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Five Frugal Things | A water bill, beef jerky, flats, a Redcard, and veggies

1. I paid my water bill online.

Normally I pay this bill via mail because there’s a fee for paying online.

(Which is annoying, but that’s another topic for another day.)

I sent my check off, but I got it back in the mail because…I forgot to sign the check. Ugh.

Luckily, I’d paid it so early that I still had time before a late fee kicked in! So I hopped online and paid it, using the e-check option because that was the lowest available fee.

So, I wasted a stamp but at least I didn’t incur a late fee.

2. I brought back some bad beef jerky.

I buy beef jerky from Aldi regularly, and it’s always been fine. But our last package was really, really dry (which, yes, I know. Beef jerky is supposed to be dry.   But this was CRAZY dry.).

And also it looked and tasted kind of weird.

So I brought it back to Aldi and got a new package plus a $3.29 refund because Aldi has a double guarantee on all of their products.

3. I bought some practical shoes for my costume.

My costume really kind of called for some white boots, but when in the world am I ever going to wear white boots again?

That seemed like it would be a wasteful purchase.

So I bought some brown flats, which will hopefully just kind of disappear and not be noticeable at all. And I can most definitely get some good wear out of a pair of brown flats post-Halloween.

4. I used my Target Redcard.

5% off is 5% off, I say.

Better than that is the news that I stuck to my list, which is an accomplishment at Target.

5. I ate lots of Hungry Harvest veggies.

I think almost my entire harvest has been used up now, so yay me! No waste = saving money.

yesterday’s breakfast

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: a thing I like about Hungry Harvest is that it gently forces me to eat more produce, particularly veggies.

The produce arrives automatically, so I don’t have to think about buying it, and once the fruits and veggies are here, I hate to have them go to waste.

So then I eat ’em.

(If you’d like to try Hungry Harvest, get $5 off through this referral link.)

Your turn! Share your Five Frugal Things in the comments.


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Friday 2nd of November 2018

Sorry about the bad jerky. Stale and brick-like food is not pleasant. Here's my list of frugal things this week:

1) got lots of meat on clearance ($2.99 for a lb of 93% lean beef or $2.99 for a lb of chorizo) I was not gonna pass these up...

2) We don't participate in Halloween anymore since the kids are older and we worked that night. Saved plenty of $ on candy.

3) I got an email on a special for handbags. I put one in my cart but in the end, I didn't buy it. DH said I had a ton of purses. Not sure why he said that. I have 3 and I'm using one right now. Sheesh.

4) DH wanted to take a weekend to someplace out of state. The rest of us decided that flying to a place where all he wanted to do was walk around wasn't worth it. Why spend money on something that nobody wants to do?

5) I get free magazines every month. A ton of them. After reading them, I bring them to the gym and put them in the racks so everyone else can enjoy them.


Thursday 1st of November 2018

Pretty frugal week so far. The school district left food at work not realizing there were so few kids so there were plenty of apples, peaches and milk for staff. We need to build a small awning to put a boat under and they are tearing down a building by hubs work so he got most of the wood to build it for free. Another worker was able to pull the furnace out (from 2015) so yay it did not go to the landfill. There were some really nice glass storage containers there too that I will run thru the dishwasher & see if anyone wants them. Stuffed the feral cat house with free straw, I gave the rest to my neighbor who builds insulated cat houses. We went out to eat with Grandpa and neither him or I was starving so we split a sandwich. Someone threw away some folding lawn chairs that are nicer than free chairs for next spring.


Thursday 1st of November 2018

1. I have been working diligently on using all of everything I cook. I have been succeeding. 2. Managed to buy about 14 days worth of meat at half price. 3. Sticking to my healthy breakfast plan. 4. Working hard on my Christmas gifts. 5. Reminding myself that eating at home is better for me and cheaper too.


Thursday 1st of November 2018

1. We made most of our Wizard of Oz trunk or treat costumes and decorations ourselves....which was both fun and very cute! 2. Had a no spend week while I was prepping for Halloween, so that gave me a nice excuse to avoid the stores. 3. Returned library books on the day they were due to avoid fines and picked up books on hold to enjoy this week 4. Ate all our meals at home and did some fall cleaning 5. Have been sending ideas to family members about things my son would like for his bday, which means I have less to buy ( which helps me a lot because I have been trying to buy nothing new this year and my son has not been liking the idea of only getting used toys as gifts...)


Wednesday 31st of October 2018

1) I picked up a pair of used, but like-new running shoes in my size from the "free table" at my work. I was dreading having to buy a pair/look for sales, so this was perfect, and will keep going at least another couple years. 2) I used 5 Macy's rebate visa cards to buy amazon gift cards, totalling $60.00. They are so much easier for me to use than to try to use the visa rebate cards at stores where I can rarely get the exact amount and have to mess with 2 forms of payment. Now I have some stocking stuffers, or I can use them myself for gifts. 3) I entered a new diet bet. I suppose this isn't frugal right now, but I almost always take the weight off, so next month, I should be 5 pounds lighter and about $15 richer! Bonus points for less groceries to buy this month. 4) There was a free lunch at work. Always great when I don't have to pack one. 5) I signed up for bi-annual health screens for hubby and I, which our work reimburses. Kinda a no-brainer, but it's amazing how long I put this off because I never can seem to "find" the time to schedule it. 6) I finally did a follow up call that I have been putting off about a free hotel stay that I was supposed to get on one of my credit cards, but it had never showed up. The representative was very helpful, and I was able to get the code for the free night! Something else that had been on my "to do" list forever.

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