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WIS, WWA | with a little Wednesday Addams

What I Spent

breakfast plate with eggs.

I spent:

  • $30 on a Hungry Harvest box
  • $90 at Aldi
  • $9 at Giant
  • $7 at Safeway

So, $136 for me.

What We Ate


I had leftover sopa seca de fideos, and the girls had mac and cheese.

sopa seca de fideos.


I got some free fried chicken, and I made these buttermilk waffles so that we could have a chicken and waffles meal.

buttermilk waffles on a white plate.

I think….we might not have had any produce at all with this meal.

Good thing I regularly eat lettuce at breakfast:

salad greens in a white bowl.


I had some sweet potatoes that needed to be used up, so I made this chicken and sweet potato red curry over rice.


You guys know that I got all those marked-down eggs, right?

It seemed like some Swedish pancakes/lazy crepes were in order, so that’s what we had for dinner!

swedish pancakes lazy crepes


I made bourbon chicken and broccoli, with the intention of taking pictures of the recipe so I could share it with all of you.

bourbon chicken in pan.

But then the afternoon really did not go according to plan, and one of Lisey’s friends ended up staying for dinner and we ate all of the chicken and so now my picture-taking opportunity is gone.


Sooo, I will either post the recipe with sub-optimal photos OR I will just make some bourbon chicken for lunch one day and photograph it then.


I got a rotisserie chicken on sale, using the Safeway app, and we used that to make chicken sandwiches with pesto mayo (I just mixed jarred pesto from Sam’s Club with some mayo), lettuce, and Swiss cheese.

And buns, of course. 😉

I also pan-sauteed some broccoli for our side.


Lisey has plans, so it’ll just be Zoe and me. She and I started watching the Wednesday Addams show on Netflix, so maybe we will do that tonight. And I have a free Domino’s pizza in my account, perhaps we will do pizza and a show.

You may remember that Zoe dressed up as Wednesday Addams many years ago! Behold:

Zoe as Wednesday Addams

Her little serious face kills me. So cute!

What did you have for dinner this week?

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Saturday 13th of May 2023

We are getting ready to move. We have a mix of pantry meals & spontaneous date night splurge. WIS - Kroger $34 (milk for 2 weeks, fruit for snacks this week & breakfast for Gent). Jimmy Johns $10 (forgot my lunch Monday). DQ $8 date. Farmers market (we are mostly stocking up for next location, summer grilling): beef $12, pork $22, bagels $20, produce $18.

Saturday - went to a women’s event at church in eve & they had chartucerie cups for everyone. I had 2 which was filling enough!

Sunday - Gent grilled, we had venison hamburgers (bread heels for buns for him), Brussel sprouts (pantry meal).

Monday - we were both sick so we did grilled cheese & soup (pantry meal).

Tuesday - went to urgent care for bronchitis, DQ date & fend supper (I had grilled cheese again, Gent had leftovers).

Wednesday - cheesy pasta with asparagus (pantry meal).

Thursday - fried rice with green onions & bone broth, fried eggs & kielbasa, another pantry meal. Made double rice so we can have it again next week.

Friday - spontaneous date night after errands @ Sushi Mama. Gent paid so it didn’t come out of my food budget. We had one roll each & split salmon teriyaki, no special drinks. Food was enough for 3 dinners! At home I had a dessert from Aldi that needed to be used up!

To clarify, we have been buying in advance pork, beef, corn, rhubarb, blueberries & strawberries to store up for future cooking/baking/grilling at our new house. Our Farmers Market budget has been adjusted to compensate. We lost our freezer about 3 months ago and have been resupplying ever since!

Natalie J

Friday 12th of May 2023

Currently sitting on the couch with a sleeping sick child and unable to move, so let's see what I remember without checking the paper on the fridge: Sunday: Japanese curry, with breaded chicken or breaded fish (different preferences) Monday: Ramen with all the fixings Tuesday: A can of Trader Joe's eggplant and tomatoes dumped into a pot of pasta. Super easy and tasty! Wednesday: Preschooler's choice, which meant ramen again, less fancy this time Thursday: Slow cooker plans fell through, so we had the backup spaghetti from the pantry. Friday: Leftovers Saturday: We're going to a hot pot place with some friends.

I just realized in my recap that it was a very Asian inspired week. Have a good weekend everyone!


Friday 12th of May 2023

I honestly don't remember what we've eaten this week, it's been a busy one. I do know that last night, we had a "fancy meal", because I had more time while my fiance took my daughter to track practice. We had shrimp with sherry & paprika, cous cous, sauteed mushrooms and roasted carrots with herbs & honey over ricotta cheese. Wednesday was a school concert, so I think it was a bit of a grab-whatever-leftovers evening, Tuesday no memory, and Monday I was at a board meeting, so I had the Brown Bag dinner that was served there (salmon over rice, a cup of fresh berries, and soup - but it is always too mcuh food, so I brought the soup and fruit home to have for lunch other days).


Friday 12th of May 2023

This has been a stellar week for not spending money on groceries, due to two grocery mystery shops that paid for over $60 of food and 2 restaurant mystery shops where we ended up with so much food that the husband and I were fed for two evening meals. The other four meals involved eggs since the chickens are laying like they are being paid to do so. That brings us to today, when a friend is coming into town from one of the villages where there are no fast food places and only one restaurant; since the village is not accessible by road it is not like you can drive to another town to eat out. She loves McDonalds and especially Fillet-o-Fish, so tonight she is treating us to McDonalds fish sandwiches---which makes me VERY happy.


Friday 12th of May 2023

Awww...what a sweet picture of your little Wednesday! I liked the series too. A few cringey moments but it's to be expected with a teen-type show like this one.

Our freezer seemed a little out of control so I've been trying to clear that out. My dinners have looked kind of like Kristen's breakfasts - sort of random but also kind of delicious. Otherwise, it was a pretty uninspired week at our house with food but at least the fruit has been tasty and we made cookies last weekend that made for a sweet end to each meal.

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