from HD and will install myself. 3. Used DD's Amazon Prime to purchase $10 worth of veggies and bulk oatmeal and lentils to total exactly $10, DD will then use that purchase to receive $10 off Prime day sale item 4. Started comparison shopping for cell phone battery, not going to pay full price waiting for the battery to die. 5. Financial planning some big contribution decisions come September. Giving myself time to research all my options so I won't feel pressured in Fall.

Corrine Wilson

Thursday 11th of July 2019

1. Sold a light fixture from our new house and listed a mohair throw blanket that the previous owners left 2. Took home food from a work party and froze it. It has fed me lunch for 2 weeks now and my husband lunch for 1 week 3. Bought two $2.50 watermelons that we brought to 2 separate 4th of July parties 4. Cleaned the insides and outsides of the windows at my new house even though I was tempted to pay $125 for the service 5. My sister and mom cleaned my new house before we move in next week, saving me $100


Thursday 11th of July 2019

Vacation edition- Bought the girl new swim pieces at Kohl’s on sale since last years stuff no longer fit. Received Kohl’s cash and a bonus coupon so before we left I bought myself a new top since my old one was too thin! Brought pantry basics I already had on hand for our condo, along with all personal care items and household stuff( laundry detergent, soap etc) Used family special coupons for pizza night- places 2 orders- husband work paid one order( this is a work cation ( dats he works he can claim) I paid for s few extras on my bill! This left us enough for dinner and a lunch day! Signed up online to get a 25% off bill coupon at local restaurant! Enjoyed dessert there! Free slurpee day!! Stayed at a hotel half way down and will on return for free- thanks to CCpoint! Free breakfast was not great but doable!


Thursday 11th of July 2019

1. I did buy a jean jacket in the store last week, after thinking about and kind of looking for one for the past year. It seemed expensive so I looked online and found it was cheaper there. There was another one that looked the same that was even cheaper so I ordered it. I returned the store purchased jacket. I also looked around the store but convinced myself we do not need new rugs or anything else.

2. Meals have been at home the past several days. I did stock up on produce and a few other items at the grocery store yesterday.

3. I realized after wandering around the store today that both my cookware and knives are more than 30 years old. They are still working fine. They were never the highest quality but have been good enough.

4. I treated my husband to a concert near beach. We packed dinners, so we'd have time to walk on the beach. We also packed breakfasts so we could make a quick return departure. We did spend the night in a hotel. I think not driving 2-1/2 hours late at night, when you're tired is frugal.

5. A friend bought some cute hat making kits. Another friend and I are trying to figure out how to hack them, to make it much more affordable.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.