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Five Frugal Things | my jeans ripped again

1. I fixed a ripped pair of jeans.

Remember my pair of jeans that I ripped by pulling on the belt loop?

Well, that repair is holding up fine, but the jeans developed a split by the bottom of the zipper.

I repaired this basically the same way that I repaired the belt loop (click here to read about that method.)

Basically I sewed a spare piece of denim fabric underneath the rip, and then sewed up the rip. I keep an old denim shirt around specifically for this purpose, actually. It’s helped me multiple times!

The repair is pretty inconspicuous, which makes me happy.

I do feel slightly nervous while wearing these jeans now, though.

Like…where will they split next??

I think I will probably just wear them to places where I will not do a lot of squatting or bending.

2. I got Lactaid pills at Costco.

One of you told me to check warehouse clubs for these so while I was near Costco yesterday, I popped in and sure enough, Costco has their version of Lactaid pills.

These definitely seem to be helping Sonia with her dairy issues, so I’m really glad to know of a cheap place to buy them.

3. I filled up my gas tank while at Costco.

Costco has great prices on gas, but making a special trip to get a good gas price is usually pointless. You waste more driving there than you save!

4. I bought only three things at Target.

I needed buns, Cream of Wheat, and graph paper and that is ALL I bought.   Yay me!

5. not a frugal thing but…

I donated my extra rubber bands to the post office. I had piles of them in my junk drawer; way more than I’d ever need.   I wasn’t sure what to do with them, but I googled and discovered that the post office accepts rubber bands.

So, I brought them over when I shipped Sonia’s otters yesterday.

That’s more of a frugal thing for the post office than me, but I’m happy I was able to give the rubber bands to someone who will use them.

Your turn! Share your five frugal things in the comments.



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Sunday 18th of November 2018

aargh isn't that annoying - at least it was only a small packet


Thursday 15th of November 2018

1) I repaired my slippers. A leather seam was opening. I am not well-versed in sewing leather, and I didn't have the right needle, but I was able to resew through the existing holes with similar thread.

2) My husband saved our old ice maker from our old fridge for our new fridge. Lowes of course told us we should buy another $50 ice maker, but why trash a perfectly good appliance? I'd rather use it until it dies and then shell our the 50 bucks. He installed it last night and it made a few cubes. If it doesn't work we're not out anything.

3) I had Thanksgiving lunch with my preschooler at school today. The $5 adult lunch cost more than my usual leftovers, but way less than what it was worth. I love school cafeteria food. So hearty! This one did not disappoint and even came with a full size slice of pumpkin pie.

4) My husband and I decided to divide and conquer instead of getting a babysitter tonight. He will go to a work event, and I will watch the kids (and not have to go out in this terrible weather). We'll both go to the next one (we run a business together), but this will save us some cash.

5) We bought a dining table used from Craigslist for the break room in our new office. We have only bought a few pieces because we know we will be changing things up soon, so we are buying things that will easily resell. This was a Crate and Barrel table, so I think we'll be good.


Thursday 15th of November 2018

1. Made homemade croutons from bread end pieces to eat with my homemade soup. 2. Turned the heat down to 58 degrees. 3. Neighbor mowed my yard twice saving me gas + time. Will bake her cookies as a thank you. 4. Made my own dog food to get me by until next paycheck (eggs, rice, cheese, sweet potatoes). 5. Used left over dishwater to flush toilets.


Thursday 15th of November 2018

A coworker gave me a heated cat house for my feral, now if I can talk said cat into using it...

Had a party at work with left over food, made for a Friday free meal.

My son & wife are buying their first house and put out of list of needs so trying to find free stuff before putting $ into the items. Luckily both her parents and hubby and I have a lot of the items we can give to them.

Building a lean-to for the boat to keep snow off, part of the wood was from a local building being torn down.

Not frugal by any means but remodeled Aldi opened and it was packed. SO glad the aisles are wider.

Thursday 15th of November 2018

1.Used holiday discount to buy some much needed clothes for DH and I. We have both been working so much since September. Working a lot usually translates to not having enough time to do Frugal activities. I find thrift stores for clothes can take a long time and are often not successful in our area. 2. continuing to feel successful shopping at Aldi. I've learned there are several things I don't like from Aldi. We are often disappointed in their fruit. I understand the store is trying to step up in that area so I might give them a try again. 3. several family members expressed tedium with the traditional Thanksgiving menu. We all agreed there is no reason we have to eat turkey. We are grabbing a handful of us and going to a park and grilling steaks that day. We are in North Carolina and often has nice weather on Thanksgiving. I did buy a turkey at $0.39 a pound last week. It will be used over the weekend. Steaks aren't Frugal but balancing our happiness and needs with saving money works out for us. There is extra money in the budget for holidays so we will use it for the steaks. 4. Was taken out to lunch at Panera buy a business associate. I had my Panera rewards card so offered up the $2 discount I had earned. Free lunch and I felt like I contributed a little. 5. While traveling for business I was served a very large portion in a restaurant. My company gives me a per diem for daily meals. I saved the leftovers for my next morning breakfast. This will make my per diem go further. Sometimes I go over while traveling as eating inexpensively and frugally sometimes impossible with very limited choices. A lot of hotels offer a complimentary breakfast but it is often contrary to what I think is a good idea for me to eat (read cArb loading).

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