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Five Frugal Things

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1. I bought a winter coat at half price.

The last time I got a new winter coat was before I got pregnant with Lisey.

That was a good long time ago.


Lisey’s been around for a while.

In fact, she turns 17 today.   Happy Birthday, Lisey!

Anyway.   The coat was a basic black L.L. Bean variety, and it was roomy enough for me to wear it through my pregnancy with her.

(She was a rather small baby, but still. It wasn’t exactly a fitted coat.)

The L.L. Bean coat has worn like iron, so it still looks fairly new. But, I was starting to feel like it was getting rather dated, as things do after 18 years.

I halfheartedly looked for one over the winter and nothing popped out at me.

But then Mr. FG forwarded me a clearance ad from Dick’s Sporting Goods, and I saw a very expensive black Spyder brand coat in my size at a serious discount.

So, I popped into TopCashBack and then placed my order.

Happily, the coat fits me, and I’m feeling much more stylish in the cold weather now.

And I’m all prepped to be stylishly warm next fall!

2. I used my TopCashBack redemption money for birthday shopping.

I redeemed my earnings for an Amazon gift card because that gives me an extra 3% back.

And heaven knows I can always use Amazon money, especially at this time of year, which is birthday season at our house.

(Get a $15 cashback bonus when you earn your first $10 with TopCashback.)

3. I used $31 of Kohl’s discounts to birthday shop.

I can’t tell you what I bought because my children read my blog (hi, offspring!).

birthday presesnts in bags

But I had $15 of Kohl’s Yes2You rewards and they also sent me a $16 anniversary coupon since I’ve apparently been shopping there for 16 years.

I used those two things plus a 20% off Kohl’s coupon, so this was a pretty fantastically frugal purchase.

4. I used my broken pizza stone under the broiler.

I was trying a Cook’s Illustrated recipe that called for using the broiler setting with the stone.

This can make some stones crack, but luckily, I had an already-cracked one that I set aside for just such a use.

It cracked into two neat pieces a little while back, and it’s very easy to put them together and use them like you would an uncracked stone.


The nice thing about baking with a cracked stone is…you don’t have to worry about it cracking!

Because the thing you were worried about? It already happened.

5. I sold a book & some Calico Critter stuff.

Sonia and Zoe have outgrown their critters, so I’ve been helping them sell their things on eBay.   Two of Zoe’s items sold, and so did a book I’ve had listed on Amazon for a while.

ebay packages

We packaged our stuff up with reused boxes/envelopes, and used the free community newspaper for cushioning.

Every little bit helps!


Aaaaand it’s your turn. Share your five frugal things in the comments!

P.S. Right now, through March 31st, you can get a free $15 cashback bonus when you open a TopCashback account and earn $10 in cashback. This is an amazing deal that they set up just for Frugal Girl readers.

Go sign up and get your $15!

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Profesora H-B

Tuesday 27th of March 2018

I'm a day late, but I'm still commenting!

1.) I took on an extra course this summer, which will add a nice little pad to our emergency fund. 2.) I did a quick grocery run this morning and STUCK TO MY LIST! (Well, I added a loaf of bread for $0.88, so pretty close.) 3.) I made applesauce with a bunch of apples that were getting wrinkly. 4.) I brought my lunch to work today. 5.) I decided to drive instead of fly for a work trip because I get reimbursed mileage and we're trying desperately to make sure ends meet until my summer pay bump kicks in. I'll sacrifice the time in the car and come out ahead by a not insignificant chunk of money (even factoring in car maintenance).


Tuesday 27th of March 2018

1) My husband replaced the three-prong plug on our space heater with a $3 replacement from Lowes. (The ground prong broke off.)

2) Handy husband also fixed a leaky bathroom faucet with a washer we already had. He also replaced a broken fence board with one of the extras we somehow still had from when we put up the fence.

3) I bagged up a trash bag full of clothes after culling our stash of kids' clothes to take to Goodwill. I need just one more stamp to get a 20% off coupon, and I plan to go later this week.

4) Our tax refund checks went directly in savings.

5) Really wasn't feeling making supper last night, but pulled it together anyway and made some quesadillas before my husband and the little ones walked in the door.

Anne Trudell

Tuesday 27th of March 2018

Still travelling... No ALDI here in Hot Springs Village, but there is a Food Wise. Some things were expensive, so I simply by-passed those. 1. Sunday morning shortly after 7am is a good time to check the marked-down produce: a bag of two peppers for $1, and two meals of potatoes for $1 2. We have a botanical garden membership that is on a Reciprocal Admission Program -- so hub and I did not pay $15 each to enter Garvan Woodland Gardens -- their tulip gardens were at their peak on Sunday. 3. Got a boneless pork loin roast at just over a $1 a pound - big enough for three meal for us. 4. Did the greeting breakfast yesterday at the resort and we were urged to take some leftover food with us: yogurt, donuts, and an orange. 5. Used up sausage, sauce, some cheese and bread rounds for pizza our last night at the previous resort we stayed at and had pizza for the road to!


Tuesday 27th of March 2018

1). Used our membership to the nature center for a weekend outing 2). Ate leftovers for dinner 3). We were considering moving as many thing in our house are not working for us. We decided to take on some home projects to make our home work for our situation. Much more frugal than moving. 4). My daughter and I stopped at the library to restock our TBR stacks 5). We have $12 left in our grocery budget for the month so we are doing our best to eat out of the pantry/freezer/fridge. I am planning on stopping at ALDI today to pick up some essential produce - bell peppers, bananas, and apples.


Tuesday 27th of March 2018

I'm losing my frugal touch this month. UGH. But some good things did come about. They are:

1) I entered DS2 in a contest from Jersey Mike's subs and got $20 in gift cards from entering him. Savings- $20 2) Needed ink cartridges for the printer. So, Costco refills them for $7 each . We filled 4 of them. Savings- $80 3) My car needs brakes and the dealership wanted an arm and a leg! But, I happen to know a guy...So, I bought the supplies and he will install it all. Savings- $760 !! 4) I sold some stuff on ebay. I hope to keep decluttering and selling items. 5) DS2 is growing his hair out for his senior project at school. He's sewing a Dr. Strange costume and since his hair hasn't been cut in a while, I've saved money. Savings- $60 5)

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