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Five Frugal Things | Is this even frugal?

1. I repurposed a notebook wire

I don’t even know if this really is very frugal, but I wanted to tell you about it.

So here we are.

A vine growing around a deck post.

I was taking the wire out of Sonia’s used math notebook (I figure notebooks are easier to recycle if the wires are removed) and I noticed it made a nice loose spiral shape.

And it occurred to me that it would be perfect for helping my hyacinth vine grow around the deck support post.

Hyacinth vine growing around a post.

It’s working fabulously so far!

(Hyacinth vines do a great job of naturally curling around anything thin, but they struggle more with thicker posts/poles.)

A hyacinth vine growing under a deck.

And relatedly, here’s why I love hyacinth vines.

2. I fixed Lisey’s closet door

In the process of helping her move out, I noticed her one closet door was sitting down on the carpet, making it hard to move.

I thought it just needed to be adjusted, so I took the door down to look.

Then I saw that half of the bottom of the door was split, so the “foot” of the door had been shoved up into the door.

And that’s why the door was dragging on the carpet!

So, I glued it, clamped it overnight, and then re-installed it.

clamps on a closet door.

And at least for now, we are good to go.

I don’t anticipate that the door will be used much now that Lisey has moved out, so I think my fix is going to hold up just fine.

3. I’m spackling all the holes in Lisey’s walls

The removal of her shelves and mirror and such left a lot of holes in the walls.

Screw holes in a blue wall.

So, I’m in the midst of spackling them all and then I will paint over the spackle. I saved the paint from when I initially painted her room, and hopefully it’s still good.

The end plan is to move my desk into that room so that Mr. FG has our regular office to work in, and I have a quiet place of my own to work in.

That way I won’t have to do my online college class sessions at the kitchen table anymore.

But I wanted to get all the messy spackle work done in that room before we move anything.

4. I listed more stuff for sale

Some of it was stuff left from Lisey (a cat door we never used, some old textbooks) and some was from Sonia cleaning out her room.

The listing is always the hardest part for me, so I am giving myself a pat on the back for tackling that!

5. The usual…

  • made coffee at home
  • added some random peppers to my scrambled eggs to use them up
  • made a menu plan for the week
  • took a cool shower after working out

Your turn! Share your five frugal things in the comments.


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Susan M.

Wednesday 11th of August 2021

I definitely consider recycling the used wire as frugal, plus repurposing helps keep things out of the land fills so win-win-win! Happy that you are going to have your own little office/study space now! When my son fledged, his old bedroom has now turned into my “Music Room” where I can practice my violin without being interrupted by others walking through the room that I am practicing in. Even when they are very quiet and don’t talk to me or anything, it really interrupts my concentration (I have very little concentration, so need every bit I can get!). I know you are going to love having your own space as well!

1. We drove several states away to be with my mom for her 82nd birthday. It was less expensive than flying the three of us there. 2. I packed all our own food for our trip, so no stopping to eat out along the way. Since it was a 12 hour drive, this helped not make it even longer as it saved time and we drove while we ate our food. 3. My brother who lives in a completely different direction from us met us at my parent’s house, so win-win, I got to see him as well as my parents, and didn’t cost me anything extra to go make a special trip to see him. 4. One of the stores in Michigan had a horse ride for 1 cent. The store even gave you the penny to take the horse ride. Come on now, a 1 cent horse ride has GOT to “count” as a frugal, fun activity! 5. When eating out to celebrate my mom’s birthday, I ordered a salad but also brought in to the restaurant a little of my own food, since I have some pretty severe food allergies. (I consider ending up in the ER from eating foods that I react to as “severe.”) My salad cost a lot less than the chicken dinners that the restaurant is famous for, and I was happy to have food that I could relax and enjoy without fear of becoming sick!

More plus lots of pictures on my blog at:


Wednesday 11th of August 2021

Congrats on fixing the door! The wall will look great when it's done! It's rewarding to fill in the holes on the wall and get it close to perfect!

Here's my 5: 1) I received a lovely gift card to a supermarket as a birthday gift and got a few things that were splurges (like a slice of cake). Savings- $15 2) I got my niece a pair of earrings from JCP limited time sale for $10 for her birthday. Savings- $40 3) I also got my niece a $50 gift card for free by using CC rewards. Savings- $50 4) I got my son a $50 gift card to Amazon using CC rewards. Savings- $50 5) I bought 2 t-shirts from Champion that had a sale for 40% off and free shipping. Savings- $22


Tuesday 10th of August 2021

1) We had two lonely ears of corn that needed used up. Found a recipe for something called cowboy caviar- it calls for beans, but we are not a fan of them so substituted a little rice- turned out really good! It is a good way to use up any extra produce that this season is currently producing. 2) Ahh farmer stands on the side of the road- Red Haven Peaches are so yummy. I follow a local stand that admits it is the "kids college fund" so I always try and shop there. Not sure if it is the frugalist, but I enjoy supporting the local economy. 3) Back to school shopping- the tween and teen are doing well clothes wise- not much needed. Also by this age, school supplies are a bit smaller and we can recycle most of the items from last year. 4) Our church is having a shoe drive. Scored a great deal with discounts, tax free weekend, and Kohl's cash. A good solid pair of shoes are off to a new home. 5) We went to the zoo this week. Trying to get an end of summer fun day. The best part, is was free! We have a yearly membership and after two visits it pays for itself so, any visit is free. We went over spring break, once at the beginning of summer so this visit was free. I am sure we will get there at least one time over Christmas break too.


Tuesday 10th of August 2021

I am a teacher and going back to work soon so I have been trying to preserve/prep a little something every day to help my future self! 1. Found three bunches of green onions for 50cents total. Snipped and froze the tops. I put the frozen tops in a repurposed Parm cheese container. They shake out beautifully when frozen. I then used some of the onions in a stir fry and planted some of the onions out in my herb garden. I will harvest them in early October. Freeze the tops again and eat the onions. 2. Froze and bagged getting soft banana chunks for future smoothies. 3. Harvested all my basil and parsley and made 3 batches of pesto. We ate some with green beans and orzo ( all mixed up!) and froze 7 small containers. I also use walnuts instead of pine nuts to be more frugal. If in a real pinch, you can use roasted unsalted sunflower seeds. 4. I usually get a new on sale or thrifted first day of school dress and took a pass this year. Less is more! 5. Getting a lot of routine health screenings scheduled now that we have met our deductible.


Tuesday 10th of August 2021

I think the spiral notebook hack is genius -- and certainly frugal!

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