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Five Frugal Things | Converse, notebooks and more

1. I got some 35 cent notebooks

stack of spiral bound notebooks

Zoe needed a few things for some tutorial classes she’s taking, so I got a few bargain items at Office Depot, including $0.35 notebooks.

We can always, always use more notebooks.

I like these because they don’t have those vinyl or plastic covers; when we’re done with school in the spring, we just remove the wire and then recycle or burn the paper.

2. I sold tiny Build a Bear clothes

In our decluttering Zoe and I cam across some clothing for the SmallFry line of Build a Bears.

I often give away the toys we don’t need, but I wasn’t sure I’d have an easy time finding someone with this specific need.

Build a Bear small fry clothes

So, it occurred to me to check eBay and yep, people are buying them there!

I listed them pretty inexpensively as a lot (individual listings felt like too much work) and they sold within a few days.

3. I paid my estimated taxes

This is frugal because (hopefully) I am not going to pay a fee for underpaying when I file in 2021.

TurboTax calculated some very enormous estimated tax payments for me to make in 2020 and oof, it has been painful.

This is the third out of four, though, and now I don’t have to make another payment until January of 2021. So I get a few months of breathing room now.


And I keep reminding myself that this is all going to pay off in April of 2021, when I hopefully am not going to get a depressing tax bill.

4. I got a $12 box of peaches

It’s getting to be the end of peach season, so I wasn’t sure there would even be any peaches left.

But when Zoe and I were running an errand near the produce stand, I popped in and found a box of bruised peaches.

cardboard box of bruised peaches

This is probably the last one I’ll be able to get this season, which is a little sad.


Bruised apple season is coming up shortly. And then it’s time to make applesauce!

Here’s how I freeze summer peaches.

5. I sold a pair of Converse on eBay.

The first pair Zoe bought was a little too small. I looked into a return, but we’d have had to pay $10 return shipping to send them back.


So I opted to just list them for sale instead.

That way, the new buyer would pay the shipping necessary to get them out of my house!

I recouped the money Zoe spent on them, and she and I found another eBay pair in a slightly larger size for even less money.

black Converse hi tops from eBay

So, all is now well in the shoe world of Zoe. 🙂

Your turn! Share your five frugal things in the comments.

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Saturday 19th of September 2020

1) I am participating in Shelftember, eating from stock first and only spending $25 or less a week. So far, so good. Using up some weird things!! 2)In light of #2, I used coupons for my shopping this week and got quite a bit for my money. 3)I booked a free hotel night that comes with my Hilton card. Since we can't travel, we're doing a "staycation." Will report on how it goes! 4)Yesterday, I made homemade, bread, muffins and chocolate cake. Direct result of shelftember. 5) I have a goal not to buy any toiletries until I use a box full of travel size stuff collected from travel. Those small toothpaste tubes last surprisingly long!!

Laura uresti

Saturday 19th of September 2020

The last 2 weeks have been quite difficult. My husband passed away, so being frugal has been quite easy given the amount of serving we have received from family and friends. I dont see it as tacky to list some of the frugalities... as my husband was careful and taught me to enjoy what we had and always proud of my savings. 1- meals have been delivered to our home to feed our children and I every day. 2- gifts of cash and gift cards given to us. 3- a relative had a Ring doorbell installed for us to provide some security. 4- our garbage disposal and outlets were also taken care of by said relative. 5- finally ventured out today w the children to a relatives bday dinner... the love received definitely reinforced to my children and myself how the best things in life are free.

Darlene H

Sunday 20th of September 2020

I’m so sorry. Sending hugs for you and your children.

Heidi Louise

Saturday 19th of September 2020

Peace to you and your family, Laura!


Saturday 19th of September 2020

Oh my goodness, Laura. I am so very, very sorry. Much love to you.


Friday 18th of September 2020

1) Am giving up my EVERY. SINGLE. WORK. NIGHT going to 7-11 and spending $5.00 to $15.00 on overpriced and unhealthy food, went to Safeway and spent around $112.00 for food to last through at least the end of the month (breakfast at home, not McDonald's drive thru, dinner at home (not 7-11) and lunch at work (again, not 7-11). I can buy single cans of soda at work for 75 cents instead of having to buy 2 bottles at 7-11 for the 'deal'

Bought a wooden bed frame for $50.00 off of Nextdoor, and the seller threw in the box springs for free.


Wednesday 16th of September 2020

I freeze left over vegies and make soup or salad se in casserolli keep bread tags and hold my sticky tape I use free newspapers to put my dogs food on onc he's finished eating I throw it awabeen collecting all coins for Christmas presents and lunch home made Christmas gifts this year makes

Melinda Daye

Wednesday 16th of September 2020

Spiral and composition notebooks are on sale for $0.25 at Wal-Mart.

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