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A thwarted camping trip (plus some carved pumpkins)

So, we’ve been trying to squeeze in a camping trip with a couple from church (they happen to be the drummer and cellist from our band), and we thought we’d try to go this past Sunday.

But the freak October snowstorm that made the news? It hit the campground we were planning on going to, and suddenly, our warm beds at home seemed infinitely more appealing than a tent. In the snow. In freezing temperatures.

Oh well.

But on the upside (there’s always an upside, you know), this gave us time to carve our pumpkins.

Since we couldn’t go camping with Abby and Everett, we asked them if they could at least come over to our house and hang out.

Also, we roped them into helping with the pumpkin carving.

I love this picture…Sonia’s so intent on telling Abby something in the middle of cleaning out pumpkin guts.

Do notice Joshua in the background here. 😉

Zoe opted for a whale pumpkin, just like last year.

I’m sure you can guess what animal Sonia wanted on hers.

Know something I really appreciate about Everett and Abby? The way they love our children.

Our kids love them for it and we do too.

Want to see the results of our carving??

Here’s a light-ish photo so that you can see the pumpkins themselves.

And here’s what they actually look like on our dark deck at night.

Joshua and Lisey’s pumpkins are both narwhals, so 3/4 of our pumpkins this year are sea creatures. Sonia’s pumpkin sports turtles, of course (I think the heart signifies that they’re in love.)

Since we didn’t get to have a real campfire with A&E, we made the best of it and built one in our fire pit instead.

Everett is a fire-building whiz…he got a lovely fire going with only a match.

(Mr. FG and I have been known to, um, rely heavily on lighter fluid. Ahem.)

Fortunately, I had s’more supplies from Aldi.

So, we roasted marshmallows, made s’mores, and told stories.

It wasn’t quite camping, but it was a delightful substitute. And we all got to sleep in our warm houses, so there’s that.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes the simple things in life are the best?

We didn’t do anything fancy or expensive….we carved pumpkins, ate buttermilk waffles and bacon, made a fire, and ate s’mores. And it was delightful anyway.

I think that’s because being with people that you love makes pretty much anything satisfying.


P.S. If you’re new here, you might want to read a post from my productivity series called Don’t Waste Your Leisure. In that post, I talk about engaging in activities that aren’t isolating, and about how much more rewarding leisure time is when we spent at least some of it with people that we love.


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Friday 4th of November 2011

We actually went camping last weekend with our Cub Scout Pack. Though I wasn't in the snow belt, it was very cold and very rainy in Eastern North Carolina. We were cold, and wet, but the Scouts barely noticed, and I made sure my son had dry things to change into at bedtime, and again the next morning. If you go to my website, you can read a little more about it, it is my most recent post as of this morning.

Tasmanian Minimalist

Wednesday 2nd of November 2011

I love action shots and pumpkins are soooo friendly.


Wednesday 2nd of November 2011

So well written and photographed I felt as though I were there - really lovely. It's Guy Fawkes Night over in the UK on Saturday. Fireworks and an incinerator burning wood to keep us warm whilst eating Jacket Pots - just like we always did it when I was a child, and now we do it with our children.


Wednesday 2nd of November 2011

What is a jacket pot?! :)


Wednesday 2nd of November 2011

As far as I'm concerned, the only enjoyable part of camping is the campfire and the s'mores. You were smart and cut out all that nasty sleeping on the ground part. The pumpkins are great. We put out some and a squirrel ate their faces away. Now, they really look spooky.


Wednesday 2nd of November 2011

Had to jump in here! I decided to bring our pumpkin in out of the cold after all the trick and treaters had gone to bed. Popped out in the dark and picked it up and thought it felt awfully squidgy inside. Put it on a shelf in the playroom and realised it was covered in slugs! The squidginess had been me putting my finger through one. Needless to say it went straight back outside...


Wednesday 2nd of November 2011

I love your blog! I am facing two major surgeries and seeing photos and hearing about your life takes my mind off my challenges and perks me up. I'm sorry that anyone is ever critical of your cheerfulness and optimism. You really make my days! Your blog reminds me of all the good times I had when I was active and younger. I know that your life isn't perfect and has its challenges because it is the nature of life. Your commitment to fully living the life that God has given you is uplifting. Please don't ever let anyone rain on your parade.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.