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Five Frugal Things | With 0 photos

I had this post halfway written yesterday but never finished it! So I’m preempting my grocery post to publish this instead.

Apologies for the photo-less post.   I got nothin’!

1. I pointed out a doctor’s office credit.

Some months back, we had an appointment at a doctor’s office the day after we met our deductible, but it wasn’t in the system yet.

So, we had to pay for that appointment out of pocket, and after the insurance was sorted out, we were left with a credit in our account at that office.

This means our copay for subsequent appointments is covered for a while, but at an appointment this week, they said we needed to pay $39.

Aand I was like, hmmm, no, I don’t think that’s right.

I inquired about the credit, the receptionist checked, and sure enough, we still had a credit balance.


(Always keep an eye on medical bills, you guys.   Errors happen!)

2. I redeemed credit card reward points.

Now that Costco accepts Visa, I can cancel the American Express card that we’ve kept solely for Costco purposes.

I’m very happy to simplify my financial life by one card.   Yay!

While I was on hold to cancel, though, it occurred to me that I should check my reward points.   Sure enough, I had $100 worth of rewards, so I redeemed those before I cancelled the card.


3. I made do for dinner last night.

My day did not go as planned yesterday and I didn’t even get around to dealing with dinner until 7:45.

I knew I had some bacon in the fridge and some tortillas in the pantry, so we had bacon and cheese quesadillas.

It wasn’t fancy, but it was quick and easy and it did the job.

4. I haven’t really gone grocery shopping.

I don’t give myself much credit for this, as it’s largely due to a bunch of busy days.   But I don’t think I’ve spent much at all on groceries…just some small trips here and there to fill in.

5. Hmmm….I made yogurt.

I know that’s not very exciting.   But it is frugal.


Want to share your own? The comments are yours!


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richard zorniak

Tuesday 5th of July 2016

Kristen: Congrat's on saying good bye to your American Express credit card. Just because.

Nice to read the son is doing well in college. I take credit courses at Langara College, here in Vancouver BC.

Congrats too on your son landing a summer job and his efforts at college.

My one thrifty idea: Recently, I used a fresh toothbrush with lather from a tube brushed against the grain on my 60 + year face to shave. Went back to using brand name razor with battery to achieve a smooth barber shoppe style shave (I had one after a brief stay in hospital over Good Friday holiday/holy day in which beard grew tougher than usual. Along with new battery operated razor a $4/Canadian off-coupon included for my next pack of razors.

As for my health after 5 day stay in hospital: My aliments were addressed and my faith, I am convinced gave me strength while in Intensive Care unit. Today, I find myself in relatively okay heath. An easy hike on one of my favorite trails is on my agenda.

Richard in Vancouver BC.

Andrea D

Wednesday 29th of June 2016

1. I did all my shopping at Grocery Outlet (my equivalent to ALDI since we don't have it in here in Northern California). I always save money by shopping there and find great deals on natural products.

2. Bought the boys a "new" dresser for $6.99 at the thrift store.

3. This summer I've been teaching the boys how to ride their bikes to school safely, to minimize how often I drive them. I let them bike ahead and follow behind in case of an emergency. They have since learned how to fix a bike chain, and are much more comfortable crossing the street safely without my guidance. My 'leash' is getting longer each day, and our regular practice will pay off once school begins again.

4. This week my husband and I took the boys to free sports clinics that are being offered locally. Football is twice a week, baseball is twice a week, and ice hockey is twice a week! During the regular school year we have to pay for them to be in sports, so when there are free sessions we take advantage.

5. On our hectic days I have been cooking dinner well in advance to avoid eating out. It is not as fun, but I think it is worth it. If I cook early before I have to run my afternoon errands it is easier for us to not eat out knowing there is a meal waiting at home. Definitely worth the extra effort.


Sunday 26th of June 2016

1. Shopped at Aldi. 2. Resisted the urge to get a drive thru burger on my way home at lunchtime. Ate a hot dog at home, lol. 3. Shopped around for swim lessons for my oldest grandkids. Expensive at the franchise places! I had a thought and picked up the phone and called my daughter's best friend, a former lifeguard. She is teaching the kids in her mom's pool very near my house. The price is not a whole lot less but they're getting one-on-one lessons. And I'm happy paying her. 4. Continuing our living room painting, which we decided to do ourselves after a couple of outrageously high quotes. 5. Switched cable companies and saved $60 a month.

Tamara R

Saturday 25th of June 2016

1. Took advantage of an offer by TWC to increase our internet speed while lowering our monthly fee. (Actually getting TWC to honor the mailing was a royal battle in that customer service dept apparently knew nothing about it, but that's a different story . . . ) 2. In the process of making the above change, the customer service manager reminded me we could save an additional $10 monthly by purchasing our own internet modem and returning theirs. We ordered one from Amazon straight away, applying that $30 Apple class action settlement many of us likely just received (and don't understand, but again that's a different story . . . ). So, once all is said and done we will go from an annual internet bill of $720 to just $480. 3. Cooked up a storm in anticipation of family visiting this next week rather than defaulting to expensive supermarket convenience/ready made foods. 4. Brought our own wine to a restaurant, paying a relatively modest corkage fee instead of the usual 3x markup for wine. 5. Indicating it was our anniversary when making the reservation netted us a free dessert, so that was a nice little frugal save too!

richard zorniak

Tuesday 5th of July 2016

Hello Tamara. Can you let readers' know how the internet speed increase works out? Here in Vancouver BC, Shaw Internet has a similar offer for $4/Canadian/month.


Saturday 25th of June 2016

Today has not been frugal. I left the car in the carpark while I took mum to the doctor and came back to a huge scrape on my ex pristine car!

1. My daughter is in a stage production and she made chicken a la king to eat on some nights.

2. Leftovers chicken was made into chicken noodle soup. It is the right week as it is cool here now.

3. Stew was made out of freezer ingredients.

4. Today we bought cheaper fruits and so far they taste great.

5. I am using extra blankets instead of turning on the heating. Queensland homes are not built for wintery weather.


Saturday 25th of June 2016

I'm so sorry about your car! That's frustrating.

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