Oh, right! It’s time for Food Waste Friday.

Every week, I post a picture of the food that has gone bad over the last seven days. Why do I do this? Because in March of 2008, I finally got fed up with the amount of food I was wasting, and I thought that showing my waste to other people would motivate me to use up my food instead of wasting it. Because this often embarrassing practice was so helpful for me, I invited other bloggers to join me in posting their food waste photos, and Food Waste Friday was born.


I nearly forgot to photograph my waste, but I remembered just in time.’

Here it is: a lone kiwi.

For some reason, this one went bad before the rest. It’s not moldy-just overly ripe. I could freeze it and add it to a smoothie, but I really do not prefer the taste of overly ripe kiwi, and it seems to overpower the other flavors in the smoothie.

So, off to the compost bin it goes.

I also had a bag of grapes that were starting to get wrinkly, so the girls and I picked out the really bad ones and froze the rest for future use in smoothies.

I’m pretty pleased with this-a kiwi and some grapes over a two week span is really good for me!


How did you do this week? If you blogged about your food waste, link us up by entering your info into the widget below. You’ll save money, reduce your trash output, and get a little publicity for your blog! And if you don’t blog, you can still share about your food waste by leaving a comment.

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  1. Tina Ray says

    Bad week for the Ray household. A bunch of celery, part of a ham steak, and I graciously set my husband’s lunch by his coffee yesterday with mashed potatoes and a yummy grilled pork chop. He didn’t see the big container full of food right next to his coffee so it sat there all day on the counter :(

  2. says

    I agree with you on the kiwi! They really need to have just the right amount of ripeness, no less and no more.

    Food Waste wasn’t too bad in our house this week but I have some veggies to use up soon or they’ll end up on next week’s list!

  3. says

    My latest batch of Yogurt “Went wrong”, first time in 3 years that has happened. While it was bad for us, the chickens didn’t seem to mind. That is what is so great about chickens, nothing is wasted! They tucked right in and it was gone in minutes. Will the next batch of eggs taste of Yogurt? No. No more than they will taste of apples after the 10 pounds of apple peelings and cores that a friend gave us after they made a huge load of apple sauce, apple juice, apple butter etc. Or of shrimp after we gave them the shells and tails. Or of carrots, potatoes, you name it. Nope nothing is wasted when you have a few chickens.

  4. says

    Wish I’d forgotten to photograph mine :-(
    Having a bad run of late. Learnt something this week…potato smells as bad as fish when it rots.
    Anyhow…on a cheerier note…late to FWF over here today as decided to go grab a bundt tin from Aldi. I’m very excited!! It’s quite nice being so easily pleased!!
    Fancy dancy pumpkin cake here I come…think I’m going to drizzle some caramel over though.

    • Kristen says

      Woohoo! Just make sure to thoroughly grease it. Caramel monkey bread doesn’t really stick, but cakes sure do if you’re not careful.

      • says

        Had a bit of a disaster with my caramel this weekend. Needless to say that’s the last time I ‘nip’ on Facebook in another room whilst heating sugar on the hob. Thanks for the tip – I’ll certainly keep it in mind when I get round to the bread. I opted for no fat pumpkin cake (but in the Bundt – of course!) as I had some pumpkin flesh in the fridge to use up. Fortunately I was drizzling caramel over after…but didn’t ever get to that part. Went with golden syrup in the end after second attempt saw me melt a plastic spoon in the pan. Wasn’t my finest hour of baking!

  5. says

    I’m glad to report that this is my second week in a row w/o waste however being busy and unable to buy too much that would spoil and eating out a lot definitely helped.

  6. says

    This week and next is going to be the worst week for us in years. We are moving to Tennessee in about 11 days, so need to empty the refrigerator and freezer. I have been letting things empty out some, and am giving some stuff to friends, if they will take it. But will have to throw away some open sauces and stuff. Seems the refrigerator gets full of mustards, pickles, barbecue sauces, salad dressings, etc. I have been using them as I go and not opening new stuff, so won’t be too bad, but still going to be a bit painful as I do try and minimize food waste. But come 11/15 or so, we will be starting all over again.

  7. says

    I just discovered your blog. This is brilliant! I have been so upset at the wasted food around here lately. I would hate to think about how many scraps went to the chickens this past week. Normally I wouldn’t consider that too much waste since they will turn it into eggs, but they aren’t laying much right now. :/ I will have to participate in this next week!

  8. WilliamB says

    Terrible. I can’t even blame bad weather. And this on top of last FWF’s terrible report.

    – a hard boiled egg
    – the entire bread sponge for buckwheat pancakes
    – 1/4 lb fancy ham (not procuitto but something like)
    – a whole avocado
    – 2/3 of a mango
    – a couple of decorated cookies
    – about 1c. raw spinach, saved the rest

    Just one. Tonight’s dinner was fried rice, using up one summer squash, one zucchini, 4-6 white mushrooms, and leftover shrimp ball scraps. (Also used cooked rice, onion, and eggs, but those were always intended for the fried rice.)

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