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Thankful Thursday | Life sure would be sweeter

Jason Mraz’s “Look for the Good” song popped up on Spotify the other day while I was driving, and this line stuck out to me:
Life sure would be sweeter if everybody would
Look for the good in everything

And it made me think about the ripple effect that our own personal thankfulness can have on others.

sunshine sparkling on a creek.

Of course, looking for the good is primarily helpful for our own hearts. But by extension, our thankful hearts can bless other people.

Generally, people with thankful hearts make more pleasant company than people who do nothing but complain, and also, people with thankful hearts usually end up expressing appreciation directly to the people around them.

In addition, your thankfulness can inspire thankfulness in other people. I know that so many of you have commented that you feel encouraged by reading about things that other people are thankful for.

tree with spring blossoms.

Sometimes, we don’t even notice something lovely until we see someone else appreciating it!

Like, some of you have told me that because I post pictures in appreciation of beautiful sights in nature, you too are more likely to notice and be thankful for the beauty around you.

Anyway! Thankfulness is good for us and it can also affect others in a good way. 

(Please note: I am not suggesting you weaponize thankfulness in order to change other people. Totally not the point. Focus on your own thankfulness, and the ripples will naturally flow out to other people. 😉 )

This week, I am thankful: 

for blue skies 

Once the clouds and rain disappeared last Thursday, we had some beautiful blue skies and I was so happy I almost cried tears of joy.

blue skies.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I really do not think I am a person who is supposed to live in the Pacific Northwest.

I just don’t know if I could handle as many days of clouds as they have out there. I might turn into sort of a sad Kristen. 😉 

for the green

Ohhhh, my heart is happy when I take walks these days. It’s just green, green, green everywhere.

creek surrounded by green woods.

for foggy skies

So, blue skies are the most elite, in my opinion.

But on occasion, I adore a foggy morning.

spider web.

And I got one this past week! I was very excited to go out for a walk and see what my usual trails look when they were shrouded in fog. 

I was…not disappointed.

foggy morning.

Fog makes everything look so super interesting, in a mysterious sort of way. 

for upcoming blackberries

Last summer I picked lots of blackberries on the trails by my neighborhood, but I didn’t get to see them in their flowering stage. 

blackberry blossom.

This year, though, I’m noticing all the blooms, and I will be patiently watching as the berries form and ripen.

Kristen's hand holding a bucket of berries.

berries from last year!

for our cat

This week, I went to take a shower and discovered her in the tub, which made me laugh.

cat in bathtub.

I thought, “Hmm, this is sort of unusual behavior.”

And then I realized her water bowls were empty! She was probably looking for some drops of shower water because she was thirsty. 

for the way cats like to sit in particular places

I like how she loves to sit underneath chairs or benches; I think she believes she’s invisible when she does that. 

cat underneath a dining chair.

for the animals I see as I walk

I spied a little box turtle one day this week.

box turtle in grass.

And I see deer pretty regularly too. 

that my taxes are finally done

Oof, my CPA and I ran into so many hiccups along the way, but thank goodness, my blog’s tax returns are all done. Woohoo! 

I learned so so much this first year of having my blog registered as an S-corp, and so I think next year, tax-time will be less…hiccupy. 😉 

for my Hungry Harvest produce

kale bunch.

I mainly get a Hungry Harvest box every other week because….it encourages me to eat more produce.

breakfast plate with eggs.

I appreciate that! It really helps me with the “eat more of the good stuff” way I try to approach my food.

 (I don’t mean to vilify any foods. By “good stuff” I just mean that I am looking for things to eat that have a lot of nutrients. And that definitely includes produce!)

romaine lettuce in a salad spinner.

By the way, the salad spinner in the picture is this one from Good Grips and I really like it. 10/10!

What are you thankful for this week?

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Tuesday 30th of May 2023

I am thankful for a beautiful newish house (we moved a week ago!). Most especially I am thankful I have the time to be sick & recover and that those around me are so supportive of me easing back into “productive” life again. I was diagnosed with pneumonia on top of bronchitis last week and resting in the middle of a move/unpack is a hard concept for me.


Thursday 25th of May 2023

Thankful that I had a wide shoulder on the road I could take to when an 18 wheeler passing me, just moved over into my lane. (Totally his fault! I reported this to his company. Unfortunately didn’t get on my dash cam before relooping. ) Thankful for a wonderful 3 day siblings’ reunion-2023 will be last year we are all in our 70s!! Thankful for the beautiful cool weather we were able to enjoy as we spent a lot of time outside. Thankful my dad and a grandfather took lots of photos and movies that we were able to look back on of our younger years-lots of laughs!!


Saturday 13th of May 2023

I am thankful for: * Sunny and warmer days * Our house and quiet backyard where I can go read * Having the same work schedule as my husband and the kids school hours so we get to spend lots of time together * my dog Daisy, the cutest 6 pounds Morkie ever! * To be someone who is easily content

Chris in NZ

Friday 12th of May 2023

Thankful for generous leave provisions - I have 5 weeks worth which allows me time to meander down country to visit my son. For a rental car upgrade which gave us a roomier car for a 6 hour journey. For a chance to see my son for a couple of days - we’re catching up in a couple of minutes and I’m so excited. For beautiful countryside, our journey took us through the Canterbury plains where you can see the southern alps in the distance - magnificent scenery. For my husband who stayed calm whenever the GPS sent us astray, I’m more inclined to blame and complain…


Thursday 11th of May 2023

I am thankful for my massage therapist who made my achy muscles feel so much better today. Thankful for the greenhouse right down the road from the massage therapists home, so many beautiful blooms, and the plants are so healthy looking, I just had to buy a few! Thankful for a cute, walkable downtown in a little college town so I could pop into a few stores while I walked about and waited for my next adventure. Dinner with friends, I retired 18 months ago, and the only thing I miss about work is the people I used to work with. Sixteen of us gathered round the table this evening for a fun meal and catching up. Thankful that my daughter will be flying home to attend a family wedding next weekend. We can’t wait to see her and have her home, even if just for the one night! She has always been a total pleasure. I don’t post often, but really feeling the thankful vibes today!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.