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10 Goals Update (plus 10 more!)

Last week, I posted 10 things I was hoping to get done last week, and I’m here with the promised update today!

1. Paint new sample color on my living room wall

I did this, and decided that the new color was too light while still being too blue. Sigh.

It doesn’t look horrible in this picture, but trust me…it’s almost baby blue, and I loathe it. Blech.

I like the look of the darker blues, but my living room is on the north side of the house, so that room is just not bright enough to handle a dark color.


The good news is that I FINALLY found the appropriate shade, and I lurve it. However, only that one wall is painted (I got another sample jar), so I want to wait until I’m done painting to show you.

2. Finish editing photos from my shoot with the W family.

Nope. I planned to do them the night that my kids got my computer infected with a fake anti-virus bug.

Earlier in the week, though, I did finish all the pictures I’ve taken of my niece, Adriana, since she was born, and I got them onto a CD for my sister-in-law. That’s been bugging me for a long time, so I’m delighted to have it finished.

3. Finish money report for November.


4. Figure out a new budget with Mr. FG.

We did sort of start to talk about this, but then we had one of those, um, relational bumps over it. We planned to regroup and talk about it on Saturday night, but I didn’t have the numbers put together well enough and we had other stuff to talk over anyway.

So, I’m going to only halfway cross this off.

5. Update Quicken.

Done. And due to the bump Mr. FG and I had when discussing our budget, I am freshly motivated to keep more detailed records so that I can produce more helpful reports.

6. Post review/giveaway for Cook’s Illustrated’s new cookbook.


7. Get Sonia started with piano lessons.

Done! And she’s so delighted.

8. Try having computer-less mornings.

This has been going fairly well. I haven’t gone completely without checking my email, but I’ve spent minimal time on the computer, and it’s been making our mornings go better.

9. Make a blog plan for November.

Yup! I got this done. 🙂 I even got some December planning done.

10. Figure out a new time for Bible reading.

I’ve decided to do this at night before bed. In order for me to do it consistently, I need to do it at a time of day that is predictable. For instance, 2:30 pm would never work, because I might be doing any number of different things at 2:30. But late at night, I’m always home, the kids are always in bed, and so I think I’ll be able to regularly carve out the time for reading my Bible.


7.5 out of 10 isn’t too bad! I definitely got more done than I would have without publicly sharing my list.

So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to put another 10 items out here for the coming week.

1. Finish editing photos from my shoot with the W family.

Must. Get. This. Done.

2. Figure out a new budget with Mr. FG.

Armed with numbers and a hashed-out-and-resolved conflict, we’re going to give this another go!

3. Post Cook’s Illustrated cookbook giveaway.

Know what my hold-up has been? I have permission to give away a chocolate chip cookie recipe in my giveaway post, and I want to make the recipe so I can take a picture before I do the giveaway.

So, I need to get in the kitchen.

4. Fill Operation Christmas Child box.

These are due on Sunday, so this HAS to be done this week.

5. Update Quicken (every week is my new goal!)

I’m hoping if I do it every single week, it won’t be such a big task, and I’ll be less likely to put it off.

6. Prime and paint the living room/dining room.

Super excited about this! I’d probably do it even if I didn’t put it on my goal list.

7. Finish scheduling/planning our December church music and musicians.

I don’t actually HAVE to have this done right now, but I feel better if I get it done in advance.

8. Read my Bible every night.

Hopefully my new plan will work out!

9. List two items on Ebay or Craig’s list

Last week, we sold my camera body, a fish tank and stand, and a piece of guitar equipment, so I’m newly motivated to get some clutter out and cash in!

10.Freecycle or donate items that can’t be sold.

Along with a pile of to-sell items, there’s a pile of donate items. I need to try freecycling them, and whatever can’t be freecycled is going to Goodwill.

Today’s 365 post: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

Joshua’s 365 post: What have I been doing?

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Trudy Garvey

Friday 18th of November 2011

It is amazing to see the number of people here that commented about Operation Christmas Child! My niece is a huge promoter of it although she is only 16. This past summer she was selected to traveled Uganda with a group of teenagers to help hand out boxes and it was a very moving experience for her. The stories she shared when she returned really puts our lives in perspective.


Wednesday 16th of November 2011

Wou, these lists...:-) This pianolesson-start was certainly an important step. What a blessing to be able for you to teach your children music yourself. So what about my lists..some pics...for example I should start to think of Christmas season list(s) (even though it is not that complicated...anyway..nothing new to trouble with this), get work ideas in new shape (well), develop photos (and figure out time for netalbums), find some more 'messies no more-pages' or whatever like that (and try to learn something from them ;-)), Bible-reading in new shape for sure (ideas welcome!) and while winter is coming, try to make space for sportbike and other exercises...:-))) (and, of course, follow good way of healthy, lighter eating habits...TRY at least...every step counts!) etc. So thanks again for an interesting blog post and have a wonderful (preparing for) Christmas-season!


Wednesday 16th of November 2011

Good job being able to cross so many off your list! I love making lists and prioritizing items on them. I try to take on the items at or near the top of the list first. It doesn't always work, but usually it helps me get done the most important items. And that's not a fail in my book!


Tuesday 15th of November 2011

Just started doing this recently too. Good luck with your goals this week!


Tuesday 15th of November 2011

boy I have a lot of things I need/want to do but if i prioritize I won't get anything done because the main ones I dread DREAD double-dread doing!sigh...

I do want to do a 1 year Bible reading/study though - haven't found the ideal one yet. Last year I tried an online one that was shortened to the 'highlights' but didn't stick with it. Another year I tried a Women of the Bible one with a popular book about women in the Bible since it had a quilt pattern with it - the patterns were too hard and it was hard to follow all the discussions in the yahoo group so I didn't stick with it. As much reading as I do I have no excuse have not read the Bible in my almost 45 years.

the going through TONS of books is my main holdup and the one I'm super dreading - my townhome is a disaster area and needs decluttering big-time. It's holding me up but it's not gonna be an easy project and it's hard to part with books(for me it is)

but I"m trying to work out a budget for next year as well and want to add in exercise on a regular basis. hmm will have to come up with some others and once I come up with a game plan on the dreaded major housecleaning/decluttering take some time off from work to get it done right. may have to call in a friend to help though with her toddler and his mother's day out program might have to be in the summer(though with my procrastination might get pushed aside til then anways LOL!)

good luck with your goals - you seem to make most of yours!


Tuesday 15th of November 2011

I wish you success with your list of goals. I, for one, would be interested in seeing a post about the Operation Christmas Child Box. What you put in it, and why, how you involve your children, what they gain from the experience.

Rebecca B. A. R.

Tuesday 15th of November 2011

I second this request. I've always had fun doing a shoebox, but am curious how other people do theirs.

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