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WIS, WWA | I don’t know how we are spending less!

What I Spent

A red mango and yellow mango in a white bowl.

How about another bullet list?

  • $17 at Harris Teeter
  • $38 at Giant
  • $36 at BJ’s 
  • $8.50 at Sprouts
  • $25 on a Hungry Harvest box

That adds up to $124.50, which means that we have had three weeks in a row of being under budget.

I’m not quite sure what to attribute this to unless it’s that small stops to get a few particular items make us spend less than a big stock-up trip does.

That would be odd indeed since that would go against all the traditional grocery shopping wisdom, which says that multiple stops cause higher spending.

May Grocery Spending

Week 1: $98

Week 2: $106

Week 3: $124.50

What We Ate


The girls had a friend here for a sleepover and I made homemade pizza for them. And then Mr. FG and I went out for a date night, where I was reminded once again that hot restaurant food > takeout! 

You know what’s funny? I made pizza for the girls, and then Mr. FG and I ended up at….a pizza restaurant. Ha. 

Margherita pizza.


We picked up wings from a local restaurant. Over the course of the last year, we’ve been getting takeout from a locally-owned restaurant each Sunday night, in an effort to support them during restrictions.

But now almost all of the restaurant restrictions here are lifted, so I guess we need to decide if we want to keep this up or not. Hmm…


I made chicken pita panini, and we had raw veggies on the side (cucumbers and carrots this time). 

grilled pita panin with tzatziki sauce.


Sonia made chipped beef on toast, and we had our first watermelon of the year on the side.

So good! 

A glass bowl of watermelon cubes.


I made chicken sandwiches, using this brinerated chicken and this red pepper/basil mayo.

red pepper and basil mayo

More watermelon with our sandwiches = happy me!


I was feeling pretty uninspired about making dinner, but I found some ravioli in the freezer, so I boiled that for dinner, topped it with a jar of sauce + shredded Parmesan, and called it good.

I got some mushrooms from Hungry Harvest this week, so I sauteed those and added them to Mr. FG’s serving, since he’s the only one who really likes mushrooms.

So far, we have been unsuccessful at finding dairy and nut-free ravioli for Sonia, so she had penne topped with sauce.

I cut up celery, carrots, and red peppers to eat on the side (again, uninspired!)


One of my sisters-in-law had knee surgery this week, so I’m bringing her family a meal tonight.

I plan to make a big batch of this pulled pork, so I’ll deliver that to them and we also will eat it for dinner.

pulled pork sandwich

What did you eat for dinner this week?

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Monday 24th of May 2021

Saturday - We were at my nephew's first birthday party, so dinner was salad, mac and cheese, and dino-shaped chicken nuggets. ;-)

Sunday - Chili and tortilla chips, plus our usual "sundaes on Sunday" ice cream night

Monday - Tacos

Tuesday - I had really rough day, we decided last-minute to go out to our favorite local restaurant. It was our first indoor restaurant meal as a family, and I actually loved the "order from the table via phone app".

Wednesday - Leftover night

Thursday - Lemon chicken, pasta, and broccoli

Friday - Pizza!

We had kind of a crazy week. We had our windows replaced last week, and the guy who was painting the trim was scheduled for this week (took him 2 days to do all the trim, I'm so glad we paid a little extra rather than trying to tackle it ourselves), and our driveway replacement project wrapped up this week. On top of that, the plants I'd ordered came early (Friday instead of this week as expected), and my beds weren't quite ready, so I spent most of the weekend tackling that.

Colleen Gold

Saturday 22nd of May 2021

We have been Sam's members for awhile. We do the higher priced membership to get free shipping. I order all our paper goods,dishwasher detergent,oils &over the counter drugs. We have bad allergies &use musinex &generic allergy pills . In Illinois Sam's has curbside pickup also. We use that also.

Elizabeth H

Saturday 22nd of May 2021

I, also spent much less this week than the previous weeks. Not sure why either; except, that I had to spend so much the previous several weeks. I'm glad for a break in cost. Prices have really been going up here.

Wish I could remember what exactly we ate last week but all I can remember is leftovers (we've had a lot thank goodness). However, I do know DH and I had sandwiches once or twice cause we were worn out by the end of the day. The incoming summer heat and humidity is here.


Saturday 22nd of May 2021

I don't have a real clue what we have eaten this week because we are out of state for the birth of our grandchild. We are babysitting our 3 year old vegan grandson, so since hubby is full on carnivore, our meals have been a mismatch of what we all can eat We were looking forward to eating at restaurants again, however, once restrictions lifted, a lot of businesses have been unable to hire enough help ( apparently unemployment with the federal add on is more than a salary would be) so quite a few places are still unable to open for inside dining. I have been bummed, and concerned for the future of some of my favorite spots that can't pay enough to match the current unemployment benefit. I'm not sure how things are in other states, but here in Georgia it's just one more covid related obstacle for small businesses to overcome. So, if you can, consider continuing your Sunday evening ritual of eating out until business is stable for your local spots.


Friday 21st of May 2021

I know I spent more than usual this week -- celebrations at work -- so not very frugal but worth it ;) We did it in all week:

Saturday -- Big salad, chicken (I think) Sunday - Wildly discounted Kroger's frozen Buffalo chicken nuggets, 4 servings purchased for $1.49. 4 servings came with a hot sauce packet and a dry ranch mix packet to put on the nuggets. Sauces were okay (and there is a lot of it) but the chicken was great. Ate 2 servings, 4 are left so figure 38 cents per. Plus a big old salad. Monday - Homemade chicken soup, thanks to spouse Tuesday - Leftover chicken soup, repurposed as Tortilla soup with the addition of many pantry and freezer items. Even thawed out some corn tortillas and baked them into strips. Used up Lots Of The Things. Also a lunch for husband the next day. Steamed broccoli with (I think) Wednesday - Turkey tacos, salad Thursday -- Leftover tacos, salad Tonight -- ahhh treat night! Happy Weekend, all!

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