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Thankful Thursday | And we have a driver

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New here? Thankful Thursday is our weekly opportunity to hunt or the good and to practice being grateful for what we have. Join in the comments; it’s free! And it will probably make you feel more cheerful.

This week, I’m thankful:

that Sonia passed her driver’s test

Trenta pink drink, held in someone's hand.

Celebratory pink drink

There are multiple reasons to be thankful for this!

For starters, I was really hoping she’d have her license by the time Mr. FG and I go to my brother’s out-of-town wedding because that way she could take of getting herself to work and back. 

Also, because of COVID backlogs, it’s super hard to get new driving test appointments; they’re booking out into July unless you happen to refresh the page right when someone cancels an appointment.

So that makes it doubly frustrating if you don’t pass.

I had a backup test appointment scheduled, but it was an hour away at an unfamiliar course, so I was very happy to hit “cancel” on that one yesterday. Yay! No more appointment hunting for me. 

And now Zoe is the only unlicensed kid left (she’ll get her learner’s permit in November).

that my homeschool review is going to be done today

Sonia and Zoe both still have a little bit of work to finish up, but at least my paperwork part of reporting to the government will be done. 

that I should have some free time coming up this summer

First of all, no biology for me and no homeschool for the girls.

And second, since Sonia got her license, she can drive herself back and forth to work!

(Ferrying someone to and from work takes a surprising amount of time.)

Hopefully this means I will actually paint my bedroom before September. Ha.

for mulberries

This time of year, there are lots of mulberries on the trees in our neighborhood, and I like picking and eating a few as we walk by wooded areas on our morning walks.

Mulberries are so perishable, you can’t find them fresh in stores. Straight from the tree is pretty much the only way to eat ’em!

for shelter kittens

I do not, in fact, want to own a kitten. 

Kristen holding a baby torti kitten.

But I do really enjoy it when some of the cats at our shift are kittens!

Kristen holding a light brown kitten.

for cicada noise

I like the whirring sound that they make! If it went on all the time, maybe I would eventually be annoyed by it.

But once every 17 years is not enough to make me sick of the sound.

for my super comfy bed and pillow

It’s pretty normal for me to hop into bed at night and say something about how marvelously comfy it is.

But every time I go out of town, I am especially reminded of how much I like my own bed.

Mattress: soft, but not too soft

Pillow: super flat


for library books

I have so many interesting medical memoirs here to read, all for free from the library.

for cheap eBay books

Some of the medical memoirs you all suggested for me are not available at my library. But I was able to find several of them for just a few dollars on eBay.

And you know I will put them right back out there for sale as soon as I’m done reading them.

What are you thankful for this week? 












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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.