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Five Frugal Things | I sold some wedding rings

1. I sold some unneeded wedding rings

Mr. FG ordered some silicone rings for himself, but it took a couple of tries to get the right size. Happily, the company will send you up to two new packages to help you get the size correct, and it did indeed take three total tries to fit his finger.

package of silicone rings.

The company did not want the wrong-sized rings back, so I listed the two unneeded packages on eBay and they sold. Yay for a few dollars in my pocket + the rings going to a home where they will be used.

2. I fixed a towel

This is probably the 27th time “I fixed a towel” has been in an FFT post!

White bath towel with a ripped seam.

I don’t know why, but the seams on my kitchen and bath towels seem to routinely fall apart. Once I fix them, they’re fine, but new ones keep coming apart semi-regularly.

A mended white bath towel.

I think they make towels with dissolving thread these days. 😉

3. I fixed my joggers (yes, again!)

A black pair of American Giant joggers, folded up.

I have this old pair of American Giant joggers that I solely wear for morning walks. I have mended them so many times and I suppose by this point it would make sense to give up on them.

But I have sort of this sunk-cost mentality about them…like, I have fixed them lots of times before. Might as well do another quick few mends while I have the machine out.

sewing machine on dining room table.

So, that’s what I did after I fixed the towel.

One day, these pants may get a terminal rip and I will stop trying to breathe life into them. But for now, they survived to see another day. 😉

By the way, after I mended a tiny hole in the calf area, I took the pants off the machine and realized that I had sewed the pant leg shut. Ha. So I had to undo a little stitching there.

blue seam ripper.

4. I passed A&P!

As of yesterday, I am officially done. Whew. I don’t have my official grade back but it will be an A of some variety.

A college class + lab is no small amount of money, so I consider it to be a frugal thing that I passed on my first go. 🙂 That saves money and time, both of which are valuable. I’ve kept hearing that a lot of students have to take A&P multiple times in order to pass, so I am feeling very thankful to have gotten through this semester. 

I have already plunked down my hundreds of dollars for A&P 2 in the spring semester, and hopefully, I will have the same degree of success in that class.

5. I made some Instagram reels

I have been on Instagram for years now, but my account has never earned me a single penny.

Instagram really wants creators to make reels, though, so they sent me an offer to make some paid reels.

(Instagram Reels are super short videos like the ones you’d see on TikTok.)

screenshot of Kristen's Reels page.

Since money speaks to me, I was like, “well, sure, I’ll give it a try.”

The offer is only good for 30 days, and while the payment is loosely tied to the views each one gets, the exact calculations are a little vague.

I’ve made five so far and my payment is sitting at $163, which is about $32/reel.

Screenshot of Instagram Reels bonus plays page.

Since they only take a few minutes to make, and since I make Instagram posts all the time for $0, I figure I might as well keep making reels until December 30th!

(You can see my Instagram page on a web browser here, but to actually play any of my videos, you have to have an account to log into.)

Your turn; what frugal things have you been up to?

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Thursday 16th of December 2021

I am not one to look at Instagram or tik tok but I clicked on your link and your videos made me laugh. Love your cat! Love your cranial nerves note cards and totally related to your aldi experience!


Thursday 16th of December 2021

Aww, I'm glad you enjoyed them!


Wednesday 15th of December 2021

I work one day a week at a dental office. A few weeks ago, a coworker came out with containers that they collect from product they receive. She did not know what to do with them. Nice storage containers but they have a tooth imprinted in the plastic. I brought them home, put them up on the buy nothing page and someone wanted them. (One less thing in the dumpster.) Also, daily they receive styrofoam "peanuts" and other shapes of styrofoam in packages. We have a styrofoam recycler in our town. Every couple of weeks, I bring a filled box to the recycler. (Another thing not filling up the dumpster.) I will hit up the office and home for cardboard to try to kill some of the invasive plants and weeds to get the garden area ready for next year. I knitted a scarf for the senior center giving tree from stash I have.

Tracey Curry

Wednesday 15th of December 2021

Congratulations to you! Not an easy feat, for sure.

Here's our Five Frugal Things for the week: 1. Purchased black angus ground beef on sale $2 off per pound at a local grocery store. 2. Washed the car for $5 this week with discount coupon ($13 savings and a necessity to get the salt off the car). 3. A friend's son wanted a globe for Christmas. I've had a few options sitting in my Amazon cart for weeks. Last week when I went to place the order, one of the models (and coincidentally the one I wanted) was discounted 25%. 4. We have a live, cut-your-own tree tradition with the kids every year from a local mom and pop place that is significantly cheaper than bigger tree farm operations in the area. 5. Another frugal friend just had a little girl. I went to a local thrift shop and purchased six cute, frilly little outfits for the price I would have paid for one dress at a big box store. She will appreciate that they came from the thrift shop, because I put the purchase points on her account as well.


Wednesday 15th of December 2021

Congrats on passing A&P with flying colors! I knew you would! Enjoy some time to relax, and Merry Christmas! ♥️

Suellen J Roley

Wednesday 15th of December 2021

Almost forgot, got an unexpected prepaid debit card (refund from a local medical provider) so I have $128+ to play with.

Injured myself at work in JULY and still hadn't got a claim number (working for the federal government, there is a different procedure to get claim numbers).

Serious harassment from medical providers regarding bills, orthopedic boot, etc to the point of one place literally calling my landlord who is also my emergency medical contact.

After the phone call to my landlord I got furious LOL and made the time to contact USPS HR (I work for USPS); sent them a long email, and got a reply the very next day. Now just waiting for my immediate supervisor to review the claim.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.