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Five Frugal Things | from slim pickings

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Since I was gone for four days, the frugal pickings in my life are probably a little slim.

But let’s see what I can come up with!

A train station under cloudy skies.

1. I made lunch from what I found in the fridge

After four days away, I didn’t really know what was in the fridge.

In the process of organizing it, I found some mashed potatoes, so I mixed them with an egg, salt, pepper, and some bread crumbs (I toasted a heel of bread and cut it up into small pieces).

Then I shaped them into patties and fried them in bacon grease, along with an egg.

A white plate with potato cakes, fried egg, and yellow pepper slices.

I found a pepper in the veggie drawer so I ate that too, along with some hummus.

2. I used a lemon half in my water

I found a lemon half in a Food Hugger, and I squeezed the juice into my water before throwing it into the compost. 

A glass of water with lemon juice in it.

3. I did not pay $218 to fly home early

On Monday, my sister and I got dropped off at the airport about four hours before our flight took off.

There was one other flight leaving two hours before our flight, so I checked to see if we could get on.

A Southwest plane wing at sunset.

There were two seats available, but we’d have had to pay $218 apiece!

So, we unanimously decided to sit in the airport because that was basically like getting paid $100/hour to sit and wait. 

A laptop half open, with a pair of shoes in the background.

Definitely worth it.

4. I ordered a new case for my phone

I have an iPhone 7+, and I’ve had it in a clear Otterbox for the 2.5 years that I’ve owned the phone.

Somehow, though, the case got a crack in the corner. So, I spent the $14.95 to get a brand new case replacement.

$15 is way less than the value of my phone, even though a 7+ is getting to be on the old side of things. So, it is a frugal thing to invest in a protective case for it. 

(I just looked on eBay and my phone is still going for about $200.)

Of course, I picked the case color option that was the cheapest. It’s crazy how much some prices on Amazon vary depending on the color.

And I also picked no-rush shipping so that I could get $1 in Amazon movie credit. 

By the way, I have to give props to Otterboxes; I’ve had them on all my phones, with Zagg screen protectors, and I have never, ever cracked a phone screen!

5. I…

Your turn! What frugal things have you been up to?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.