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Four things that are making me happy (and one that’s not)

First, congrats to Tara L, who won the MotoG6 Play giveaway from Ting. Congrats, Tara!

Also, just a reminder that the $50 credit offer for new Ting signups ends tomorrow, so click here and get yourself signed up with Ting right away.

1. I got rid of some clutter.

I freecycled a number of things yesterday, gave some clothes to a niece, and I also dropped off some old, worn-out athletic shoes at the Nike store.

(Nike recycles old athletic shoes and turns them into Nike Grind.)

decluttering papers

That feeling of freeing up space in your house just never gets old!

2. I got a good night’s sleep last night.

I had several pretty bad nights of a sleep in a row, but last night, I went to bed a little early and I slept like a rock.

3. I found some restaurant gift cards.

As I was cleaning off my desk yesterday, I found several partially used restaurant gift cards.   There’s enough un-redeemed value left on the cards to make for a free date night for Mr. FG and me, so, yay!

4. We met our out-of-network deductible.

Remember the claims I was submitting?   Well, they got processed already (faster than I expected!), and our out-of-network deductible has been met.

Which means that future bills we submit are going to be covered at 50%, which is a huge improvement over the 0% we’ve gotten so far.

5. (the not-so-good thing) I have a stiff neck.

I was doing pushups near the end of my workout yesterday, and something went wonky in my upper back/neck.

It’s not excruciating or anything, but it’s definitely stiff. So, I’m gently stretching it and also putting our rice sock on it.

It does seem like it’s slowly loosening up this morning, so I’m hopeful that today will be a better neck day!


Tell me four things that are making you happy! And feel free to throw in one that’s not, like I did.

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Thursday 1st of November 2018

Late to this game but hope you (and others here) are feeling better soon! My knees commiserate with you all

Happy because:

1. Halloween is over -- it was fun at school but man, happy to put all that stuff back in the box. 2. Doing a bit better with eating in -- although last night was chipotle and the weekend doesn't look good . . . 3. Weather no longer in the 90s -- mid to upper 80s. It's the little things 4. Found 11 cents this week and then dreamed I was finding pennies and odd, golden, foreign coins everywhere I went -- hope this is prophetic ;) 5. It is almost Friday . . . never gets old! 6. Working phone bank and canvassing for my candidate. Happy to DO something instead of whining, although I have never been so hung up on in my life :)

Bugged because: 1. House is SOOO messy and it's up to me to fix it . . . 2. Weather is in the mid to upper 80s -- enough already!


Wednesday 31st of October 2018

Sorry for your neck -- it's great that people can make suggestions here and I hope you feel better soon!

Happy because: 1. Halloween at school is OVER and, though crazy, it was fun and the kids had a blast. And candy ;) And I spent very little money!!!! 2. Will go work a phone bank the next two nights for a great candidate. I feel so happy to work with these people that even the grumps don't get me down and I am able to thank them for their time. Have had conversations with folks on "the other side" that were cordial and informative --- helps me to LISTEN more and maybe learn something.. 3. Almost the weekend --never gets old! 4. Really nailing the whole "eat up what ya got" and quit eating out thing -- way better than we've been in the past. Cooked some yummy stuff for a change . . . 5. It is not 90+ degrees here, just high 80s. Baby steps.


1. It is still in the high 80s. 2. One of my student's grandparents is making daily pick up very uncomfortable with silly accusations -- looking for a fight. So I am taking a deep breath and reminding myself to LISTEN before I blab. And consider my words. Happy Halloween!


Tuesday 30th of October 2018

Good: 1) Got to see lots of old friends at a meeting tonight, and felt the love. 2) New to me car feels safe and reliable-- I know I will get where I am going. I was able to take my time to find a good one, and was able to pay cash, so no payments! 3) lets me get some great reading material, and them pass it on, lessening clutter. Check it out! Getting packages in the mail feels like Christmas every week sometimes! 4) Lots in fridge, freezer, cupboards, closets, etc. Very blessed. 5)Was it four or 5 good and 1 bad? Basemnt almsot dired out after 3 weeks of dmapness/flooding


Tuesday 30th of October 2018

I was doing spell-check when it posted! BAD: Raining hard now!


Tuesday 30th of October 2018

1. I got to see a friend I haven't see in over a year today! We spent the entire afternoon together. 2. My friend and I spent part of our visit kayaking. I haven't been able to do that in almost 3 months. 3. I have 2 days off this week. Some weeks I only have 1 or none. This allowed me the time to get together with my friend and still provide me with an entire day to get my jeep serviced, run errands, and get a visit into the chiropractor. 4. The weather is cooler. I love autumn and the heat of summer has been holding on for far too long. It's fine ally started to cool off a bit and feel like fall. Cozy sweaters here I come!

*I too have wonked out my neck. We are fortunate that our chiropractor will meet you at her office on Sundays for appointments because last week I was so out of wack, that my jaw needed adjusted. Well, let's just say, it's only 2 days later and I am back to being out of place. It's my own fault for not taking it easy the day after my adjustment. So I will be back in her office in a couple of days. I now have a bulge in my neck where a muscle or something has popped out of place and my jaw is still bad.☹ I hope you are feeling better soon as this neck pain is no fun.


Tuesday 30th of October 2018

Ugh! I hope your neck is 100% soon.


Tuesday 30th of October 2018

1. I'm full term today- 37 weeks! So far baby and I are healthy too. 2. Celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary yesterday. Still so in love with him! 3. Halloween tomorrow and my son is so excited. 4. Coverage for my maternity leave from work was finalized today- such a relief

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