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WIS, WWA | $138!

What I Spent

Saturday night, we had a cookout to go to, and I spent $18.83 on drinks and chips for that, plus $10 on a pack of chicken for my freezer.

On Monday, I took a $74 trip to Aldi.

On Tuesday, I was thinking, “Oh, nuts. I really need frozen fruit from Costco, but I do not feel like making a Costco trip.” And oddly enough, just a few hours later, Mr. FG called me from Costco to see if I needed anything.

YESSSS.   He picked up frozen fruit and dental floss for me, which was fabulous. ($33.47)

And on Thursday, I needed buttermilk for pancakes, so I stopped at the store and bought only buttermilk ($1.89).   Gold stars for me!

So, $138 for me this week.

May Spending

Week 1: $132

Week 2: $85

Week 3: $138

I’m having a very good grocery budget month so far!

What We Ate


I made a shrimp cobb salad, with hard-boiled eggs and avocados.   I toasted some homemade whole wheat bread to go with that, and we had watermelon wedges.

We are awfully happy that Aldi has watermelons again.   So yummy!


I made Swiss mushroom chicken and boy, I can’t remember what we had with that.

Let’s pretend we had green beans and pineapple, as in this photo. 😉


I pounded some pork tenderloins to 1/2 inch thick, grilled them, and topped them with chimichurri sauce.

And we had watermelon, apple slices, and orange slices with the pork because that was all I felt inspired to do.


Easy button night! Mr. FG had some dental work done, so he needed something easy to chew.  Pancakes seemed like a perfect option.

How to make homemade strawberry syrup

I made some strawberry syrup, on Lisey’s request, and we topped our pancakes with whipped cream too.

Man, I love whipped cream.

If you haven’t tried the strawberry syrup, do it! It’s really easy and oh my word, it is SO much cheaper than fruit syrups from the store.

I have no idea why those are so expensive, but they are.


I am honestly not sure. Normally we’d have pizza, but Mr. FG probably still isn’t going to be up to something that chewy.   So I’ll need to figure out something on the softer side.

What did you eat for dinner this week?

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Monday 21st of May 2018

I see you've already got some comments on the buttermilk. I have so few recipes that call for it...I always ended up throwing some out. So now I keep a small bottle of lemon juice,and just add it to our reg milk when a recipe calls for buttermilk. I think it's one tablespoon per cup of milk. And you just let it sit together 5 minutes before adding. I'm sure it's not perfect but it does the trick.


Saturday 19th of May 2018

Oh wow, I never need dental floss! I think my dentist gives me sooo much with each cleaning. Great frugal week! We spent $90 this week and have started to stock up for our roof tear off and replacement party.

Jessica S

Saturday 19th of May 2018

The last week of school... why does it take so long to go from Monday to Friday?

Monday night I defrosted a container of shredded chicken for the family and heated it in BBQ.. served with a semi homemade mac N cheese for the people.. I did not eat as I had to go to a work program...

Tuesday Homemade alfredo sauce ( made with shelf stable whipping cream from Trader Joes) served over penne with fresh broccoli and diced sauted chicken... and garlic bread and fresh fruit

Wed- tossed 2 small beef roasts (manager markdown finds) into the crock pot with a bag of baby carrots and beef stock... made gravy.. served with frozen corn and boxed instant mashed potatoes... Husband asked if we had bread.. I attempted to make a quick yeast bread.. was very dense but find for gravy

Thursday- beautiful non rainy weather.. grilled burger patties I prepped and froze previously.. served with onion rings and french fries..

Friday night.. ordered papa johns for the people and headed to a surprise graduation dinner party for a friend....


Friday 18th of May 2018

Mmm... buttermilk pancakes sounds great! So cheap. I don't mind them with the homemade buttermilk myself (maybe it just tastes fine to me because it's a psychological thing, it's less expensive but not any less healthy, which makes it delish in my book) but I could see where it wouldn't be the same as buying actual buttermilk to some. If It's not satisfying to you at all, frugality sometimes just matters not...

We had: Mon: We were on vacation so we had the finest of meals in our hotel, microwaveable mac 'n' cheese cups (whole grain ones you can get at target, at least the smallest bit better than regular) topped with packets of tuna and baby carrots I think? Maybe it was peppers. Maybe both.

Tues: A big lunch out on vacation equaled my kiddo and I just snacking on nuts, the hubby fixed himself a little plate of nachos late when we got home.

Wed: My mom took us out to dinner, just because my little really loves to go to dinner with grandma. Noodles and Company now has zoodles! It's exciting.

Thurs: pizza quesadilla, strawberry and blackberry and banana salad, side of steamed swiss chard

Fri: hot dogs, cucumber slices w/ vinegar and frozen French fries, as always, I put my healthier twist on it... organic meat and produce items (including fries) and whole grain buns... still not a stellar week healthy eating-wise... my daughter graduated kindergarten last week and I guess we've been kicking off the summer hard. There's a celebratory mood around here! Managed to not break the budget, so at least from that standpoint I'm pretty satisfied.


Friday 18th of May 2018

Whipping cream. Is there anything better?! (Haha... I guess that's all I took away from this post... must have whipping cream tonight!)

Our ways from this week: Monday - made a turkey, so will be eating a lot of that and freezing some for meals later. Dinner was turkey, rice, carrots and broccoli.

Tuesday - Turkey, brown rice and salad

Wednesday - Steak, roast potatoes, green beans and peas

Thursday- my mom took me and the kids out for dinner since we went out to visit her.

Friday- just got some burgers from Costco on sale last night, so burgers tonight it will be! And whipping cream! (Probably notnonbthe burgers)


Friday 18th of May 2018

There is little in the world better than whipping cream.

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