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Five Frugal Things | a library edition

Well, the library makes up the first two, at least!

1. I put next month’s book club book on hold

I am sort of allergic to buying books (unless they are somehow not available at the library).

stack of library books

As long as they are at the library, that is where I will always go. Next month’s selection is Everything Sad is Untrue and it was indeed available at the library.

I also caved and got an ebook at the library. I normally dislike ebooks, but I heard about this one called “Do Nothing” on Laura Vanderkam’s podcast, so I looked it up and a digital copy is all our library had.

Will I actually read the book? Or will I completely forget about it, as I usually do with books that are digital?

Stay tuned.

2. I requested a new book at the library

I saw an article about The Miracle Pill, by Peter Walker. It’s a book about how a sedentary lifestyle isn’t great for us, and while that’s sort of a “duh!” concept, the book intrigued me.

I sent in a materials request to the library, and they’re going to try to get the book for me from another library system.

3. I ordered some Debrox drops

(If you are grossed out by any mention of earwax, skip this one.)

knitted bear

His ears never need to be cleaned out 😉

One of my ears has been feeling a little muffled and I’m guessing it’s because my ear needs to be cleaned out! When the primary care physician last cleaned out my waxy ears, she suggested that I try Debrox drops next time.

The drops are significantly cheaper than a doctor appointment, so if they work, they will be totally worth the price. Here’s hoping.

(Just in case you are wondering: I never, ever clean my ears with Qtips, since I know that doctors say that makes the problem worse. And rest assured that if these drops don’t work, I will get my ear checked out.)

4. I filed our taxes with TurboTax

I bought the software from Costco back in January, but I put off finishing up the last few things.

I finally got it all done and it feels GOOD. All the tax papers are off my desk now!

(For the record, I think hiring a tax professional is good if your taxes are complicated. If they are fairly simple, the DIY route works great and costs much less. So far, mine are simple enough to go the DIY route.)

5. I…

  • submitted several medical bills for reimbursement
  • ordered more Starbucks coffee grounds from Amazon (way cheaper than the grocery store)
  • listed more books for sale on eBay
  • unlocked my Acorns investment account (someone from Germany had tried to log in!)

Share your frugal five in the comments!

P.S. If you want to try Acorns, you can get a free $5 bonus for opening an account through my referral link.
(The link will show you the $3 and $5 fee options, but there’s a $1 option as well that you can find if you compare the subscription plans.)

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Friday 16th of April 2021

My frugality this week is I used my stimulus to file for divorce. We've been separated for over 6yrs & I was waiting for him to pay for it. Ha! He never worked & still doesn't so I bit the bullet & filed. Weight off of my shoulders.


Friday 16th of April 2021

An ENT specialist told me to put a drop of hydrogen peroxide in each ear once a week and I would not have the problem with a stopped up ear because of wax. Inexpensive solution prescribed by a doctor! And it does seem to work.


Thursday 15th of April 2021

A note about the Debrox - it may soften the wax but not actually remove it. What has helped me and my husband is to use a bulb syringe (some kits are sold with one) to gently spray warm water into the ear to actually flush out the wax after softening it several times with the drops. Be careful this can make you dizzy. It doesn't really bother me but I had my husband lie down and I did it for him (true act of love!) :)


Thursday 15th of April 2021

Thank you! That's good to know. Do you soften it several time with the drops right in a row? Or do you wait and do it once a day, and then flush after a couple of days of that?

Katie K.

Wednesday 14th of April 2021

1. I did most of my grocery shopping at Aldi, and then swung by Publix for a couple of BOGO deals. 2. I scored 96% lean ground beef 50% off while at Aldi! 3. Used a BOGO coupon at Culver’s for a sweet treat for my husband and I. 4. I’m doing a better job of remembering to check a thrift store first before I buy new when I need something. 5. I also joined a Facebook gifting group (similar to Buy Nothing) and I’m heading out today to pick up something I need. It’s nice to be part of a like-minded frugal/recycle/low waste kind of group.

For all you frugal readers - don’t forget about Little Free Libraries! It’s a great way to discover new reads and recycle books. I just put one up in my yard, and it’s been fun seeing people use it already. I’m having a “Grand Opening” party on Sunday afternoon, and I can’t wait!


Friday 16th of April 2021

I am a strong advocate of the Little Free Libraries. I donate often to one right around the corner. Love them!


Wednesday 14th of April 2021

1. Planning a trip to Yellowstone NP later this summer with friends. While the lodging we booked earlier this year inside the park is decidedly not frugal, we decided to prioritize time over money for that portion and save on other things like food (buying at the grocery store for picnic lunches) and using points for our plane tickets. I booked our tickets about 1.5 months ago, but have been periodically checking and found that one flight was now "cheaper" (using less points), so I cancelled our tickets and rebooked at the lower rate, saving 3800 points per ticket!

2. Borrowed a book from the library that my son needed for school instead of buying it.

3. Need to get an MRI due to some neck/back issues I've been having lately. Asked my doctor if I could schedule at a stand-alone MRI center instead of the hospital, which I know from experience is generally cheaper, even with insurance. He agreed and hopefully I should have a very low co-pay (if at all), plus this place is much closer to me than the hospital they recommended at first.

4. My son has been wanting a bean bag chair for a while. The first one I bought him from FB marketplace "deflated" and we couldn't unzip it to add filler. Found a huge "Ultimate Sack" bean bag chair someone was selling in our local FB garage sale group for $50 (it is literally 4' across and 2.5' high), looked up the retail price ($150+) and snapped it up. It was so big it filled the entire trunk of my SUV (even with part of the middle row down)! He loves it and uses it daily. Gave away the old beanbag on our local freebies group.

5. Ate at Texas Roadhouse for my husband's birthday this weekend. As we tend to eat there regularly, I had bought gift cards over the holidays that offered a $5 bonus if you buy a certain amount. Used the gift card to pay for our dinner and redeemed his birthday coupon for a free sidekick of ribs (which he gifted to me).

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